Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creating An Intention

Namaskar Everyone,

Welcome to the day before the 40 Days. Actually this evening will be the program that precedes the 40 Days. In 1978 it would have been a significant evening on the eve of the 40 Days. This evening our program will be dedicated to the great Teacher, Baba Nityananda. In 1978 during chanting that was dedicated to him and this process began. So it is now tradition that I honour him during this time.

Assessing Your Intention

Yesterday I spoke about having an intention for these sacred days and I know you would have thought of that. Having an intention for any project or anything that you do is important. Intention drives the Universe. When you understand this you will know how to use this power in the best possible way. It is, however, important that your intentions must be in alignment with what is Universal Will, then they become most fulfilling for us. They bring great joy to us if we are aligned to the Universal Will.

During these 40 Days you are engaged in a process of self-transformation and I want you to be engaged also in a process of community transformation. You can be alone and promote community transformation. You can be in a room and promote community transformation. When you understand the power of intention, the power of thought and emotion, you can sit in an isolated space and you can impact your Universe as many great Beings have done.

During these 40 Days I will like that your intention be not only about your self-transformation but to consider what part does your space play in this self-transformation. There are so many agents around that impact you, so many instruments of the Divine and if you can see your purpose connected with the purpose of those around you, then that is an intelligent way of looking at your space.

When your 40 Days are focused only on your development without those around you, then the question is: Are you making the best use of the space around you? I said to you that during those days in 1978 the space around me was a perfect space and it involved many people who may not have had a personal intention but just to serve the greater purpose. They just wanted to be around me to ensure that I was okay, not understanding what was happening to me. They would have thought that praying in that space and keeping it sacred would have been important to me. That was perhaps their great intention. But out of that they would have gained a lot from the process.

Therefore, when you create an intention during these 40 Days it needs to be an intention that lifts you, that takes you to another level. And you should look to see how you can use the space around you to support your intention. What is the connection with the space around me? How can it support my intention? And if you want to develop certain qualities or change certain qualities then you need to think: how can the space around me help to support that? How can we co-create these same qualities not just in me but in the space around me? I would like that kind of focus to be kept.

Aligning Your Intention to the Divine Will

I know you all are making wonderful intentions but first of all: is it aligned to the Divine Will? What is my greater purpose? Are my intentions aligned to my greater purpose? Are my intentions aligned to what I came on this earth plane for? That is an important question. Are you able to figure out why you came to the earth plane? Of course, we can speak a lot about this because if you look around you and inside you, you can figure out why you came to this earth plane. It is very clear. The things that challenge you, things that uplift you, the things around you, they all give clues as to why you are here. That requires a kind of decoding or deciphering.

Your intentions should be aligned to that greater purpose for which you came. Whatever it is, you will find a certain kind of satisfaction or fulfillment in expressing these intentions and following through with them. And even though you have an intention and there is a challenge around you, and you feel, “… well, everywhere I go with this intention, I am challenged. Maybe, this is not the right intention; maybe this is not for my greater good.” But intentions can be challenged in a space and they can still be for your greater good and they can still be aligned with the Universe. Then you know this is so if deep inside of you when you are challenged, you feel a power to overcome: “ No, no, I need to overcome this. I am not going to stop there. I am not going to let this disturb or unsettle me. I am going to get over this.” And that great surge of energy comes up inside of you to want to overcome. So when that is strong inside your inner being, then that is aligned to a higher purpose.

Of course, you need to look at where the ego is in this because sometimes the ego pleasure driven or power driven can make you think that is the higher purpose. However, when you are not so sure about your higher purpose it is good to find someone with whom you can discuss this higher purpose, one who might be a little more clear than you and maybe not so much ego driven. This selfless guide can help you to see in a different way. That is why guides are so important. When you meet selfless guides who are full of spiritual wisdom they help you to see if your goals are aligned to the higher purpose.

You can create many intentions but it is important to see if they are aligned to your greater purpose and to see how you can use the space around you, the things around you or the people around you to help you to fulfill those intentions. During the entire 40 Days I am going to speak a lot about this but it’s nice when you can set your intentions clearly for these 40 Days.

Let these intentions be aligned to your higher purpose. Let these intentions be those that will uplift you and let your intentions also involve the space, community or the environment around you. Think about this.

During the 40 Days of 1978 my intentions were and have always been to get to the highest state of consciousness. That has always been my intention, and I have always loved serving humanity. For me co-creating spaces around – spaces of joy, spaces of light, spaces of beauty, spaces of uplift have always been important to me. And during those days of 1978 I was so focused on reaching to the highest point inside of me, to recognize the grace that surrounded me and to do only what the Universe wanted of me. Those were my goals for the 40 Days of 1978. I wanted to follow completely, to the letter, all the instructions I was given, and I did. These were 40 Days of tremendous transformation.

I wish the same blessings for you over this period. I do believe that this period is extremely sacred and is supported by so many heavenly beings. I do know that if you create the right intentions that they will be fulfilled for you. And even if you don’t create the right intentions, the wisdom will come to change them to the right intentions. That is how blessed the period is. So enjoy these days. We begin the first day of our 40 Days tomorrow morning.

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