Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1: Questions and Comments

Working With Spiritual Principles

Q. My world is responding very positively to what I am seeking, doors are being shown to me that can be opened if I so wish.   Are these opportunities for my benefit?

A. If there is a flow in your life that is a good sign. At least it shows that you are working with spiritual principles and that the Universe is favourable towards what you are doing. I think the more important question would be to ask: am I fulfilling my life purpose in doing this? It is like what I said before about creating intentions, when you create an intention you need to know that it is aligned to the will of the Universe. Of course the Universe will give you all kinds of things if you go after it but what do you want and considering your greatest life purpose which is to become free. Then we have secondary life purposes which are to achieve a house, a job or good relationship with someone; so those are secondary goals.

For me as a seeker of the truth and freedom, my primary goal is to become free and I want to keep that goal in mind and I am sure that the Universe is going to accommodate this goal because it is the goal of everyone, we are born for this, but secondary goals, if we focus on them, may take us away from our primary goal so what I think what you need to consider even though life is in the flow, is are you really fulfilling your greatest life purpose that you came here to fulfil? I think that is a question that you need to ask and if you are, you are going to be completely happy, completely fulfilled inside: even whether it is acquiring a house or developing a relationship inside, whatever it might be you will be completely happy, you would not need anything else.

If there is a greater need for inner freedom then even though you acquire all these things that you are getting you are not going to be fully satisfied, so you need to look at that. And when you ask which doors you should knock, because many doors are opening to you, that is what I would say. You need to look for what is the greatest door - "I should really knock upon that will fulfil me completely." That is what you need to ask; that is what you need to look at. And for me that door which is most important to me and I think to every true seeker is the door that leads us to complete freedom. I also believe in the saying "If we acquire that spiritual consciousness first then all the material things will flow easily," so going after the spiritual consciousness or the higher consciousness for me is the primary goal.

Interaction With The World Puts You Into a Social Context

Q: Are these opportunities for my benefit? I do not see how this can fulfil the goal of social community.

A. Everything that you try to acquire in our world puts you in a social context, if you are trying to acquire a job, certainly you have to deal with people in doing that; so it puts you in a social context; everything that is involved with acquisition of things or opening up doors is going to be a door that involves somebody; so once you begin to interact in the world in any way you are getting involved in social consciousness. If you are acquiring things harmoniously or if things are in a flow, then I would assume that there is a good social consciousness that is involved in all that you do. So social consciousness is there… Do you see it? It means that if there is a flow in all that you are doing, there must be some powerful social awareness and energy that is there.

Different Realities and All Possibilities

Q. We are here in the Ashram, we are in the outside world, we are at our job - the office, home, family, country... To me there must be very different answers to the question you asked earlier, "How do you see the world?" because "What world are we talking about?" And you also say, "The world is really only the way you look at it and it can be not only different but defined in terms of only the things that are important to you."

A. The world is not only the way I look at it. The world has several levels of reality and I am choosing to extend my view to see different realities, the different possibilities and not only one. The world is not just how I look at it but the world has a different number of views and I can choose, in any particular moment, to look through any view so the world is a number of possibilities in viewing.

Q. Then it has different realities as well?

A. That is what I am saying, I am saying there are different realities – so the physical world is one reality, the emotional world is another reality, the mental world is another reality, and the spiritual world is another reality.

Q. Isn’t the most important reality how I look towards the world and from where I make my decision and my moves?

A. Right; so then you choose your reality. That is what you are saying. The important reality for you is the one that you need to choose, the one that you decide to choose and that is the choice that you have and choice is important so you can choose your reality.

Life is a Game

Q. It seems to be very difficult.

A. It is difficult when you are challenged. For example if you are in a sport and you are severely challenged with opposition, are you going to enjoy it? If you are winning, "Oh my God!" you are certainly going to enjoy it but when you are challenged it is not so enjoyable (unless you really love challenges and it brings out the best in you). If you love being challenged and it brings out the best in you, then you would not mind any challenge around you. In fact you would go out looking for challenges. It is nice when you able to see the sport that it is. Then you can really enjoy even the challenges that come. For example, if you are practising humility and you say "Okay Universe you send me any challenge. Let me see how good I am," and you are really game for it because you are so strong in your confidence that you can be humble in any situation. You are asking the Universe "Send me a challenge. Test me. Let me see how good I am," so that is like a sport. That is how life is. It provides the idea of sport - enjoying the play, enjoying the game.

For example, this body is going to die but I am not going to be pre-occupied with "Oh! I am going to grow old and die!" I look at it from another point of view, that I am going to shed this body because I know how to do it, I have learnt how to do it, so I am going to shed this body when the time comes. There is no fear of death. It becomes a sport for me: "I am going to fulfil my mission. I am going to take care of this body completely. I am going to fulfil my mission and then I am going to leave in a spectacular way." I have completely changed around the idea of growing old and dying and fear of anything because I choose another possibility. It is a sport to me.

Life is to be taken lightly. It is not to be seen as a place where we become victims. Grace is always there in the Universe and that is why it makes it a sport. You reach out with your hand and some Power is going to hold your hand.

Ignorance is the Reason for Conflict

Q. Would you see the root cause of conflict as the non-acceptance of the different perceptions people hold?

A. Yes.. it is nice if we can accept all perceptions that people hold or opinions and that would have no conflict but I really believe that the true reason for conflict is simply ignorance. It is not just the non-acceptance of different perceptions but our ignorance of who we are and what people are. The moment we can get into a deeper awareness of Self or to a higher consciousness then acceptance of all these things become natural. For me, the true reason for conflict is ignorance. It is not knowing who we really are or what the world is. That is what it is and that is what leads to non-acceptance of people’s opinions or different points of views.

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