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Day 1: We Begin With a Question


Welcome everyone to Day 1 of our 40 Day Meditation Retreat 2010. It is a joy to welcome you to this retreat. As you may be aware, this is a very special period at the Blue Star and wherever Blue Star Centres are across our world. These are 40 days of grace, 40 days of discipline, as we seek to become free in the consciousness in this human experience. So wherever you are joining us today, we welcome you.

Co-creating a New World: A Multi-dimensional Approach to Harmonious Co-existence

This year, our series is entitled “Co-creating a New World: A Multi-Dimensional Approach”, multi-dimensional approach meaning every level, “to Harmonious Co-existence”: something we are striving for across our world.
Our World

We begin our series today taking up the question: what do we experience when we look at our world? We have come into the human experience and I say we have come: this implies that we are not just human beings; we have come into the human experience. This means that we are more than just human beings, that we live in a human form. We have come into the human experience and we have come into a world, a physical universe and we exist on an earth. We are on an earthly plane. And there are many other living beings, a multitude of living beings in our world. All kinds of creatures: fellow human beings; animals in various forms; plant life in various forms; planetary system; and then, a microscopic world. We share this world; we share this universe with so many living beings.

Perceptions of Our World

We are viewing life as a soul through an earthly form and we have a sensory system; a system of senses that allows us to view this world in a particular way, and of course I assume that you know that different forms of life perceive the world differently because of their sensory system. When you observe the world and you see it in the way that you see it, you may think that animals see it exactly the same way that you do. But not exactly the same way; a serpent does not view this world in the way that you do, or a bird, or a fish, or a plant – a plant perceives the world too.

We view this world from that sensory system. But we have become so caught up in the physical that we are not aware of other dimensions to existence. In this co-existence with ourselves and all living beings, there can be a lot of pressure in the system – conflicts, opposing forces - which can lead to disharmony, and that even takes us further away from knowing ourselves, in some cases because we are so caught up in the madness of physical existence.

We human beings are very fortunate to have a sensory system - a brain and nervous system - that allows us to view the world in a particular way and more so to become self aware. How do we use this co-existence, this world to fulfil our goals and to fulfil the goals of community existence or social existence? How do we do that? How do we create harmony in our world?

Limited Perceptions

During these days we will discuss that but first, how do you see the world? What is your experience when you view the world? The general experience is that we see physical beings everywhere. We see beings who we must compete with, fight with for survival and we see only one dimension of existence. Many wonderful books have been written about human conflict. In fact, some of the longest stories that have been written are about human conflict. So we are challenged in this human experience with relationships and with relating to the world and when we see it only in a physical level, then the conflict could become more intense. How do you view your world? What do you see?

Purpose of Life and Its Lessons

Life is a journey in the consciousness. It is an evolutionary journey in the consciousness and the goal of our lives is to go beyond the earthly consciousness, beyond the human consciousness, to experience other dimensions of our being and in so doing, we begin to see the world differently. How we see our world, how we relate to our world, tells us many things about ourselves and where we are. Our vision of our world can reveal many things about where we are and where our level of consciousness is.

So that is the question as we begin these 40 days: what is your view of this world? How do you perceive it? How do you relate to it? Is it a view of ignorance that breeds conflict or more conflict? That promotes separation? That encourages disharmony? Or is it a view that creates peace within and peace without?

Let us consider ourselves. We are in this existence for our purpose primarily, and that purpose to know ourselves. But in this co-existence, life has given us the opportunity to work in and through relationships to grow in consciousness. That is why we have come into this form: to share life in a physical realm, that we may learn and grow in the consciousness.

Where Are You?

Where are you? That is the question: where are you? We need to take a sober view of where we are. If you are like myself, you would be uncompromising in seeking to grow. You will look for every opportunity and use it fully. You will be impatient; you will want to come out of this bondage of ignorance and conflict and struggle for survival. You will be impatient; you will want to become free.

How do you view the world? What occupies your mind every day? Is it bondage or freedom? Is it conflict or harmony? Do you recognise your relationships in the world as opportunities to grow? Or do you see these relationships as a place to exercise your power and your pursuit for pleasure and comfort? Do you see that or do you see more? Take a sober view at yourself. How have you been using your relationships? How have you been seeking to grow in the consciousness? Take a sober view at yourself. These 40 days, that is what I would like.

Journey In Consciousness

During the 40 days of 1978, it was a journey in my consciousness taking me to deeper and deeper levels of awareness, of self awareness and giving me the opportunity to see life differently as I moved from one level to another; showing me what co-existence means for me and how to live in harmony with it as I began to see it differently.

Putting It Into Practice

Many of us we love to hear wonderful talks that we can discuss, but are we really serious about putting what we believe in into practice or is the pull for comfort and power so strong that we sacrifice this knowledge in our weakness or weaknesses of the flesh as we say?

What is the use for all these days if you are not going to take a sober look at your lives, seeing what it means to co-exist in a world, seeing what relationships provide for us and using every one completely to the maximum to grow in the consciousness? This has always been my attitude and in serving my world, this is my attitude. In creating harmonious co-existence, this is my attitude. This is how I relate to you: I seek to maximise every opportunity I have with you, to model for you, how to manifest the higher consciousness and how to co-exist in harmony. Are you willing to take the journey forward? Do you want to do it slowly or do you want to do it at the maximum speed that you can?

If you view your world and you see separation, conflict and you are in victim consciousness, struggling for survival, then there is a need to grow in the consciousness, there is a great need to grow in the consciousness. Life provides every opportunity for it. The moment you begin to seek, the universe is gracious; its doors open up to you.

So we begin this first day by asking the question: how do I view the world? What do I see, what is my experience, how do I perceive it? Or what am I going to do about it? We exist in this world at different levels of being, in different dimensions of existence, in planes of different qualities, energetically. What a great adventure it is in seeking freedom; seeking to experience every level of our being and using the powers of our entire being to create harmony in this co-existence.

Ask yourself the question: how do I see my world and how can I improve the way I see my world and how can I improve my relationships with my world? I leave you with that question. It is a question that begs reflection, self reflection. It is a question that is important in this co-existence. It is a question that makes us look at our responsibility in this co-existence for creating a world of harmony.

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Day 1: We Begin With A Question

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