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Day 2: We Carry The World Within


Yesterday I spoke to you, asking the question: how do we view the world that is around us? What do we see when we view the world? The idea is to see from what level you are viewing the world, to see from where you are looking and to explore other possibilities of seeing, understanding that what you are seeing is one of the possibilities and there are many possibilities as you observe and interact with our world. I said that we have come into a human experience; we have come into physical reality, co-existing with so many other beings, so many forms of life; so we are in a co-existence. It is important in a co-existence to create harmony and not conflict.

Different People, Different Worlds

Today I am asking you to consider that the world that is outside of you is one thing, but the world that you carry inside of you is another thing, because of how we interpret our world. First I want to start with the idea that we carry the world in us. The world may be outside of us, external to us, but in our consciousness we carry an experience of the world in our memories, in our attitudes, in our beliefs, in our labels. We carry a very personal world inside of us. Think about that for a moment. Each person is different based on individual experience, individual outlook, individual belief. Each person is carrying his or her own particular view of the world.

The world that you carry inside of you is your personal world. It is your world and it certainly would be different to the worlds of other people. We are looking at the same world around us but we all interpret it differently, carry different views about it, different beliefs about it and we carry it where? Inside of us, in the consciousness.

Even if we were to leave this world in a manner of speaking, we carry it inside of us. Even if we were to go to another dimension to exist, we carry this world inside of us. Even if you want to run away from the world and go to a quiet place, you still carry the world within you.

Avoid Conflict - Be Open to Other Points of View

That world that we carry within us influences the way we behave in the outer world. When we consider how we are viewing the world, we need to also consider that we are viewing it in a very personal way that may be different to how other people view the world. That is why it is so important to open ourselves to other point of views in this co-existence, because when we hold on to one point of view, it is only our point of view. If you want harmonious co-existence, then we need to be able to appreciate and be open to other points of view.

It is important to understand the world that we carry and it is also important to see how other people look at the world. That is why we have a lot of conflict in our world, because we see the world differently and we all fight with each other rather than try to understand each other. We want to force our point of view on the other. Amazing is it not? Unable to appreciate that there may be so many points of view to a particular situation.

Recognizing How Our World Influences Our Behaviour

It is important to understand the world that we carry within us and to explore that, because even when you are removed from physical situations, you carry the situation inside of you. That is why we worry so much, we become preoccupied with all kinds of thoughts. Based on our experiences, we carry these thoughts of the past. And based on our mental projections and what we hold to be true for us in the future, we carry future ideas in us as possibilities as well. Both the past and the future influence the way that we behave in any situation: how we think the situation is, beyond our past experience, the ideas we have about it, and we carry these within us. These influence the way that we behave in our world. We need to be able to observe that and see if that is what we want, see if that is what we are happy with and to see the other possibilities. That calls for a certain kind of openness. It calls for a certain kind of awareness.

In trying to understand where we are, we need to be able to see what we carry inside of us and that requires a certain kind of observation. We are so externally focussed, we become so caught up in all the things outside, that we hardly introspect, we hardly self reflect. Because when we do, we would be able to see our personal world. We see other peoples’ world but we do not see ours. We do not see our labels, our attitudes, our beliefs, we see others’, and then we want to control the way that other people behave and the way other people think. That can result in a lot of conflict.

Need for an Educated View

It is extremely important to be able to observe your own inner world objectively. When it is difficult for you, when you find that maybe you are not seeing other points of view or you are not open, it is nice to begin to look for those who see more points of view: that is how we become educated. When we go to school or we go to any workshop, we are already opening up our mind to other points of view. We need to become educated. We need to be able to look at other points of view in our world.

Absolute Reality - Conflict-Free Space

Is there a point of view that will be common to all of us? Is there an absolute view? Is that not something worthy of reflection? Is there some view that we all can agree upon, all be united with and that is the truth for all of us? That is what we call absolute reality. It does not change with individuality, it is one. That is what we need to seek. If we are ever seeking freedom, that is what we need to seek for: a point of view that is the same for all of us, an absolute point of view. That is what we call enlightenment.

In that space, we are able to resolve all conflicts because that space is open to all points of view. What is marvellous is that there are human beings in the human experience, who live in that space, who are established in the space inside, that is an absolute reality. That is when we become humble, that is when we are in touch with the greater truth inside of us, that is when we are in the experience of a higher reality and that is when we become an instrument, a channel and we do not ever think that our view is the main point of view.

Seeing What Binds You

How do we get there? What is that space? In our search for freedom, that is where we need to go. What is important for us in our personal introspection is to see what occupies the mind every day. What is it that we are preoccupied with? If you begin to observe your thoughts and see what you are preoccupied with, you will see where your realities are, you will see where your outlooks are, you will see where your beliefs are. What are you preoccupied with? Children? Houses? Jobs? Disease? Death? What are you preoccupied with every day?

Are you preoccupied with a higher consciousness? Are you preoccupied with harmonious co-existence? Are you preoccupied with learning more, opening up the space? What are you preoccupied with? What holds your attention every day? That is worth considering, is it not? For me, that is an important question that I consider for myself and that I ask people. What occupies your mind every day, what holds you? You will see what binds you. You will see where your priorities are. Then, if you can see that clearly, you are able to embrace other possibilities and embrace the journey to freedom.

Self-Reflection - Where Revolution Begins

What is the world we carry within us? How can we begin to reflect upon the world within us? It is good for you to think, I see all of you thinking and that is a good thing, because that is where revolution begins, that is where change begins, that is where transformation begins, when you are able to reflect, soberly, objectively, honestly.

Are you ready for change? Are you ready to be different? Are you ready for harmonious co-existence? Are you ready for a new world? That is the topic of the 40 Days. That is the contemplation of the 40 Days.

Day 2: We Carry the World Within

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