Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 3: A Consciousness of All Possibilities

I have been speaking to you about the way we view the world and yesterday we spoke about our personal world, the world we carry within us.

Infinite Consciousness

Today, I want to speak about the consciousness that we have, that carries all of this information. The way we view the world happens in our consciousness. Our consciousness is viewing the world. What we carry within us, it is in our consciousness. We have our personal consciousness that we call the ego, which gives us self-identity and individuality. Then we have the infinite consciousness that we are part of.

In speaking about the world we carry within us, which is really based on our experiences, our memories and our attitudes, all of this is happening in the consciousness. But what is remarkable about that consciousness is that there are infinite possibilities. Yesterday, in our discussion, people were asking, “How do I move from the limited consciousness when I am overwhelmed by things that I do not like, how do I move from that?” That is an extremely important thing or aspect to look at. It is important to understand that the consciousness within us has infinite space: to grow in our personal consciousness and then, if we want to go that far, to merge ultimately into infinite consciousness. That is very far away so let us deal with expanding the personal consciousness. That is the reason we are here.

Expanding the consciousness gives the possibility of hope in the human experience. Just knowing that all is possible gives hope. We have a consciousness that can hold itself in limitation, or can expand itself infinitely; to dream of whatever we want to, to create whatever we want to in our consciousness and to bring it into manifestation. So powerful is our consciousness. When you get tied to the little box, when there is infinite consciousness around you, how small we can make ourselves when there is so much around us. When there is abundance around us, we are starving. We are caught up in the thinking of the little, the limited, and the lack, when there is abundance around us.

Changing the Frame of Reference

I am saying all of this to challenge you to keep on opening up your consciousness. This is what is called, or referred to sometimes as ‘out of the box thinking’. Even when we think there are no other possibilities, there is always another. Sometimes when I get caught up in not finding a solution for something, I begin to think, “I need to change the frame of reference”. I need to look outside of the box and then I begin to consider other possibilities. If I cannot see it in my own consciousness, then I want to invite others to share their points of view and it becomes exciting when I am able to open up the consciousness.

When challenged, I love to expand my being, not to contract. If someone challenges you, saying you cannot do something, what do you do? Do you become sad? Do you become disempowered? Does your consciousness contract? Or does your consciousness open up to say I can do it, I can make it possible, I can search for the possibility. The great ones in our world, that is what they did. When overwhelmed by anything, they did not contract, they did not minimise, they expanded, and they grew. They changed their perspective and their frame of reference. They saw other possibilities.

When anger consumes you, do you see what happens there? Do you see how you fall into a limited emotion, looking for no other possibility? When jealousy consumes you, when pride consumes you and when selfishness consumes you, can you see that you have chosen to be limited in your consciousness? It is when you begin to expand your point of view then you will even begin to see the things inside of you that hold you in limitation. But you need to begin to look for other possibilities; you need to open up the consciousness. That is what life is about. That is what spiritual evolution is about. That is what growing is about. That is what harmonious co-existence is about, opening up the consciousness.

Heightening of Consciousness

That is what I had to do on the spiritual journey. Can you imagine a young man of 19 and 20 foregoing a university education when all the possibilities were there for it, to go into spirituality, to search for the unknown? When everybody around me was telling me, “What are you doing? You need to ground yourself in this world, you need to do this, and you need to do that.” I had to go against the tide of opinion. I had to see outside of the box. But I was so convinced that there was more to life. I was so convinced that this was the little, this was the limited and it would not fulfil me completely, that I had to search, for that which I did not even know but I thought existed. I believed in other possibilities. I never gave up and I found.

Even when I had to leave my job and career to start an organisation that was non-profit, without a salary, without knowing how it would grow, I had to look outside of the box. I had to change my frame of reference. I had to see the Infinite as my boss. I had to see my talents being used in service. I had to see that the heightening of the consciousness of our world was more important than my selfish desires for name or fame in my world, or property or pleasure. I had to move to a different point of view, which I have. Even now, as I grow this organisation or as I challenge people to think differently, I have to push to the edge, I have to challenge people to see outside of the box. That is opening up the mind.

Believe that it is Possible!

I always say that if you want to move out of the limited thinking, you need to expand the awareness. You need to come back, you need to start from a different place, so that you can view your limited point of view and then open up the space to see the infinite band of possibilities. Only when you open up the space to think that something else is possible will you make it happen. If you do not even open up the space to think that something else is possible, we will never see it, nor will we realise it.

Do you think that self-realisation is a possibility? Do you see growing in your consciousness as a possibility? Do you see freedom as a possibility? Do you see self mastery as a possibility? Do you see harmonious co-existence as a possibility? We do not have to think in big terms of harmonious co-existence in the world; we can think in terms of the small, we begin with the small, harmonious co-existence in our family, in our workplace, in our environment and in ourselves. That is where we start. Do you see it as a possibility? Is your consciousness expanded enough to see it? That is the challenge that you have to put to yourselves. Can I come out of the box? Can I see the little ways in which I think and feel? Can I open up the space to see more? That is what you have to ask yourself.

We have a consciousness of infinite possibilities. That gives me a joy, just to say it, to think of it and to feel the power it gives me. All is possible, if not in this lifetime, in another, if not in this dimension, in another. But all is possible. All is possible hence the need for multi-dimensional thinking and hence the need to be around those who can see more. When we are around those who can see more, we are inspired and we begin to see other possibilities. When we stay with the limited ones that is how we become.

Are you ready for this? Are you ready for this change? That is what these 40 Days are about, a change in personal consciousness and ultimately, a change in collective consciousness.

Let us contemplate on this.

Day 3: A Consciousness of All Possibilities

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Shobha R said...

I feel very empowered by this message, I can feel the excitement with which it was written. It seems things that were not thought possible 20-30 years ago are now possible. Is this a reflection of the expansion in conciousness of the human race?

Henk said...

I liked the talk very much as I recognize what you are saying. As I go to the space of observing as much as I can, I feel I’m going to my personal Consciousness and there I think of opening up to an Infinite Space. With that changing from my personal Consciousness and the Infinite Consciousness I play and try to feel and observe as much as I can. A space I feel as peaceful, as home, no matter where I am. So, I recognize the talk and it drives me, inspires me to go to that space as often as possible. Especially, I try to go there when it gets a little difficult. In doing so I am able to see what negative emotions arise and I can instantly step back from that and choose compassion and try to inspire the person to see other possibilities. Great peace I feel at such moments and I thank the Universe as I feel I’m expressing the Universal will. How different it feels when I choose to go with a negative emotion. How it drains energy and how un-peaceful I feel. Easy choosing then for the uplifting emotion.

Yesudas said...


Following this message I have been looking at my behaviour and thoughts to see what is creating this box that is the root of my ignorance. What I have found is that I am able to observe and see the emotions, thoughts and beliefs that make up this box. What is challenging is to be able to change or transform these thoughts and emotions as they are so deeply rooted. What I have been doing is continue to observe them and to pray for grace to become stronger and to be moved from darkness to light. The other day in the conversations you also gave a little hint saying that when the strength to transform the situation is not there yet to hold onto the desire to transform it. The question that I is , will it be enough to observe, transform to the best of my ability in that moment, pray for grace, and hold the desire for change? Or are there any other elements of the process that need to be introduced?

Yesudas said...

Namaskar Guruji,

Thank you for this talk! It has brought much reflection, and hope and reflection in my being. I have been observing my words, emotions, thoughts, desires, ideas and beliefs to see what creates my box and how each of these elements binds me to ignorance. The observation goes quite well but some of these thoughts/ideas/emotions are so deeply rooted that the transformation of them in that moment is very difficult. I also remember the conversations from day 2 when you spoke about keeping the desire strong to change if it is not possible to change in that moment. Based on the information provided in the first three days, here is the process that I have been following to reach a state of more uplifted and infinite consciousness:
- Observe thoughts, emotions, ideas and beliefs
- Ask myself is this the only possibility
- Transform to the best of my ability in that moment
- Pray for grace to become stronger and remove the darkness from my being
- Keep the desire to transform anger, pride, jealousy and invite the divine to fill my being with love
The step that is the most challenging for me is step three to actually transform the emotion/thought. My question is to ask whether this process is enough? Is there anything else I can do? Thank you for your help and please pray with me for transformation!

Yvonne (Uma) said...

Tarot of Life "the space of all possibilities":