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Day 5: The Cosmic Ego

Ego - Source of Desires and Intentions

Yesterday, we spoke on the very interesting (and I hope exciting) subject of the ego. The ego is the source of desires and intentions within us, the source behind thought. We need an ‘I’ to drive our being. Though we are beings of consciousness, we need to have some kind of drive in the consciousness, that we may utilise the power of the consciousness.

Coming into a human form, we have a self identity. Even assuming the form of a light being or an energy being or a soul, we have a self identity. As created beings, we have self identity, so we have an ego. I spoke about this at some length yesterday, that you may understand where your drives come from, your desires come from; your personal consciousness. In Sanskrit it is called Ahankaar, the “I” maker.

Then we spoke about the Universe, or all of creation, having a cosmic ego and an identity. Then you became very interested in that ego, “Oh, the Universe has an ego as well?” Of course the Universe has an ego, it is a created being. Even before we were created as separate beings, there would have been an intention by the Universe to create. Of course nothing happens without intention. There would have been a desire, an intention to create the multiplicity of beings.

Powers of Ishwara - the Universal First Cause

Who would have that desire, that intention to create all of this, if not that great Universal Being, that universal first cause? That great Cosmic Being with its drive to create all of this, is the cosmic ego, the cosmic identity. Some put a general name to it, “God”. The Hindus have a name for this universal causal being, Ishwara the Universal first cause. This is in the science of Vedanta, or the philosophy of Vedanta.

This universal being, Ishwara, that is the first cause of the Universe, displays three great powers, according to the Vedantic thinking. One is the creative power of the Universe, to Create, and we call this creative cosmic being, Brahma; Brahma the Creator. Then it has the power to Sustain whatever it creates, after it creates, it Sustains. This universal cosmic being that sustains the entire universe is called Vishnu. Then it not only creates and sustains, but it dismantles. We call it “destroy” but destroy has a negative connotation. It dismantles the Universe, it reabsorbs it back into its being and we call this being that causes everything to deteriorate, to disintegrate and be reabsorbed, notice I did not say “die”. I did not say destroyed. Dismantle, disintegrate, and reabsorb. It is called Maheswarah, or Shiva. These are the different aspects of Ishwara.

Limitation - Living Within Time

We have a universal cosmic being. Think about this. If we have some being that created the Universe, it is the creator of the Universe, and then this being is living within time. It is a time based being. It begins with creation. Brahma begins with Creation, it is the creative power. It Sustains as Vishnu. It Dismantles as the Shiva. Altogether it is the Ishwara. Ishwara lives within time. It is the first cause. Guess what happens to anything that lives within time? It is held in a process of disintegration and dissolution. What do you call that? We call that “Limitation”; it lives in limitation. When it is reabsorbed, where does it go? And when it comes back, where does it come back out from?

"Tat" - Transcendental Being

Then there must be some other being that we cannot even begin to fathom, that is beyond creation and dissolution and sustenance in which this is held; there must be. That greatness, for want of any words is “That”; neither creator nor sustainer nor reabsorber, it is so much greater. There is nothing we can describe it by. The scriptures call it “That”. “That, Tat, That”. It is speaking about a Transcendental Being that is beyond any description.

Now we see the existence of something beyond even the cosmic ego, even beyond the cosmic being, that even the cosmic being cannot understand, it bows to. Now can you see the greatness of our Universe? The common thread in all of this, the common substance in all of this and the common quality in all of this is consciousness. The whole Universe is pervaded by consciousness. We are conscious beings. The cosmic beings are conscious beings.

The whole Universe is full of consciousness, it is a Conscious Universe. Even when it merges and dissolves in the Transcendental Being and it is held there and it reappears at some point in time. As consciousness begins to come back into this light, to the self awareness, we say that the consciousness was never lost. It was held somewhere, beyond the duality we see. It is held somewhere beyond the duality, where there is no seeing another. The consciousness had a different expression. No duality, it could not see anything outside of itself. How do you call that? Void, great sleep? It is the consciousness in another aspect. Great food for thought, is it not?

The God of expression, the cosmic God, is said to be the immanent God, the one in expression. The one that is beyond, that has no description, is said to be the Transcendental God. Ishwara is immanent. And that which is beyond everything, which is beyond even the first cause is the transcendental. It is sometimes referred to as the Parabrahman or the Paramashiva. It is beyond everything.

How Does This Relate to Us?

Now how does this relate to us? First of all, all of creation is full of consciousness and there is a multiplicity of beings in all of creation. We are all part of the Great Being. This creation has all of us so we are all expressions of that Great Being, like sparks of a fire. Every spark can say it has the quality of the fire, even though the big fire is greater. But it has the quality of the fire. It can say proudly, “I have light, I have heat, and I have power”.

That is what we can say as conscious beings. We are connected to our source, like the spark and the fire; we are connected to a source of light and power. All of us! We are expressing that supreme power that is in the transcendental and in the first cause. We are part of that Great Being. Just like cells in the body are part of our being. The little cells, they have intelligence, they have functions and they are part of this body. So too, we are part of that cosmic body. The cosmic ego can do things in and through us. We are its limbs. We are its body.

The goal for us is to become aware of our unity with that cosmic power, our relationship with that cosmic power, and if you are daring enough, your relationship with the Transcendental Power. What is going to be my relationship with the Transcendental Power? It is all exciting, the relationship of unity with us and “That”.

Harmonious co-existence requires this knowledge and awareness of how can we bring harmony in the collective. But this we will talk about again. I just wanted to excite you with the possibilities of our relationship with the cosmic ego. Very interesting, is it not?

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Day 5: The Cosmic Ego

5 Comments/Questions:

Radha said...

It is so beautiful to see how Guruji, sharp as the knife of a surgeon, cuts through my belief of seperation! Starting at my tough outer layers of consciousness and ego, cutting deeper and deeper, more and more precise, reaching to the cosmic consciousness and the Super Ego we call God... His words sew my so called within and the imaginated without so smooth together that healing can take place instantly and the wound will heal invisable. Thank you dear teacher!

Yesudas said...


These messages feel like a the pieces of a puzzle which are being revealed in a perfect sequence. Yesterday was all about "I" the ego. What today meant to me was that there is some support on the journey and that the small "i" is connected to the "I" in all. This message holds great power for me.

The connection between day 4 and day 5 for me is that I need to know my own ego and the different aspects and qualities of the ego. But also to feel the connection with the cosmic ego as this will help to expand my view and awareness "I". Of course these thoughts and beliefs will change tomorrow with the new topic, but I am really enjoying the introspection and deeper self aswareness that these messages and these days are bringing. Indeed, they are days of grace!

Carine said...

Namaskar Dear Guruji,
I feel inspired and i am following everything i can next to my job, and adjust my life to the talks, meditations and discussions. Highlights till now are what you told us about the first goal, freedom, and the secondary goals like house job etc. And how important it is that there is attention and space for the most important goal, freedom of spirit. How we look to our world, what the world is learning us, in every day life, the search for the world we share where all points of view come together. And I find it so beautiful what you told us about the source...like a fruit tree, not telling who can eat and how can not...we all come from the source..
The opening up to all possibility's.
I could not find the talk today on the livestream. Never-mind.
I am reading on my way to work and on my way back in the train, a book of Swami Vivekananda, "voice of freedom". And somehow it is so fitting together.
Maybe it is strange, but my hands and feet are so warm. I feel really very connected to all that is happening in the 40 days and to my dear Guruji. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Guruji for another wonderful day of grace and blessings on this journey. It's very interesting how each day brings more awareness...an awareness I seem to be in touch with at times and out of touch with at other times. I truly look forward to each day and your pearls of wisdom and all the experiences from listening to the discussion as well as Shiva Mahimna and everything else that grace brings in these sacred days. Each moment is a gift to be examined and opened whether I like it or not....it is important for me.

I feel so very Blessed to be a seeker and to have you as my Guide on this wonderful journey. Looking forward to all the days ahead.

Henk said...

After reading the script and listening to the discussion, I’m in awe of the learning of a being beyond the Cosmic Ego. Personally, going into the space of observing as much as I can, I try to explore and touch the Infinite space beyond my personal space. Exploring the Cosmic Ego from my personal Ego. And realizing and trying to feel that they are one. That Cosmic Ego I imagine to be, and almost feeling as, a pure greatness and greater peace. Learning know that the Cosmic Ego has emerged from even a greater Being is fascinating. Before I thought of the Source and God as one, not God as an expression of the Source. So there is more to contemplate about now. It paints a clearer picture. I’m excited to explore more.

Thank you for this painting and inspiration.

And I’ve learned until now, and I use it in daily life, that everyone is a part of the Cosmic Ego except that we don’t realize that, but we are. It changes my perspective and I search for the will of the Universe, in me and the other person when I’m interacting with other people or nature.

Namaskar, Henk