Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 6: Questions and Comments

3 Comments/Questions:

Devaki said...

Day 7 Comment

Thank you dearest Guruji for the 'simplicity' and clarity of today's message. Certainly a wake up call for us to be more aware of where we are on the path. I have been thinking these days too that we have our own CERN in Trinidad opening up new pathways in Reality and transforming our world (inner and outer) as we have known it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Devaki

Shankari said...

In today's meditation as in yesterday's as well, you didn't guide for a long while. you said it was not necessary, because we were holding each other in collective energy, in a powerful field. Do you include all of us meditating all over the world or are you feeling that from the group there in Trinidad?

Wilma said...

Namaskar, Dear Guruji,
Thank you very much for the richness you have been sharing so far during these beautiful days (I drink every session like a healing, inspiring, energizing drink), and especially for this morning's: It was such a reassuring insight that I received and it seems your words gave me answers to questions that I have been wanting to ask you. I was deeply moved. Although I expect it to be a lot easier now to meet with people who used to make me feel insecure, I still wonder what is the best thing to do when someone deliberately, untruthfully, harms and belittles me. I always keep silent and friendly, but afterwards it bothers me so. I am looking forward very much to the rest of the 40 days, even though I have so much to contemplate on already!
Thank you very much,
With love,