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Day 6: I Am a Doorway To The Infinite

Welcome to Day 6 of our 40 Day Retreat 2010. Yesterday I spoke about the Cosmic Ego and the Transcendental Being. Today I will speak about our relationship with it.

That Relationship is Here and Now

It is important to understand our relationship with these fields of being. It is important to note, however, that Cosmic Being and Transcendental Being are not somewhere removed in the Universe, and not somewhere in the future to be known or to be experienced. But we exist in Cosmic Being and we exist in Transcendental Being in the now. We are constantly in a direct relationship with Cosmic Being and with Transcendental Being, because we exist in Cosmic Being and we exist in Transcendental Being. Our being is in this! Though your mind is engaged in this topic as something outside of you that you need to reflect upon, your immediate existence is in it.

A Search Within: an Inner Exploration

Let us consider this: I am a doorway into that Infinite Space. That Infinite Space is in me; that Infinite Being is in me. If I need to understand cosmic being and transcendental being, I don’t have to go further than myself. Of course, if I look for cosmic being, I see the physical manifestation of cosmic being around me in the universe that is visible to my senses. Transcendental being I cannot see if I look around. Transcendental Being I have to search for in the depth of my being because I exist in that Transcendental Space as well. Cosmic Being does and so do I. So the search for a Cosmic Being and the search for a Transcendental Being is really a search within. As I have always said to you, it is a search within. In understanding you, you understand the Universe. I saw a lot of thinking as you approach the subject about something outside of you, hardly thinking that this is about an inner exploration within my being.

Dynamic Co-existence in the Now

What are the possibilities in this relationship? We spoke about Cosmic Being, being the immanent being of the Divine - that which is being created, that which exists and that which will disintegrate at some point in time. We exist in that Cosmic Being. We exist in this creation which is the physical body and this physical body is a part of the whole of creation. And my consciousness now is trapped in this form. But that bondage is only in my seeing, in my perception. As I identify with this earthly plane and I think that I am the body, then I am caught in the bondage of this awareness that ‘I am the body’.

If I begin to feel more of my inner being, my soul being, then I begin to identify with another field and I can go beyond the body consciousness. Now I am extending my awareness beyond body consciousness. When I extend my awareness beyond body consciousness, I am going to feel something more vast than my limited physical body. I am going to feel in connection with the subtle field of this Cosmic Being. When I open my eyes I can see the physical Cosmic Being to whatever extent my eyes can see. When I go within , however, I can begin to feel the energy field of a Cosmic Being. And if I go deeper into that experience I can begin to sense or experience a transcendental level as well.

Remember the Cosmic being is caught in creation. It exists in the creation. It is holding the creation, it is sustaining the creation. The Cosmic Being is carrying the creation and I am a part of that. I have a relationship with this Cosmic Being carrying the creation. And there is an individual consciousness, that is me, because I have a separate physical body and I have a separate soul as well, and an energy being.

Individual and Collective Evolution

Then in the creation there is also a collective at the same time- a collective physical being, also a collective soul being. And the collective is the sum of all that exist. There is individual and there is collective. On the journey of evolution there is individual evolution and there is the collective evolution. You can see that we are all evolving on an individual basis and together we are all evolving on a collective basis as well, and the rates may be different. My evolution as a person can be different from the evolution around me in my collective, whatever the collective may be: a country, a world, a universe. So there is individual growth and there is collective growth.

As we journey inside we begin to be more in touch with the collective. The physical gives the idea of separation. However, as we go into the inner space we can touch more because the inner space is more expansive. The energy space is more expansive, because when we go inside, we can also touch other worlds, and in the inner space in the mental field, for example, we can touch more in the mental field. We can be exposed to more energies in the mental and emotional fields energetically than in the physical field. In the physical field we depend on the body to have an experience. On the inner field our inner being is connected to the energy field of the Cosmic or of the Universe.

Expansion and Unity Consciousness

As you go within you can begin to feel your inner being expanding more than the physical. You can begin to experience: “I can feel that my inner being is growing, I can fill this room. I can feel my inner being extending to feel the presence of others around. I could feel my energy being, being in oneness with the earth energy field” And so in the inner space we have the potential for greater and greater expansion of being united with the collective.

As we journey within there are different stages of unity as we go inside ourselves. There are different levels of unity that we can feel depending on how deep we go into our consciousness. We can actually arrive at the state where we feel a complete unity with everything around us on the inside, far beyond the mind. That is the possibility of our union with the collective.

Freedom from the Cycle is Possible

When we begin to experience that, we become a greater instrument of change in the process on the outside. And if we decide in our personal growth and evolution that we want to go beyond as an individual, and we want to come out of the cycle and we want to go into the Transcendental, then that too is a possibility for the individual, even though the collective is still in the process because all is possible. All is possible in this Universe of consciousness! The individual can become completely free of the cycle or the individual can choose to stay in the cycle depending on if you want to help or not. But personal freedom is possible to the highest extent.

The unity with the Cosmic Ego is a feeling of oneness with everything around you. But it carries two: it carries me and it carries this cosmic around me. When we break that and go deeper into Transcendental Being there is no differentiation, there is no ‘me or I’ or this or anything else. That is possible for the individual in his growth.

Think about this. We have a relationship with our cosmic being. We can become one with the cosmic field where two exist- our self and the cosmic field -in a harmonious relationship. Then we can go ultimately outside of the cycle to become free if we wish. We go into an undifferentiated field that is called Transcendental Being. Food for thought.

Of course, there is so much to say and my little talk is just so little. So we have a chance to discuss and to contemplate.

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Day 6: I Am A Doorway to The Infinite

3 Comments/Questions:

Odile-Indu said...

Dear Guruji
The themes of ego, Cosmic Being and Transcendental Being inspirers me a lot as they give answers I already was thinking about in my childhood!. As you explain in clear words how we all live in God and we can find the Cosmic Being inside I again become inspired by the idea that in the whole creation everything mirrors the same structure, principles, laws and powers because all is a manifestation of the Cosmic Being. The cells in the body all have their own role to fulfill, but together they are the body. Even like the nutrons in the atom: they are separated in the space but held together by a great power. This reminds me of the idea: “if we understand the drop , we understand the ocean “? Can you see it that way?
What does it bring me up to now? When I had a question about overcoming powerful old patrons you answered ; ”Sometimes when someone comes and inspires us with their strong patron, then we begin to get a sort of strength and motivation to move from our weak patron”.
Once more you motivate me to go on creating a new patron, as I started in December when I visited the Ashram by daily using the affirmation “I align myself to the great powers of the Universe.”
My focus on that affirmation had become weaker in the last few weeks and indeed I was not able very well to resist an painful old pattern very well. Seeing myself again as a part of a whole creation it is possible again to observe myself and the process in which I play a role. It gives me a new and more expanded view on a situation I have to deal with. It’s interesting to see, how consciousness of “living in the Cosmic Being and the Cosmic Being is living inside” creates inner strength and freedom. That’s a wonderful pattern to be centered in, I immediately became aware how it brings power to resist this old pattern.
love Indu

Henk said...

After the discussion the analogy come up within me with my favourite sport, soccer.

I imagine the relationship of a personal being with the Cosmic Being as a personal player on the field who can be looking only to his feet and body but can also change his perspective by looking to other players around him. I as a player can look around and have a connection with other players, by playing a ball for instance of by guiding them to walk left or right. Or to inspire them to run faster.
I can feel the energy in a stadium for example and try to explore how it impacts me.
And I learned now that I can have a relationship with the Transcendental Being as well, as there is a level of Being beyond the match outside of the stadium. Even to explore and feel the energy, the peace, of the world outside of the pitch while playing soccer on the pitch.

Thank you for this deeper understanding.
Namaskar, Henk

Yvonne (Uma) said...
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