Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Introduction to the 2010 40 Days

This day is a preparation day for all the 40 days which are being streamed live from Trinidad.

Co-Creating a Sacred Space

Yesterday I spoke about co-creating a sacred space. And I said in the 40 days of 1978 my intention was to co-create…well, it wasn’t my intention…it happened. I was guided to co-create a sacred space, not only guided, but supported to co-create that sacred space. It happened. The universe just created this wonderful space for me. And it was in keeping with my spiritual goal of wanting to transform myself. My greatest desire was to go into the highest space I could go to.

And for months before, I had this longing to even leave my job (I was teaching in a school then) and just to stay in a space by myself. I just wanted to be alone. And perhaps that was a sign of me being allowed to be alone eventually. When the Universe co-created this space for me, I didn’t expect it would happen then, but it happened. I saw that as a sign for me being allowed to be alone. I didn’t expect what happened than but it happened. Of course, the Universe always knows the perfect time. But that space was extremely important for me.

Yesterday I spoke about cleaning up your space and removing all the old things, and that was exactly what was happening in those 40 days. All the old things were removed and that was a tremendous amount of cleaning in the main house and, in fact, around us as well. It was just a whole lot of cleaning. And you know we are told cleanliness is next to Godliness. And I do believe that; that when we clean the space around us then we transform the energy. It can lead us to a better space inside: mentally, emotionally, spirituality.

Those of you who are joining us for these 40 days, wherever you are, I would advise you to clean up your space, your physical space. Clean it up. And, another important thing during those 40 days; I see it as a preparation for these days, is the idea of selecting the company that you keep. Of course, this was the location for the 40 days, so, we had no other company except those who were around us. And for me that was immediate family. All my family members came together and co-created this space. And I guess it was more of a mystery than anything else because they didn’t know what was happening to me…very little…all they knew was that I was going through some kind of deep spiritual state and what they needed to do was to keep the place around me clean and prayerful and spiritual. And so they did it to the best of their ability in wanting to contribute that gift to me of creating that sacred space.

Protect Your Energy Field

And so, if you are doing this 40 Day Retreat, then I would say, if you are a working person or if you have to meet members of the public, or to interact, you do so, selecting the company you want to keep if you have the choice or minimizing the company that takes you away from your goal. You want to minimize that, you want to protect yourself. And for me, that’s extremely important, because there is an exchange of energy when you meet people…perhaps you don’t see that. Sometimes your energy lifts or it is depressed and it’s a good practice to notice how you feel when you are with people. Are you been lifted or do you feel depressed? And of course, during the 40 days I will speak more about that. But, begin to notice how you feel in an environment with people and always choose the space where you feel lifted. So it is important to keep the company of the right people. And company of people is one thing; the other is co-creating that little space in which you are doing your 40 day practice and meditation. The video transmission you are listening to or any other practices daily… for example, the repetition of a mantra or prayer or honoring teachers. Create the space that you want and use that space throughout the 40 days. A space keeps the vibration that you invest into it, so it is good to invest wonderful vibrations. You have pictures of people who inspire you, you have books that inspire you, and if you are sitting to meditate or you’re on a chair, you keep a special chair or you keep special mats that keep the energy. And if you’re using a cloth, the best cloth to use are those silk type of cloths where the energy remains, and not just a cotton that can drain the energies away or let the energies dissipate.

And if you wear clothes for meditation it’s very nice if you can keep a special suit of clothes that you wear throughout the 40 days; you wear that just for your meditation. Of course, if you’re on the go or if you’re looking at it in your office or wherever else you might be that is a little bit different. But if you can sit to meditate, do so in special clothing. Clothing also keeps their energy. Special clothing and if you need to wash it, just simple washing, very simple so it maintains the energy. I would say hand washing, not the machines and all that, unless it is your own and no other clothes are mixed with it. And, so the energy of your cloth or clothes is preserved.

Books are important. I had books during my 40 days and they meant a lot. I always see a book, not as just printed matter, but as thoughts of a person, the intentions of a person. So when I read a book, somebody is speaking to me and that is important guidance. And I read the book of great ones, ones who inspired me. So that was important. And I considered through the book, they were speaking to me, and even more than them, the Universe. The Universe answered my questions through a number of books I had, not many, I had about 4 books around me and that was enough.

Our theme for this year is Co-creating a New World - a multidimensional approach to harmonious coexistence. The themes around harmonious coexistence: raising social consciousness, the dynamics of energy in relationships, the dynamics of energy in our world, seeing one world, the quantum science, oneness in consciousness the oneness of humanity, unity in diversity, the power of intention, the power of attention, all these are wonderful themes. If you look for literature that inspires you, you can keep them around in a nice little library and of course music that inspires. Begin to create your company and begin to create the space that you want for the 40 days.

This is only a little idea of how to begin to co-create sacred space and tomorrow morning I will say a few more words. I am enjoying telling you how to co-creating the sacred space. Tomorrow morning I will follow up with that but today I just wanted to give you an idea of how to prepare yourself for these wonderful days ahead.

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