Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 10: We Carry The Power of the Universe

Welcome to Day 10 of our 40 Day Meditation Retreat 2010. Yesterday, I spoke about honouring that power inside of you. Today, I continue with the idea that that power is the power of the Universe, that you carry the power of the Universe within you. The same power that created this Universe and the same power that sustains this Universe is the same power that you are using in all your activities, to think, to act and to create. It is that same power; it is the power of the Universe.

A spark carries the power of the fire though in a different degree but it carries the power of the fire. And if you take a flame in a light, it is transforming fuel into light. That flame is transforming fuel into light. But where is the fuel coming from and how will it provide the light without the fuel? All of these lights, they are transforming electrical energy from somewhere into light and heat. Without that supply of electrical energy, it would not be able to transform it into this light.

Where is the Power Coming From?

The energy that you have to think, to act, to desire and to create, where is that energy coming from? Think about it for a moment. Where is that energy coming from? I marvel every time I look at my Universe as to where this incredible power is coming from that supports the Universe. I see how we struggle as a society to provide for electricity that does so many things; lights up our world, heats up our world and provides so many devices that help us in the world. We have to continue to look for sources of fuel to transform into electrical power.

But when you look at the Universe with so much activity, from the atom right up to planetary systems, do you not wonder who is sustaining this? Are we so gross that we do not see that? Who is sustaining this Universe? Who? And then we declare there is no Supreme Power, that we are the Supreme Power in the Universe, we puny beings. When you look at the Universe and its creation, it brings us into that awareness that there is a Greater Power when we are really open to see. It is that same power that manifests in and through you. It is that same power.

How Do You Use Your Power?

Now when that same power is manifesting in and through you, does it not give you a responsibility? Does power not come with responsibility? Because we can use the power in a creative way, in a harmonious way or we can use it in a destructive way. Does power not bring responsibility? What do you do with your power, the power that the Universe affords you? What do you do with it? Do you transform it into anger? Do you transform it into jealousy? Do you transform it into hate? Do you transform it into selfish power that we manifest to divide, to destroy and to create disharmony?

How do we channel that power that we have? The power to think is so great because we can think about things that can impact our world positively and negatively. We can create many great things in the world for the benefit of the world and we can create many destructive things that can destroy life on the planet. We have such power.

Why Do We Have This Power?

Why were we given this power? Why do we have this power? Why do we inherit this power? This power that we are given is meant to be used in a way of creating joy and happiness. And this power that we have been given has also been given to go deeper in understanding ourselves and manifesting that goodness into the world that we find within ourselves. This power in its highest aspect is benevolent and harmonious. It is the same power that is channelled in the destructive energies we see in the world.

Use Your Power Honourably

When we carry that power within us, we have the great responsibility of using this power in an honourable way because when we use it in a dishonourable way, we destroy, we create disharmony, and we create conflict. When you are involved in conflict, do you look at the contribution that you create in that? Do you look at your participation and how honourable your participation is? Each time you act, each time you think and each time you channel the energy of the Universe, do you look, do you observe how honourable or how dishonourable it is? That is the question.

So many people channel this energy in so many ways to destroy, to separate and to create conflict. And in their ignorance and blindness, they create disharmony in our world. Do you realise the power that you carry? Do you know how powerful your thoughts are? Do you know that your thoughts not only impact you but everything around you? Do you know that your feelings are projected outside of you depending on how strong you are and impact everything around you? Can you be a little more aware of the impact that you are having on every level on your world? Can you be a little bit more aware? That is why self-awareness becomes so important, because when you carry such awesome power, you need to be aware. We need to be aware.

Place Your Ego With Care

Let us work on growing the self-awareness of who we are and the powers that we carry, the tools that we carry and do not be ignorant in the use of them. Do not be blind in the use of them because they can be quite destructive. Sometimes as we grow in spirituality and we feel more power inside, we become more powerful in our thoughts, in our emotions, in our passions and in our visions. We can feel spiritual power when we speak and when we touch and when we do things. We can see how impactful we are. But when the egos are not purified enough, when the egos are not managed, that same person with such good power can also channel it when negative, in becoming very destructive. Good people in moments can also channel very destructive energies with the same power that they can create good and that is a very dangerous thing.

As we grow in awareness, we need to become even more careful of the powers that we carry from this developed awareness. When you find that your power is growing and you have great impact with your goodness, be careful because if per chance you become unstable, you become very destructive, much more so than those who are ignorant. When you carry greater knowledge and you carry greater power to impact, you need to be even more careful about where your ego is placed, because to the extent to which you can create good and create harmony, you can also create damage and destruction. That is why it is so important to be held in a greater space that can protect us, to continue to honour that Great Power that is supporting us and to be very careful in how we use that power that we have been given. We need to be very careful.

You have seen how leaders with great power have been disruptive in our world and destructive in our world. You have seen that. And even if we are not great leaders but we are leaders in our community and in our homes, we need to be careful with this power that we wield, this power that we have.

Be Aware of the Power You Carry

We will talk more about this subject. But it is extremely important to be aware of the power that you carry because you carry the power of the Universe within. That is why I am so careful with this power that I have, this power that I have become aware of. You see how I channel it, in love, in peace and in bringing people together. I stay away from the conflict. Many people think that I should be direct and I should be confrontational and I should make things happen in my world. But how can I? Each person has the right to be who they are. I can only inspire change and be the change. But I cannot force people to change. Each person has a right to be who they are. But I can help to educate and that is what I am doing.

Day 10: We Carry the Power Of The Universe

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Henk said...

I resonated with today's message.

I liked the inspiring part of helping people instead of forcing change. Something I try to implent on as many occasions as I can (workplace, when playing sports, at home or with strangers). I like the idea of being the change, try to inspire, try to operate from my most expansive space and that's all that I can do. It gave me a lot of peace, because I would use to think "I have to change the Universe by letting this person do this and that person do that". But I realize know that I can only impact my world by looking at how I act, think or talk. If I do the best I can at this moment, that is all I can do and the rest will be doen by the will of the Universe.

Also the analogy came up after hearing the message with football again. I have the power on the pitch as a defender to tackle someone. I train to stay fit, I practice the tackling and I can implement it during a match. I play because I love the game and that is the reason why I play and tackle. From a space of love, love for the body for instance.

I have to power to break someone's leg in a tackle if I use the power I have in a negative way, but I use my powers only to tackle the ball. I'm aware of this during a match and now I try to be more aware of my other powers in day-to-day life.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Kavita Chankadyal said...

This was beautiful:)
It certainly made several things clearer in my mind. It is like Sri Vasudeva says "Be the light" :)