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Day 12: Desire

Welcome to Day 12 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Today my topic is what drives the ego in the human experience, what drives the ego. Desire. Desire. In the human experience, as we come into contact with our world of the senses, we may develop desire to pleasure the senses, to acquire things, to display power and we may develop the opposite of desire, which is aversion, dislike, hate. We say that they are like twins in the duality, desire and aversion. A lot of times we consider desire when we think of ego drives, but we do not consider aversion. Both are equally important because both can bind us to the world. They can hold us in bondage - desire for material things, desire for pleasure, desire for power - they hold us all to the world.

Dragged Through Life

As one poet said, “Desire is like the hold on the rope that drags us through life.” Swami Vivekananda in one of his poems said that, we hold on to the rope that drags us through life. Both desire and aversion are like that hold to the world. For those of us who believe in reincarnation and that we come again as souls into the earthly experience, it is desire that brings us back and it is aversion that also brings us back. They both consume our minds, our thinking; desire and aversion.

Of course in lower self expression, you can imagine what desires and aversion can do. When we hate and dislike and when we get caught up in the pursuit of pleasure and power and acquisition of property, you see how lower self can manifest in many many ways, holding us in that bond of servitude to a world. We become like slaves to the earthly experience. Even when there is pain, even when we are being battered, we cannot let go of the hold. Our desires for material things and material power are so strong that we are unable to let go of the hold. We are dragged through the whole experience.

Blind to Yourself

Yesterday we spoke about Higher and Lower Self expressions. Lower self expressions can be painful and binding and we begin to seek Higher Self expressions that are more elevating, more uplifting, leading us to a more free experience. In order to do that, we need to develop the desire for change; nothing is going to happen without the desire or intention to change or for uplift. When we think of the baggage of desires and aversions that we have in our own being - that hold us into the human experience and hold us into the pain and suffering of this earthly experience - we may not even see all of them that we have.

Sometimes they are so invisible in us, we are blind to them. “Oh no, I am not selfish,” when really inside, there is. “Oh I am not pleasure centered, I am not power hungry or power seeking.” In very subtle ways, we may be that we do not even see. That is why the sober look or the honest look at ourselves will reveal that. When we do not see it and we seek help or guidance, those who are more evolved can tell us what we are not seeing. When we seek to grow or to evolve in our consciousness, we need that support to see the things that we do not see, that we are blind to but which other beings can see who are more evolved. That is why we go to therapists or we go to Gurus or we go to guides or counsellors; so that they can show us the areas that we do not see.

But nothing comes without the desire for change. Change or the desire for change, the desire, is a very powerful force that we want to hold on to in the change process. Earlier on in one of my talks I said “look at what preoccupies your mind.” If you want to see where your desires are, look at what preoccupies your mind. What is it that holds your mind every day so powerfully? You will see it is the many things that you dislike, the many people you may dislike and the many things that you are attached to in the human experience.

Consciously Create the Desire for Change

We hardly look at ourselves and our desires and our aversions, our dislikes. Is it not important to look at that? Because if we need to create change or uplift, then we need to deal with that and we need to create those desires that can help us to improve. We need to be able to see what is within us and we need to develop the skill to create desires. How do we create desires when we see things that we do not like in ourselves? How can we create new ones that will move us away from the old, the ones we do not like? How can we begin to create a desire that will protect us from all the others, or help us to transform the others?

In being able to create a desire, we need to be inspired to want to create that. When you begin to contemplate what you really want in life, what are your priorities, “What do I really want in life?” We do some soul searching, “What do I really want, from the depth of my being, what do I really want? Do I want more peace? Do I want more love? Do I want more spirituality? Do I want a higher consciousness?” If we have a feeling that we do, then how can we be inspired to want to grow this desire stronger? We need to feed it. We need to nourish it. We need to grow this desire within us. That is done by contemplating it, letting it preoccupy our mind and keeping the company, not only of those thoughts that inspire us, but the people who can show us that it is possible, because when we see those who have it, then we think it is possible for us.

Creating a desire is a conscious process, because when we think of desires in the world, many of the desires we have are not what we create out of contemplation, but what we are forced into by the impact of what is around us; what we have been influenced to have and not what may come from the deeper part of our soul. Our desires may come out of our fear so we need to see what are the desires we really want inside and not only the desires that we have been caught into by the impact of what is around. Then we need to continue to feed that desire strongly. And when the desire becomes stronger and it can consume us in a very positive way by allowing us to, it can drive us to want to become better and better and better.

Understand the Power of Desire

Desire is an energy: it is what motivates us; it is what gives the passion; and, it is what is going to ultimately free us. The desire for freedom for example - that strong desire for freedom, that uncompromising desire for freedom is what would bring us to freedom. What is the freedom? It is the stage that we reach when we can even let go of that desire. When that desire, we can let go. That is when the freedom comes. But we need the desire to drive us and we need to know how to feed this desire and we need to understand how aversion in this world can pull us back. We need to very careful about the things we dislike and to not allow it to preoccupy our minds, because they bind us to the world.

It is extremely important to understand the power of desire. It is the power of desire that brings us back into the earthly experience, the baggage of desires we have. We need to clean up the desires that keep us in bondage and feed the desires that allow us to grow. It is desires that will allow us to attract that which will help us to fulfil the desire from the collective. We need to attract the support from the collective. By keeping the desires strongly, we attract that support. We can well remember the way of synchronicity, that how things happen in the collective when we are deserving and when we are conscious and when we allow it to, to help us to fulfil what we want in a very powerful way. When situations flow into each other helping us to materialise or realise those desires.

The Ladder to Freedom

Desire is an important thing. We need to be able to be aware of it, to see how they hold us, how they drive us, how we become caught up in them and how we can create the desires that are required to lead us to freedom. Be careful of the negative side - the aversion - that holds us to the experience in a very painful way. Hate and dislike are bitter experiences that lead us into lower energies. Desire is like a ladder that can help us to climb out of that bondage and to lead us to ultimate freedom.

Consider what I have said today during your day. Look at what preoccupies your mind and hold onto those desires consciously that can help you to become more free and uplifted in the human experience.

Day 12: Desire

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