Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 13: Co-Creation

Welcome to Day 13 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Today, we speak about Co-creation. If we look at the Universe and we look at the collective there are so many Beings in the Universe, so many life expressions, so many created objects, and they are all acting according to their nature. Some are even reacting. We are involved in a co-creation or a co-creative process. It is therefore important to think that when we act, we are acting in a Universe that is very responsive. It may react to us or it may act upon us and so we are in an interactive Universe.

Our Interactive Universe

This is important to understand because when we think of co-creation we think of doing together and working together. If something is a co-creation, we do it together. So in this whole Universe we are together. Whether we work together in harmony is a another story; and whether we work together with a common purpose is yet another story. But we are working in a Universe according to our own nature, our purpose and intentions. Sometimes we forget that.

Co-creating a Mirror Image

I want to take a very simple analogy. If you want to look at yourself, to see a reflection of yourself what do you do? You take a mirror and look into it. You cannot see yourself without having a reflection of yourself, so we need to co-create this image. When you take the mirror and you look into it you say, “ Ah, I see an image of myself.”

…at Macroscopic Level

Do you know how many factors are involved in that image that you are seeing, on the microscopic level and the macroscopic level? Let us first take macroscopic. You cannot see this image without the sun. If the sun did not exist you could not see that image, so the sun is also doing something that is important for you to see this image. It is giving out light. And the mirror is also necessary for you to see yourself. The mirror is not a simple object; it is a transparent substance called glass. And it is not only glass that can create that image for you, you need to line the back of the glass with a silvery substance that can reflect your image. So that substance, by its very nature, is able to create the reflection. That substance is therefore necessary; it is reacting to the light that is coming from your body and is giving you a reflection.

…at the Microscopic Level

But that reflection is not all in your image. What about your eye? Without the eye you cannot see that reflection as the eye is an important instrument in looking at that image, and if you go down to the microscopic level, there are different cells in the eyes for different purposes. There are the cells of a lens, there are the cells of the fluid in the eye, there are the cells of the retina that picks up the image at the back, then there are the nerve cells that carry the message to the brain cells and the brain interprets. Then you see that image across there.

If you are also seeing a coloured image then how did the colours come? From white light of the sun – the sun has seven colours that are radiating for our visibility. Then your image depends on the pigments that you have. They absorb a certain colour and they reflect a certain colour. So every part of your garment or skin is reflecting a particular colour. It can do that because of its nature. Therefore, at the microscopic level and the macroscopic level there is a whole huge creation by reactive qualities and by active qualities. The sun is actively sending out light. Your eye is actively dealing with the light. The cells are actively doing things that are responsible for your image, and the glass is reacting.

Agents Bring Different and Complex Possibilities

See how many things are involved in just the co-creation of an image? Think carefully that if these agents that are responsible for this image had their own way, if they had different possibilities of acting, how much more complex will this be. If the sun could decide not to shine or to shine, what will happen? Then there are other possibilities there. If the eye cells decide that they cannot work anymore, what possibilities it brings?

If we take into account the agents that are able to act or react with different possibilities , then it becomes more complex. Well, that is the world we live in! There are a number of agents right in this world that react with different possibilities, so it is not predictable like the sun that will shine every day. When you have an intention in your Universe, do you ever think of the many agents with different possibilities that are acting and reacting, and how many possibilities there are for a response to your intention?

Act Intelligently to get Desired Responses

Sometimes when you act in certain ways and you get certain responses, you think, “Why these responses? Perhaps someone does not like me.” But it is a Universe with many possibilities of acting. You have to be very smart or intelligent to see how to act, and how to act appropriately to get the responses you want from a Universe with so many possibilities of acting and reacting.

When you want to co-create a conversation on a certain day with a group, for example, you may have your intention of what you want the conversation to be. But when you begin with the very word or question that you are using, that is going to evoke all kinds of images in the minds of people, all kinds of beliefs, patterns of reacting, so that conversation is likely to go any and every where. But if you are wise or intelligent you will know exactly how to maneuver the conversation depending on how it goes, to bring it back to serve your purpose or to serve the purpose of the group itself.

Sometimes we think one sided, only how we act, never thinking how important it is to understand the nature of everything in the space and their possibilities of acting and reacting, and being able to act intelligently to get the responses you want. And this can happen in very simple circumstances like the relationship between you and someone next to you. You may want what you may want, not even thinking of the many possibilities of the person: the moods of the person, the health of the person, the beliefs of the person, the intentions and purpose the person has for his or her life. We do not think about that. So when you think of a Universe with so many living expressions with their own individuality and their own way of acting and reacting, and you want what you want, what is going to happen?

Universe as a Browser: be Clear and Precise

Unless you act intelligently and wisely, you may not end up with exactly what you want. Take for example, if you have a desire for something and you put out your desire to the Universe, what is going to happen? If you have ever used the internet for browsing and you put a question on the internet, it picks up all your key words and it goes and looks for all responses with those key words. It brings you thousands of them, and it is for you to choose which is the one you want. Some may not be what you want so you leave them out. Therefore, when you put out an intention to the Universe, it sends you all kinds of responses depending on how clear or precise your intention is.

When your intention is not precise and there are many possibilities of what you are thinking: you are doubtful, you think that you want this or that, then the Universe is going to send you all kinds of possibilities. You are going to attract all kinds of possibilities based on your unclear intention. And when they come to you, you think, “Ah, the Universe is sending all these things to me.” Yes it is! But it is sending them for you to select. This is what you are attracting. And we may follow one because it comes first, that is because it may be the nearest, then we exclaim, “Oh, I thought the Universe was sending this for me!” Yes, it sent it for you to check it out and to decide if this is what you want, or not.

It is, therefore, a very complex Universe with so many factors in it, so many agents of creative ability. We are all co-creating with our individuality and the powers that we have. And unless we are precise with our intentions, unless we are intelligent to see what is before us and to understand the nature of what is before us, we may not co-create the things we want.

Act with Awareness; act wisely

That goes for all your intentions and desires in a complex Universe that can co-create anything. Amazing, isn’t it? I hope that you think about this. We will develop the subject more and more. But it is a complex Universe and when you act, sometimes you do so without seeing the microscopic or the macroscopic, and you see from limited points of view. And the result of your actions may lead you to think that you are a victim; but you are no victim! If only you can open up your awareness, your understanding, you will see it is a world of all possibilities. All you need to do is to act intelligently and the Universe is going to respond intelligently too in the way that you want. It is your Universe. It is my Universe. All I need to know is how to act in the Source of all possibilities.

I leave you to think about this, it is a very interesting subject.

Day 13: Co-Creation

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Wilma said...

Namaskar, Dear Guruji,
All of a sudden I understood why the word "Amazing" that you often choose is so strong. We don't have an equivalent for the word in Holland that covers the positive meaning. While listening to your beautiful Message just now, on Day 14, I thought, in Dutch: "It's incredible!" many times. But: I have to believe it, because it's happening! Your Message deals with a theme that I have been thinking about for a long time, and when I was visiting my parents on Easter Monday something happened that I knew was meant to be a mirror for me. I went there with the intention to fully apply the useful answer that you gave me to my blog last week. Something unexpected happened, though,right before my eyes: my dad and sister got into a loud conflict. I felt like an observer and immediately knew this must be the Universe showing me the exact essence of my fear: both my dad and sister demonstrated it, so I felt a strange gratitude towards them, as if they were sacrificing themselves for my benefit. I stayed so calm and afterwards was able to "receive" and share the right words and attitude towards every family member present. This morning I felt so silent and humble while listening to you, but: also kind of 'proud'. Happy, that I have been developing since I met with you and Blue Star seven years ago, and so joyous that I can notice it, too! And that I can take in and implement the lessons, especially with people that challenge me. But, pride is a sensation of the Lower Self, isn't it? So I also feel guilty that I may be unworthy. How can I handle the dangerous border between desire for recognition and grateful happiness about my evident growth?
With love,

Gina said...

Namaskar dearest Guruji and to all,

I am so grateful to all the support made available to us for this retreat. I am finding it really inspirational and motivating. The streaming, the blog site, with all the information to help us reflect and contemplate the messages of the forty days.
It is lovely to see our own dear Devaki's contribution's on the blog site using the (fifth province)diamonds, along with the tarot of life cards inspired by Guruji. I am enjoying using them.
Thanks to you Guruji and to all those who are offering this wonderful seva helping to contribute to what is for me such an extra-ordinary retreat.
In considering a question I now feel that I am more drawn into reflection and contemplation during this time. I am struck about your request to take a sober look at oneself, I like that...
I feel the need to make these forty days a really personal experience. I want to pull it all into my own internal space within me and experience it all from there.
Also can I just add how much I enjoy being part of this retreat with others at the ashram and from all the other centres. Sharing in thier experiences of the forty days and the impact it has on them. Its wonderful to feel connected to so many around the world in this way. I feel a solidarity in it, we share the same longing in reaching our goals and realising our Lifes purpose. Thanks to everyone....Gina.

Yvonne (Uma) said...
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