Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 14: Finding Purpose in this Life Time

Yesterday we had the amazing talk and conversation on co-creation. I tried to open your eyes to see so much more in the Universe that you do not normally see, microscopic, macroscopic and even in the visible, before us.

Every goal will take us there

A lot of people wonder “what is my purpose in this particular lifetime. What have I come to learn in this lifetime? Because I want to know that and I want to fulfil that.” That is a very good question. It is an important question. It is a relevant question, because we have come into each lifetime with a purpose. A lot of us have forgotten that purpose, but life has not forgotten. A lot of us struggle with finding that purpose, though we have an idea that enlightenment is our final goal. But I think that it is more important to understand what is the goal of this particular lifetime.

Just to say that every goal that we embrace will ultimately take us there - whether we are conscious of where we are going or not - because life knows where it is taking us. We may digress sometimes but we cannot do it for long. Even though we think it is long, it is not long in the context of life. For this ultimate freedom, life will give us endless lifetimes to have it. And it is always our choice, we can stay back or we can go forward. Life is so gracious, it will allow us to stay back if we want to, it will allow us to go forward if we want to.

But let us talk about finding out what is our purpose in a particular lifetime. It is an interesting perspective. Many people try to see into the future, try to understand the past, go to clairvoyants, fortune tellers, astrologists. They are all important people if they are true to their craft. But do we need them? Do we really need them? Can we develop the insight to look into our own life situation, into our own selves and see what we came for in this particular lifetime? I believe that life has given us that gift, to be able to see that. That is why it plays a game with us, by not allowing us to know directly, but giving us all the clues within and around us, as to what our purpose is.

I have had the joy of unconsciously, indirectly, meeting a clairvoyant in my early life, did not care to meet anybody but I happened to be with some friends and I met this clairvoyant person, very nice person. While she was telling everyone about their lives, she told me about mine to a certain degree. I did not understand it then. I did not give much importance to it but everything she said turned out to be true, ultimately. But I was one of those who believed that we can figure out what is before us. I did not care for astrology then, although I think it is quite a useful tool now. But let us focus on figuring out this ourselves.

Clues to your life purpose

Why do you think you were born in a particular geographic area in this world? Out of the entire globe, you were born in a particular area. Do you think it is by chance? I do not. Why do you think you were born in a particular family, with a certain number of siblings or a certain quality of parents? Why do you think? Is it by chance? I do not believe so. Why do you think you were exposed to certain opportunities, for education, for work, for social life? By chance? I do not think so. I do not believe so. All of these are clues into what your life purpose is.

Have you ever looked at you and looked at where your talents lie, look at where your dreams lie, look at where your longing lies, look at where your passion lies? Have you? These are very powerful clues as to what your life purpose is. In every lifetime we have come here with a purpose, to learn and to grow, to evolve in consciousness, whether we are aware of it or not. You need not look far, except within yourself and just around you to see what your purpose is.

The place where you are born – you have no choice in this particular life but I believe that we have chosen where we wanted to go. Life does not operate at random; everything in life is well structured. Look at the design of everything. We human beings for example create garbage. Of course, that is part of the possibility. But look at how life disposes, in its own beautiful way, of garbage. We call it “biodegradable.” In nature it is biodegradable. Everything goes back in a very natural way, back into the environment.

Life knows what it is doing in every possible way, why it created the sun, why it created the stars, how it created the earth. Look at every species of life and you will see how wonderfully designed they are. Even in the bowels of the earth, I have seen in some of the documentaries, where we would not even expect life to be, there is life, some living being who can withstand the temperatures, is there. So do you question the intelligence of life?

Look for your lessons

There is a purpose for where you are and there is a purpose for the family that you are with, the siblings, the parents, the children that are born to you. Now look for your lessons. What are your lessons? What challenges are around you? In the society around you, in the family that you have, what challenges you? You will see immediately, “I was sent to learn something here.” Do not see it as not important because we fight with it, we fight with family members, we fight with parents, we fight with people around us. We fight with them because we are not seeing the purpose of our lives. We have come to learn. If we open up our eyes to accept these situations and to see what they mean for us, we will see where some of the learning lies. Contemplate that.

Many times we want to go back and say “I should not have been born there, I should not have been born with these people.” Even if they challenge you, did they make you stronger? Were you able to rise out of the things that you did not like? If yes, then you have learnt your lesson. If you are still struggling with that, you need to think “What is my lesson here?” When you begin to see your lesson and begin to work towards growing, improving, learning, you will be amazed to see how much support life sends to you, because you are fulfilling your purpose. Sometimes instead of fighting with someone around you, you were meant to support and help and understand. I always say, “Those with more awareness carry the greater responsibility in any relationship or exchange.”

Looking at the world around you can give you a lot of information. Of course I can spend a lot of time speaking about that, but I simply wanted to stimulate your minds to see how much information is around you as to what your life purpose is.

Working in harmony with life

If you look within you, where your soul longings are, not in what you are doing by way of your profession or work, but where is the soul longing, you will see what you came for. If it became your profession or work, wow. You love it. Work is not work. Work is a joy. But if you must work in a situation where you have been caught and cannot come out of, then there is a purpose. There is a purpose. If your passion lies elsewhere and it is not exactly in what you are doing, there is a purpose. Maybe to learn to take your passion into what you are doing, to transform what you are doing. Or, maybe you were meant to stay there for a while, until you can go to your passion. If that is meant to be, in terms of your life purpose, as you begin to learn the lessons where you are and harmonise where you are, life will lift you and take you to where your passion lies. That is working in harmony with life itself.

Of course ultimately, your purpose is to become free. But it is by fulfilling these immediate purposes that we go further into fulfilling that major dream. If we try to go to university after elementary school, what do you think will happen? We know how important the university is, at the elementary level we begin to think, “Wow, this is an important school to go to, the university. But I want to go there now.” You have to go through the high school. You have to go through the college to understand the concepts that will help you to understand what is being taught in the university.

Let us begin with the first step

So these things around us, they help us to learn and grow in self awareness, in our awareness of a Higher Self, in and around us. They help us to understand the greater wisdom of the Universe that will take us to enlightenment. But let us begin with the first step. Let us not look for that big dream, forgetting what is right before us. Life is a great teacher. When we tend to jump too high, it pulls us right back down, saying, “No no no, it is right here you need to be.” Sometimes we fight with life but when we really understand, we will say, “Okay, now I understand, I need to fulfil this before I can go there.”

Never lose that dream. We are all ultimately going to be there. But let us fulfil our life purpose every day, the ones that we see before us.

I leave you with that today.

Day 14: Finding Purpose in This Lifetime

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Once again the talks seem better than previous years, but I think that every year and maybe it so –it is just the right time to hear these particular talks.
Thank you so much

Guruji said...

Thank you for sharing.....