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Day 15: Freewill and Destiny

Welcome to Day 15 of our 40 Day Retreat 2010. Today we explore the subject: Freewill and Destiny. These are important subjects in co-creating our destiny, our future. Many people tend to take a fatalistic point of view that there is nothing that we could do about the future, that our life is already programmed and so we just need to go through what is our destiny. And there are those who believe that we have a freewill and all is possible. Sometimes however, we are caught in between the two. Sometimes we see nothing in life that we can do to change things and sometimes we see different possibilities. So we move between one and the other.

Beyond Fatalism

How can we look at this in a realistic way, in a way that can be empowering? Because a fatalistic point of view is not an empowering point of view unless we decide that we want to surrender and just accept things as they are, and we are happy with that. If you want to change things, certainly a fatalistic point of view is not the best point of view. So in looking at the subject of Freewill and Destiny we see interesting points of view.

The Way of Karma; Bondage and Liberation

The way that I see the world, I believe there are things that we cannot change now, and there are certainly things that we can, that life has afforded us many possibilities. What is interesting though is when the subject of Karma comes in, which says that to every effect there is a cause, and to every cause there is an effect. It is called the Law of Cause and Effect.

This says that what I am now is the product of what I have chosen. That we are souls with the consciousness that can create anything. As our Universe creates, so can we. We are a reflection of that Great Power, like the spark of a great fire. So if my Universe has many possibilities, so have I. But what I have created now, what this is, is a product of the choices I have made, consciously or unconsciously.

Some of us do not look at that. We think that life has dealt us these cards. But if we really understand who we are and our relationship with the Infinite, we will know that we have been creating this from the choices that we have had. And we will also know that in this now, this present moment, we have not just one but many possibilities to co-create a future that we choose. This is the way of Karma. It shows you the bondage and it shows you the liberation.

How Predictable are Behaviour Patterns?

When we have freewill and we have many possibilities, why do we get caught in the idea of fatalism? Do you know why? Because this free and powerful soul, having come into an earthly body, has entered limited consciousness. And when the consciousness is very gross or physical we do not see many possibilities and we become very predictable. Have you seen people who are very predictable? You know exactly how they will behave if you act in a certain way. Have you seen those? You can tell exactly, and if you do it a million times they will behave the same way a million times with no other possibilities of reacting. That shows limited consciousness.

And there are those, when you act, they observe and you do not know where they are coming from now. They are beginning to choose different possibilities of acting. Then you have to think: this person is not predictable. You may not even know how they are going to react because the person is aware of different possibilities. So there you see distinctly how someone is predictable living in limited consciousness and how someone is unpredictable because their mind is open to many possibilities. They are able to use the freewill in a better way. They see other possibilities.

Going Against the Odds; Seeing other Possibilities

As a young man, having seen a world of possibilities spiritually, and nobody really embracing this in their normal life, it was very tough for me. It was very hard for me because here I am seeing a world of freedom; I am seeing a world of Higher Consciousness; I am seeing a world of mastery and power, but everybody is seeing survival and pleasure and power. I became confused. And when I would speak about it, people would put me down saying: “You are a dreamer, these things are not possible.” It was tough; everywhere I went it was the same .

But somehow deep inside of me I saw other possibilities. Rather than the university and the learned way of life, rather than the survival way of life, I saw other possibilities. The more I exposed myself to this world, the more I believed in the possibilities. So much so, that I moved away from this because I did not want to be around so many people who believed in something else.

I began to look for those who saw the possibilities. I began to look for those people. I wanted to see the one who saw all possibilities. That fascinated me. Who are those Beings who saw all possibilities, and who see the ultimate goal of freedom in the human life as being possible? I want to see that person because I believe in this possibility. I did see that person, and now I too believe in all possibilities.

From Limited to Expanded Awareness

Therefore, when you open up the awareness to see many possibilities, it is exciting! You take responsibility for who you are, what you have created. You take responsibility for the many choices that are before you, not just seeing one. Sometimes though, your weakness for power and pleasure and your attachment to the world bring you back into limited possibilities. You see only one possibility. So it is important to move away from that pull and to be able to see other possibilities. How important that is.

Within the many constraints that we have now, there are possibilities of acting that are different. And when you look about the world of limited consciousness, you see how people do not see many possibilities and they become caught up in all kinds of relationships thinking that this is the only outcome. How important it is to open up the consciousness.

We have been created in the image of that Great One and as It is free in its Being, so are we! As life contains many possibilities for that Great Being, life contains many possibilities for us. The challenge we have is to open up the consciousness to see. And in my own life that is what I do. In every moment I look for every possibility that exists and I want to act from an awareness of all possibilities.

Accept and Move on…

I understand my limitations; I accept them because they are what I have created knowingly and unknowingly. But my future is full of possibilities. I do not believe in fatalism but I accept that there are certain things that are going to be very difficult to change in a lifetime because of the choices I have made in the past. I accept those; I work with those and I move ahead. That is the way to freedom.

We will talk more about this subject.

Closing Remarks

I hope that today’s talk would have inspired you to see life in a different way; to see life in a way that I have been blessed to see it; and feel that gratitude everyday for having a consciousness that is opened up to more. My greatest joy is sharing this with you and inspiring you to wake up to your reality, your endless possibilities.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Day 15: Freewill and Destiny

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