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Day 16: Co-Creation in the Subtle Universe

We have been speaking about co-creation, but we have directed our gaze to co-creation in the physical world. The physical is the gross world, the material dimension. But before the material dimension is created, a number of things happen in another space, a very important space; the subtle space, the subtle universe. Today, we speak about Co-creation in the Subtle Universe.

From energy template to material creation

When you see any human creation or any physical creation, there is a lot of energy behind that, that you do not see. In fact there is an energy template that is created from people’s minds and driven by passion, invested with emotional energy. When we look at the physical creation, we do not think this was a dream in somebody’s mind or in the minds of a number of people, a very powerful dream. When the physical world was created from this very powerful dream, there would have been a lot of organisation that was involved in that dream, a lot of powerful energy in the ideas that came together, in the emotions that were expressed. And finally, the material creation manifested.

What happened to that energy, did it disappear? Was it gone forever when the material creation was gone or was finished? If that material creation disappeared, can we go back to that subtle plan that is still there, perhaps written form or in the minds of those who co-created it? Has it disappeared? No, it is still there and they can recreate it. Which is more powerful, the created one or that subtle one? Of course they are both powerful. The physical one is necessary for the physical life. But a subtle one is there and it is what is used in the creation of the physical one, so it is a very powerful tool. There is a very powerful existence which we do not give attention to but that is a very important part of it. Whatever you have done before is still inside of you and you can do it again. Whatever people have done before is still inside of them and they can do it again. That subtle creation lives on beyond the physical. Even when the physical is destroyed, that subtle frame, template, energy and existence continues.

When you look at this house [gesturing to his body] that is here, this vehicle that you see and consider so important, is there a template inside of here? Is there an energy representation of what you are seeing here? Everything done in that energy field, has it disappeared after all the actions and reactions of this physical? No, it is stored inside in energy.

Akashic Records: storehouse of past experiences and future possibilities

Everything that we have done as human beings, everything that we have co-created, every impression of our world that we have experienced, is stored inside of us in the consciousness, in the element called Akash. Akash stores everything. It is that element of the consciousness, that property of the consciousness that stores everything. You would have heard of Akashic Records. They [every impression] are not lost; we can go back there [Akashic Records] and have an energy experience of them. It is not like a physical creation that you are looking at; you can go back and relive the experience in hypnotic regression. In that Akash, there is not only the past that we have lived - in subtle form - that we can go back and relive, but all future possibilities are in that Akash. Every possibility of a future is in that Akash. The Akash also contains all future possibilities.

When a tree is manifested, all the possibilities were in the seed. When the seed was created, it was created with all the possibilities of that tree. When we human beings were created, in the genes are the qualities of the physical and the expected lifespan of the physical. It is already there, it is programmed in there. All possibilities of our existence are already in the Akash, in our subtle energy field and we can act out all of these possibilities. Yesterday, I spoke about Freewill and Destiny. Our destiny is infinite possibilities in the subtle space in the Akash and we can choose what we want to manifest from that.

We can transform past experiences and co-create infinite future possibilities

This means that all our past memories, the good and the bad; they are stored inside of us. Even if the events are gone, we can go back there, and we can transform these. We can transform these images inside of us into new ones. We have not only the old ones, but we have new modified ones inside of our subtle being now. We may not be able to change the physical events of the past but we can change what is stored inside of us, which is extremely important. We carry the sum total of all our experiences in the Akash within us, and we can go and remake those changes, remodel those. Every possibility of the future is in there for us. The Universe has given us not a limited destiny; it has given us infinite possibilities.

Even when this physical body is destroyed, those possibilities continue, those memories go with us and so that subtle Universe, that subtle being that we have that we call the soul, is very important. It comes in human forms in every lifetime, it gathers experiences and it carries these experiences with it.

What are you carrying in that energy body of yours? How aware are you of even your ability to transform experiences of the past that live within you and to co-create a future of infinite possibilities?

Powerful tools: mind, intellect, emotional being

The tools that you use in the subtle world to create these templates that eventually help to materialise the things we want are powerful tools. What are those tools? The mind! The mind that is able to dream, to create images and to create thoughts. These are powerful tools and they are able to fashion energy; energy forms inside of you that are very powerful, that impact you and that impact your world. Your emotional being carries energy that is invested in whatever you express emotionally. What you think of yourself is an energy form inside of you through which you express.

How are you using these tools: to create energy forms inside of you that limit you and depress you? Or are you using these tools to create energy forms within you that are empowering to you and impactful on your world? How are you using those powerful tools of intellect, of mind and of emotional being? See how important that subtle energy field is? It contains the possibilities. Before you can materialise something, you can go back into the subtle sphere and change your dream before you even materialise it. Like changing a drawing before you construct something.
These tools are extremely powerful. We need to understand them and we need to use them in the best possible way, because these tools can be dangerous tools. They can destroy physical things. They have power in them and they can build very powerfully. We have the power to destroy and we have the power to build using these tools, building our self images and building things around.

Behind the physical world is an extremely important world called the subtle world of great energies. We need to understand it. Life is not only what you see with your physical senses. There is much more. I leave you with that today, how powerful we are, what possibilities are before us in this wonderful creation.

Remake, recharge, redirect

My wish in my prayer for you today, is that you understand the power that you carry in the subtle dimension, and the images that you have created and you carry with you. Let us remake, recharge and redirect so as to create empowering experiences within us, and impactful experiences in co-creating with our world.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Day 16: Co-Creation in the Subtle Universe

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