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Day 17: Know Thyself

Welcome to Day 17 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Yesterday I spoke about co-creation in a subtle universe. When I speak about this, the tendency is to think that the subtle Universe is somewhere out there. How do we identify with that subtle universe? When I speak about thoughts and emotions being subtle energies, what does it mean to you? When you are trapped in body consciousness, how can you begin to understand about subtle energies? How can you? You will have no perception of it and I can speak here for eternity and you will never understand it. I will speak over your heads.

I see how you struggle with the ideas of a subtle universe. If you want to understand what is around you, you need to understand what is within you. If you are going to experience a subtle universe outside of you, energies outside of you, you need to understand energies within you. “As within, so without.” The sages have always said that if you want to understand the Universe, understand yourself. We are told, “Man, know thyself.” I see how much you struggle with the teachings and if you do not make a step to understand yourself in a deeper way, you will never understand them.

Distractions from self-knowledge

It is so important to try and understand “you” more and more. There are so many distractions that can take you away from that, because we have an ego that seeks self gratification. Pleasure, attachment, pull us into the world, and we become so caught without even seeing it, that we forget about going deeper into self awareness. They pull us into limited awareness until some pain and suffering come and then we begin to reflect. Do we need to wait for pain and suffering to come before reflection? Do we? Is there wisdom within us that can save us that pain and suffering?

When it comes to body’s health, we think preventative. Why wait until the disease comes and then look for all the medicines to cure the disease? Why not prevent the disease in the first place? Why not prevent all the hardships that life can bring from limited thinking by trying to go deeper within to open up the consciousness and trying to understand the nature of distractions?

Transformation needs self awareness

Do you know what? We have such a gracious Universe; it will give us anything we ask for because we are part of its being. We have a right to ask for anything and get it. The Universe, by its own nature of having freewill, has embodied us with the same principle. As it has freewill, so do we. When you can get anything you want in this Universe, what are you going to choose? How do you choose? Do you choose all the things that glitter? Do you look at the temporary things before you and choose them? Do you take the sugar coated pills not knowing how bitter they are, thinking they are sweet? Do you not see that the things around you are bittersweet? If you really do, then you would strive to understand yourself more and more. It is not going to happen without Higher Self awareness.

No kind of transformation, no kind of change is going to happen without self awareness. If you do not see other possibilities in life, how can you go after it? I can tell you a million times about other possibilities but if you do not see it, how will you go after it? You might consider my talks to be nice conversations, but what are you doing about it? I did something about it. What are you doing about it? The blind spots that you may have, when you read and think you know it, there may be other possibilities that you are not seeing. Keep the mind open to more and more possibilities, never thinking that you know all of them. There is a saying, “He who thinks he knows, knows not, and he who really knows, knows that he knows not.” We need to be able to understand ourselves.

The body is a suit for this dimension

What I find very amazing in the human experience is that we think we are this [gesturing to his body]. We think we are this. “This is my face. These are my eyes. These are my hands.” You think you are this and you think so strongly about this, that even if you read all the philosophies that say you are not this, and you have a good idea that you are not this, you are still caught up in “you are this”. If you look at your attachments to the world, you know all the philosophies but you are so attached.

Do you know that this body is not us? Do you know that this body is not you? This body is a disposable covering with a sensory system and its own intelligence to allow us to experience this dimension. This is like a special suit that we wear to experience this dimension. It is disposable and it has a certain lifespan for having that experience. This is a disposable [body]. But who we are fits so well and so seamlessly in this, that we think we are this. So the challenge for all of us is to come back into the awareness of who we are, because we think we are this, this disposable [body]. It was meant to be disposed and when it is time to dispose it, we get sad. Because we do not take care of it well, we have to dispose it before the time, prematurely. The bones get brittle because we do not use them well. The muscles and your organs deteriorate because you have not been using them well.

Who am I: Going beyond the body

You do not even know what you are wearing. Who is wearing this suit? Who is wearing this suit? That is the question we need to ask, “Who am I? Who is wearing this suit? Who am I? Who am I?” That is an important question. Then you need to explore that “Who am I?” “Is this my mind my brain? And if my brain disappears, I have no mind? Are my emotions just an experience in my brain and nervous system? And if there are problems with my brain and nervous system, that I can have no emotions anymore?” No. The chemistry of the body gives an experience in the body but the faculty of thinking and the ability to feel, to perceive, this is in another place inside of you. You have the physical experience of it, but it is in another place inside of you. Would you not want to know that place?

We are so caught up in the petty things, accumulating things and being comfortable in the world, that we forget who the one in this body is, and what the use of this body in the world is, what is it meant to be used for. You have a subtle energy body inside of this one that you need to know. It has incredible power and it is supported by the Infinite power of the Universe. Now if I say this to you, are you excited? You may say, “Oh it is a good conversation, it is a good topic.” But are you excited about it? Does it stimulate you like it did me?

“I want to know who I am. I really want to know who I am. I need to get somebody who can tell me, not somebody who is giving me an idea from a book, “This book says that ... that person says that.” What do you say? I want to hear from you. Have you known it, have you seen it? Tell me how to see it. I want to see it and I want to see it now. I cannot wait any more; I need to see this now, now, now, now!” If you do not have that urgency, you need to see where you are distracted. See what holds you; what pulls you to the world, that is taking you away from that urgency. That is the awareness that you need for freedom. That is the awareness you need for real happiness in the world. That is the awareness you need of who you are. You need to wake up to who you are.

Are you going to spend a whole lifetime in ignorance, in darkness, fearing death and disease, becoming victims of that consciousness, unaware of the great freedom that you have? Is that why you were born? You are not limited beings; you are unlimited beings. You need to understand that. In this session today, I am saying it with an urgency.

If you really want to know yourself, you need to look at your distractions, what is pulling you away, and try to detach from them and seek out who you are. That is the only way that you are going to find freedom, by seeking who you are. “Man, know thyself.” If you want to understand your Universe, understand yourself. If you want to understand the subtle universe, understand your own subtle being. Know yourself! Know yourself! Know yourself! I was 24 years old when I had the full experience of who I am. 24 years old. I would not trade that for anything, because now I know I have everything. That is the experience we need.

Self knowing: Priority number one

If I speak with urgency, it is because I believe that knowing Self is urgent. It is priority number one. It does not take us away from any of the things that we do, but it supports everything that we do when we know who we are.

Have a blessed day.

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Day 17: Know Thyself

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