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Day 19: The Rapturous "I" Consciousness

Yesterday we took a deeper look at knowing ourselves. We spoke of different bodies; gross body; subtle energy bodies – astral and causal – and we spoke about the Atma. I said that the Atma is that part of the consciousness – Satchitananda - that is embodied, and feels separate from Paramatma, or the Universal Self, our Highest Self. Notice we use the word “Self”. It is us, Self, our bigger Self, our individual Self. It is Self, not something outside of us, it is Self. And I spoke about the associated consciousness or state of consciousness that we experience in these different bodies – waking state, dream state, deep sleep state – and I gave you the Sanskrit names for them, because in the ancient wisdom of India, these are described. But even if they have no name, we still understand what they are, so do not get caught up in the exotic names, but in what the states are: waking, dreaming, deep sleeping. Transcendental means, “That which is beyond these three”. So relative to these three, transcendental means a fourth state that is beyond these three. I mentioned to you that it is Turiya. I want to continue on this journey of Self awareness.

“I” am having the experience, the experience is not me

Continuing from yesterday, there is a statement or a verse, it is called a Sutra, in the Shiva Sutras, that relates to this. It says in Sanskrit: Jagrat-swapna-sushuptabhede, Turya-bhoga Sambhavah. What does it mean? It means, “Even in the different states of waking, dreaming and deep sleeping, the rapturous experience, the joyous experience of the “I” Consciousness abides or continues to exist.” This is important to understand: what is the “I” Consciousness that we speak about in this Turiya state. The “I” Consciousness is that pure “I”, that pure being, that Witness, that is having the experience of the waking, the dreaming and the deep sleeping. It is the one that is having the experience. But when it becomes caught up in the experience, that pure “I” Consciousness loses its awareness of its purity, of its essence, and it becomes caught up in being the Waker, the Dreamer or the Deep Sleeper. It becomes caught up, forgetting its “I-ness”, its pureness, its essence, its joyfulness. It becomes caught up in the illusion of Waker, Dreamer, Deep Sleeper. But even though it is caught, it has not lost its being; it is just trapped in an illusion. It has not lost its essence which continues to be there. And because it exists, these other states exist. Because it exists, these exist.

We need to come back to that pure state of being and understand who is experiencing the waking and the dreaming and the deep sleeping. That brings about a Self awareness. Who is having this experience? Who is the one having this experience? We need to come into this detachment, this witness consciousness, that is having the experience of all three, and to realise that “I” am having the experience, the experience is not me. “I” am having the experience. If I become the Waker and do not realise that I am having the experience of waking, I am having an experience of waking [only]. “I” am not the Waker; I think “I” am the Waker. But it is “I am” having an experience. Waking is an experience in my being. Dreaming is an experience in my being. Deep sleeping is an experience in my being. So who is the “my being”? Who is having the experience of all of these? If we become caught up in the experience, we are not aware of who is having the experience. So whilst the experience is happening, we need to see who is the one having the experience.

Catching the awareness

That takes us into the witnessing consciousness, the “I” Consciousness. That requires discipline, practice and grace. It is not going to happen [just] like that. Discipline, practice and grace! What is important in stimulating this awareness is a jolt. You need to wake up. You need to be stimulated. That is why a special environment is required, that is charged up with this awareness. That is why human individuals who have the awareness, they have this energy about them that can stimulate it in us. We can catch it from them. So it is extremely important to associate with those who have it, or in environments where the energy of this exists.

We need to wake up to this “I” Consciousness. It is described in the Sutra as “a rapturous, a joyous consciousness” because it is associated with Higher Self. That pure “I” is the “I” that reflects the Highest Self within you. It is in surrender, it is reflecting, it is an instrument of that Higher Self within you.

The journey for us is getting there. I said, “Discipline, practice and grace.” The discipline of attention, keeping that mindfulness, that Self awareness in all that I am doing. Who is experiencing this? The discipline of mindfulness, Self awareness, attention. The practice, the sustained practice, keep on doing it, keep on doing it, keep on being Self aware in all that you do! And Grace, “I need to be supported, I need to be helped, I need the help of those who have this power, I need the help of the Supreme who is within me and in everything and who can guide me. I need that help.” Discipline, practice and grace.

Coming into Self awareness: the practices


Now if you take a simple act of breathing, just take a physical exercise, and you begin to observe your breathing; breathing in, breathing out. And you begin to explore, “Who is breathing here?” You think, “Well I am breathing.” When you think, “I am breathing,” you are in body consciousness. So explore the “I am breathing ... I am breathing” ... you are breathing ... “I am breathing.” But that “I” is the body that is breathing. But you think you are the body. So because you think you are the body, you are breathing. You are breathing, because you think you are the body.

Now as you go a little deeper into your inner being, you will begin to see that the body is breathing but “you” are watching. When you make that very subtle shift that your body is breathing but “you” are observing and “you” are seeing the body as breathing, then you are coming into a higher state of awareness. “My body is breathing, I am observing.” It is necessary to stay with the practice until you can feel a shift. “I am not breathing; I am observing how my body is breathing.”


The same can be with thought. When you become the Thinker, “I” am saying the mantra, “I” am saying the affirmation, “I” am saying it. You become the Thinker, the thought, the one who is speaking. But when you begin to see that the mantra is happening inside of you and you are looking at it, the affirmation is happening, the mind is saying it ... the mind is saying it ... and “I” am looking at my mind, “I” am watching it. It is saying the mantra and “I” am watching. It is happening in me. Mantra, saying of mantra, is happening in me, in “me”. “I” am bigger than the mantra. Now I am coming into my true Self awareness, that the mantra is happening in me.


Feelings are happening in me. Desires are arising in me. But that “me” is able to observe that it is all happening in me, in “me”. So if “I” am the one who is feeling, if “I” am the emotional being, if “I” am the Thinker or “I” am the body who is breathing, I am all caught. But, when I begin to see that it is happening in me; this is happening in “me”; thoughts are arising in my being; and thoughts are subsiding in my being; feelings are being generated in my being; when that happens, in this higher state of awareness, I begin to see all the choices I have to act.

Shift to “I” Consciousness

This is the shift in the consciousness and this is the “I” Consciousness and this is the consciousness that continues in all the states, whether you are waking, whether you are dreaming, whether you are deep sleeping, it is this “I”. It is happening in me, in my being. When your awareness begins to open up to this, you begin to feel that, that being that it is happening in, is an expansive being, it is a joyous being, it is a free being and all these things are happening in that being. That is where the experience is. That is possible for you. It is only because you are so caught up, because our human senses pull us into thinking that we are the Waker, when waking is happening in us. This waking is happening in us. We are not the Waker, the body is waking. That is why I am aware of this state.

When the body is dreaming, then I am aware of another state. It is happening inside of me. The dream is happening inside of me. The deep sleeping is happening inside of me. This is what the Sutra is referring to. And this comes with discipline, it comes with practice – I need to keep the practice in everything that I do – and it comes with grace – the grace that the Universe affords when you seek, when you seek sincerely, the Universe affords it, it sends it out to you.

It is all there for us, the “I” state continues. It is there; in our ignorance, in our enlightened self awareness. So this journey is really a journey of the “I”. It is really a journey of the ego in transformation. Are you ready for that? Are you really ready for that? Or are you happy being caught up in the ignorance of the Waker and the Dreamer and the Deep Sleeper and you are happy with these three states of consciousness that you go through every day? Or do you want to know what the fourth is like? What the state of freedom is like? This state of detachment from everything, that nothing can touch you, nothing can touch you. You cannot be tainted by anything on the outside. That is freedom. That is power. What do you want? It is all there for you. The ignorance is there for you, the wisdom is there for you. What do you want? You are the choice maker every day, you decide. The Universe affords everything that you want.

The journey of life is a journey of growing self awareness. The journey to enlightenment is a journey of growing self awareness, where you begin to realise that everything is happening in me, and you are not identified [thinking] that you are the roles that you play, but everything is happening in you, every role is a role in you. That is when you begin to see all possibilities and you begin to act wisely in your world, appropriately in the co-creation of a more harmonious world.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Day 19: The Rapturous “I” Consciousness

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Henk said...


Thank you, Guruji, for this message. A really wonderful message. To me it comes across as presenting this state on a plate to me, right in front me. "This is possible, so grab it". And you demonstrate how to grab it. This message is very inspiring to me. Thank you.

Namaskar, Henk