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Day 20: Living in a Higher State of Awareness

Welcome to Day 20 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Today my talk is based on Living in a State of Higher Awareness. How does it feel to live in a higher state of awareness? What are the possibilities in the human experience, when we are in a higher state of awareness and we act from there?

When Spiritual Being is Earthbound

Coming into a human body we become earth bound, and here I am speaking of the Soul, Spiritual Being coming into a human body. We become bound to the physical world, so we need to analyze what that experience is. It is strong identification with our physical being and physical world, so much so that all our thinking is based on the physical world: its comfort, pleasure, pain and the rest. There is strong identification with the gross body; we think we are this. We fear death, we fear disease, we seek pleasure and comfort. We display physical might in our world and there is the fight for survival – human survival of the material. This is when spiritual being is earth bound.

Possibility of Freedom Awaits Us

What I have been trying to do with you in these talks is to try to get you to become more aware, or to inspire you or guide you. I want you to become more aware of your spiritual being, and to realize that the prison our soul has come into takes away our freedom. But it is a prison where the door is unlocked and we have the freedom to come out. It is like a bird in a cage and the cage is unlocked, but the bird chooses to stay in the cage. And if the bird never knew about flying, it would think that flying is impossible. It will not be able to fly. Only if it sees another bird in flight and is inspired by that bird will it ever think of the possibility of flying. That is why we need those birds that fly, because it brings to us the possibility that we too can fly. We need to understand as well that the cage is unlocked and it is only we who keep ourselves in the prison.

Therefore, the question here is: Do you want to come out of that cage or that prison that we have been caught in? Do you want to experience something higher? How strong is your desire to want to come out of the cage? Or how strong is your desire to stay in the cage and enjoy the security that the cage seems to have? And how does it feel to come out of the cage and begin to explore what it is like outside of the cage, like a bird coming out of the cage and beginning to learn how to exercise its wings on the outside and get an experience of the wind?

Coming out of the Cage of Body - Consciousness

As we begin to experience any form of energy awareness, any form of identity that is non-physical, we begin to open that cage. I have been showing you, as I did yesterday, how to use the breath to open that cage that can take your awareness from being earth bound or physically bound - “I am breathing” - into the idea that breathing is happening in me. When we come into the idea that breathing is happening in me, the cage is opening.

Whenever we come into that space where we feel that we are more than the body; we begin to feel a lightness of being; we begin to feel a sense of floating inside; we begin to feel the presence of another part of us, we are coming out of that prison that binds us to the earth. This is an experience that we need to explore: How to live in that state of freedom? How to come out of that cage? How to begin to explore the freedom that exists outside of that cage, and the wind that can help us to fly, the support that can help us to fly?

Experiencing a Shift in Consciousness

As we begin to come out of this cage of the physical consciousness we begin to experience an expanded awareness, almost like a dual consciousness. On one hand there is the experience of the physical and on the other there is the experience of the lightness of being – another form of identity.

In my experience in this kind of awakening, and it was a huge experience for me like the difference between night and day, I felt a shift in my consciousness. Suddenly I began to see that I was not just a body, but something more. Something more came into my experience. I felt that my hands and body were almost floating. I began to experience a lightness of being, and the presence of another “me” inside of this. And when I was walking, it was as though the walking was happening for itself and with such softness. I could feel that an energy part of me was walking in a gross part of me.

That experience continued as I gave attention to it. I considered it Grace because it came when I did not even expect it. I did not know what deeper spiritual experiences would be like, and I was feeling this shift in consciousness.

What was important in the experience is that my “I” Consciousness changed. I began to see that I was more than a body and that my life was not defined by body experiences but another level of experience – an Energy Being. I began to identify with an Energy Being. All my physical actions seem to have an energy dimension, and by intention my energy dimension could be activated. If I thought of moving my hand, I could feel my hand moving. If I thought of shifting my body one way I could feel an Energy Being involved in that shifting. And when I sang, as I love to sing, I could feel that my voice was being supported by the energy inside that made the voice more free.

What was interesting about the experience was that I felt that something inside me was supporting this experience. Then I began to relate that to God within me – some Great Power within me. And I became fascinated by this support within me in that experience. I became completely fascinated by the experience and I started to explore it. I wanted it desperately because it was bringing some kind of freedom, some change from the gross to another level. My “I” Consciousness was expanding.

Witness Expands the Awareness

As that began to happen, I realize now that I can witness my body in a different way. Now I can look at the feelings in the body differently. When the body was hungry I could see that another part of me was not hungry at all, but my body was hungry. When I was singing I could see my body bringing the voice out but another part of me was looking at this and supporting it. So the Witness in me became different; it was witnessing more. It was a more expansive experience and that brought me joy and a sense of freedom that I could bring another dimension into this. The “I” in me seemed to grow. The Witness in me became greater and the power in me became greater – the power to influence the physical.

Now I could see from this experience that my physical being was an organism that was different from me. I could feel that my heart was not mine, but my body’s. My body became a whole different experience. I was more than my body. This is the beginning of the Higher Consciousness coming inside of me that changed my relationship to the awareness of my body. And consequently, it changed the way I related to my world.


How does it feel to live in a higher state of consciousness? What does it mean? What are the possibilities for all of us in the human experience to be free? To be not bound to this limited physical world but to experience the degrees of freedom that is possible for us in the entire sphere of our existence.

I am going to continue on this subject. But it is a very interesting exploration and I will like you to begin to contemplate what I have said today. There is so much more to say and I am going to take the time to say it all to you.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Day 20: Living In A Higher State Of Awareness

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