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Day 21: Acting in Higher Awareness

Yesterday’s topic was “Living in a Higher Awareness”. Today we continue with that. Yesterday I spoke about when we begin to experience a Higher Self, the witnessing becomes different and that we have been imprisoned in this earthly consciousness that limits our awareness. I spoke of my own joy of being awakened and experiencing my body in a different way and experiencing energies of another dimension. Today I am going to continue.

Nartak Atma

As we begin to experience more of ourselves, more of our essential nature, as we begin to become aware of another dimension of being, a new experience comes and this is important to observe. One begins to feel as though you are on a stage like an actor. This reminds me of a verse or Sutra from the Shiva Sutras, “Nartak Atma”. It says that the Self, the Atma, is like a dancer on the world’s stage, an actor. The reason I am saying this is because we begin to see life in a different way. We begin to go beyond the roles we play and to see the roles as we engage in them. That is a little different to being consumed in the role or being fully identified in the role, for example, the one who is eating. When you are eating, you are no longer consumed in the eating and consumed in the experience of eating, but now you can observe the eating process.

You begin to see the eating in a different way. You can feel the pleasure of the eating. Before, you were consumed in the pleasure of the eating; now you are seeing the pleasure of the eating and you are looking at it. And you can feel that you can disengage from this, you can eat in a disinterested way. You are looking at the pleasure and you are seeing the eating, but you can disengage in a way of not being consumed in it, or not being caught up in it. If you think of this dimension of the experience, it is amazing.

When this consciousness becomes stable within you, you begin to realise that in everything you do, you can do the same thing. You are witnessing the experience, the role, and you realise that you are beyond the role. You can engage in the role, not in the way as before, being consumed in it, you can engage in the role but it is a conscious engagement. You see continuously that you are making a choice in being in the role. In engaging in the pleasure of eating, you can become engaged as it were, not consumed, but engaged in the pleasure of the eating and you see differently. You see the pleasure is there. You see the eating is there. You see the one who is observing all of it.

Even when you are engaged in a relationship with a person, you can see all the feelings that are coming in the relationship and you can actually feel the Observer in it. This detachment brings a kind of neutrality, so you are looking and you can see how much you can engage, whether you can engage more or less, or whether you can be neutral to the experience.

Trueness: Permission to engage

Now what happens in this sometimes, as it did to me initially, it makes you feel that you are not true to what you are doing, because you are not fully engaged in it. Until you begin to realise that this is a more conscious way of seeing the whole experience. This is an advanced way of seeing the experience. This is a truer picture of what it is. Then you realise that what the trueness really means is the conscious engagement, giving yourself the permission to engage and being true to your Higher Self in the engagement. You are consciously bringing the qualities of your Higher Self in the engagement, so you can bring more love in the engagement. And the trueness there, is bringing the love from the Higher Self in it. So you are making a choice at each stage; you are not consumed, but you are making a choice. It is a conscious engagement.

This is what I learnt from the experience; that I engage myself in any role that I want to, but I am not the role. This is a whole new experience of being and it makes this Sutra come alive. You really are on the world’s stage and every role you play, brother or sister, employer, employee, it is only a role and you witness the role in a different way, as you become more aware of your inner being.

When this happens, it gives you more management over what you are doing, because now you can see more possibilities. You can see the old ways in which you were consumed in doing things and it brings that freedom to explore and to perform the action in a much more conscious way. For example, if an actor is on a stage, they are actually observing how they are acting. They become true to their acting when they become totally engaged in the role, and they can change from one emotion to another in a moment, very consciously, very engaged. They can manage the roles, moving from one to another, and you who are looking do not know the difference. This is what higher awareness brings. The feeling is not as before.

Those of you who begin to have this higher awareness and you feel that you are not true to your actions, it is a more conscious way of living, where you give permission to the engagement, where you are in the engagement but there is another part of you that is looking at the whole process continuously. So it is going to shift from one role to another without feeling guilty that you have moved from one role to another, but now you are consciously engaged from a higher place.

Intuiting guidance for every activity

What is also wonderful about this experience is that you have become more aware of guidance from your Higher Self. For example, what this brought to me was knowing how to engage in every activity. If I got into an activity and I felt that something inside of me was supporting the activity, then I would feel more energy coming into the space from inside of me. It was as though a Higher Self within me was giving me permission to come into the space. And if in this space I felt a limitation and I felt as though my Higher Self wants to contract, as though part of me is saying, “No, do not go there, do not go there,” then I begin to listen. But because I am engaged differently, in a disinterested way, in a more detached way, I am able to follow the dictates of a Higher Self inside that guides me in what I am doing.

This was the sense of guidance that came to me and I loved being guided because I did not have to make decisions [as] before, I could actually feel now that something is helping me to decide. So this is what happens in higher self awareness; you know exactly how much to speak; you know exactly which emotion to bring into the space; you know exactly which environment you should stay in and which you should move away from as you begin to give attention to this Higher Self in the engagement.

This higher awareness brings a new way of looking at the activity and a new way of intuiting guidance for the activity. This is what living in higher self awareness means - it makes you feel like an actor on a stage, seeing all the roles that are before you, but knowing that these are roles that you engage in. But your essential self is different to all the roles that you play.

I want you to think about this very carefully. It is worth the exploration. For example, I am singing and those of you who are looking at me sing think, “Oh he is so into the singing.” Yes, I am engaged in the singing but another part of me is very silent, looking at the whole singing and enjoying the whole process of energy flowing in the singing, words coming out in the singing. But another part of me is looking at the whole experience, and I can stop the singing - no matter how loud it becomes - in a moment, and I am completely silent. I can choose another role exactly in that moment. That is because of that awareness.

If I am speaking with someone and I feel a lot of anger is being generated and I can feel that, I can immediately shift and be detached from the whole anger process. I can contain the energy in the space just by coming back and looking at the whole process, and not allowing myself to engage. I can engage differently by containing what is before me or I can shower love into the process consciously whilst the anger is coming towards me, containing it and neutralising it when I can. But it is another way, a whole other way of engaging in every process. This is what living in higher awareness brings. It is worthy of the contemplation.

Tomorrow we will continue with another dimension to this experience.

Post meditation remarks

For those of you who struggle with trying to get into the space of awareness, be patient. Contemplate what I have been saying and consider another dimension of awareness. Listen to my words, contemplate them and consider the possibility of another way of seeing yourself and your engagement with the world. The grace will come to experience it, be patient; it is all going to come in the perfect time. Continue striving. It is the one who continuously strives who will achieve.

Have a blessed day. Namaskar.

Day 21: Acting In Higher Awareness

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Anonymous said...

Namaskar Guruji
I am enjoying the talks and meditations very much. Seeing and hearing you it seems so simple. I am also trying the practical advices you give, but then I find it not so easy. You're saying so often: You can have it too, through discipline, practice and Grace. I would love to believe it. Why should I believe that it is achievable? Just by virtue of your example? I think you had another starting point in this life time? I see so many struggling; are we all going to reach? What goes with this 'doubt' is that I find it difficult to keep the desire strong, when you are not sure about the goal that need or can be achieved. Can you give some comments?