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Day 22: Life as a Drama

Welcome to Day 22 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Yesterday we took that view of the world of the Dancer on the stage of Life, of the actor – Nartak Atma. Today, let us take another view.

The World as a Play of Life

How does life itself appear in this Self awareness, when we become aware of ourselves as a dancer on the stage of life, as an actor. What do we see around us? What is the external view? Interesting, isn’t it? If we see our self as an actor or a dancer on a stage, then how do you think we will see the world? How will we see the world from this new understanding of our self? We see the entire world as a drama, as a play of a Supreme Power supporting all of existence. We see all living beings, being expressions of this Supreme Power manifesting consciousness in varying degrees, in ignorance to evolved awareness, or what we may call enlightened awareness. We see all the degrees of manifestation of this Consciousness.

Interacting with New Meaning and Purpose

What happens when we see that? The world takes on a different meaning. We see the world differently. We see new meaning and purpose in the play. Then it becomes no ordinary play, but it becomes a magnificent play - a play where we engage to learn and grow. A play where we participate as an instrument in helping others to learn and grow. So we see interactions where we all learn and grow in a co-creation.

New approach in Dealing with Ignorance

How does this take place? As we grow in consciousness we begin to see those who are operating in ignorance. It becomes very clear to us that people are not true to their Higher Self. They are operating instinctively, as it were, carried away by lower self behaviour. And what happens when we see that? Do we fight with it? Do we become part of the ignorance when we have a higher awareness? How do we deal with it? How do we treat with it?

We treat with it differently in this new awareness. There is compassion for the ignorant people who are driven by anger, lust and jealousy. When they are seen by the more evolved, they are seen with compassion. And you will find that the more evolved will not want to go into that when the ignorant cannot see better. They will be very careful with their interactions with the ignorant, participating in the play meaningfully if they can help in the ignorance. And delightfully and compassionately looking on at the play when they can’t, knowing that in this play there are lots of instruments who will help and support, when the more evolved is not appreciated. It sees no reason to enter into the fray. So there is a whole new approach in dealing with ignorance in the play.

Caution with those who Fluctuate

What is also seen in the world is not just ignorance but a mixture of ignorance and evolved awareness, those who fluctuate between two – the Higher and lower self. And then more awareness is needed in those interactions. So when Higher Self is seen we are drawn to it, and when lower self is seen we become more protective. You see how those people move from one to another and we have to be very careful of being trusting in those situations. We have to be wary. So the wise become very cautious in those interactions not knowing what to expect sometimes. Compassion is there when people operate from ignorance, and joy of interaction is there when they are operating from a Higher Self.

Synergy with the Evolved

There is the other dimension of when evolved people meet other evolved people and the possibilities of co-creating synergy in a space, and the possibility of growing through the synergy. All these possibilities appear in the stage of life, as we interact with the ignorant, as we interact with those who fluctuate between Higher and lower self, and as we interact with those who are more evolved.

The Wise are aware of their Roles

We therefore need to be very wise in our interactions with the world, otherwise we become consumed by the world. How do you treat with your world? The wise begin to see how they are drawn into the world and to see the role that the Universe is inviting them to play. So sometimes they are drawn to the ignorant people. And they know exactly what is going to happen, but they become like a sacrifice displaying the qualities of goodness despite what happens, knowing this is the role that is meant for them in reaching out and helping those who are in ignorance. And then becoming an instrument even with those who are fluctuating believing in their good sides and staying with them through the bad times, helping them in the process. Then seeing the support and grace that comes from association with the more evolved and seeing the possibilities for co-creating a whole new world.

Possibilities of Co-creating a New World

Can you imagine if the world is predominated by ignorant people? What are the possibilities of co-creating a new world? There are no possibilities. That will have to take its own course until life itself, through its many interactions, produce a shift in consciousness.

What are the possibilities for co-creating a new world when there is a mixture of the lower consciousness and the Higher Consciousness? Then there is a lot of churning, a lot of processing. Where do you see us in a world like this where there is the mixture? What does a world like this invite us to do? It invites us to treat with ignorance in a different way, and it invites us to bring together those who are more aware in a better way, believing in the Higher Self. That is the invitation for all of us who live and act in Higher Awareness.

Think of the possibility of co-creating a whole new world. This is where I believe those of us who are more aware need to come together, as we do, to strengthen ourselves by our association, by our conversation, by the communities we create, to grow the Light that is so strong that it can protect us from those around us who are ignorant. And as we grow we will attract more souls from the other dimensions to come to be with us, as we continue on this evolution on a collective scale of consciousness that we are evolving individually and we are evolving collectively.

Where do you Stand in all of this?

These are the possibilities on the journey. Where do you stand when you interact with your world? Are you caught up in the ignorance of the world? Do you fight with it? Do you become consumed in it? What does it say about you? Do you see when the mixture is there in people and they are expressing both Higher and lower self? How do you treat with that? Do you despise them because of the lower self behaviour? Or do you try to bring out the best within them? And do you nourish yourselves by association with those who are more evolved?

The Choice is Yours

These are the possibilities when we take the external view. Then we see that all of life is a drama. It is a drama perfectly orchestrated by a Super Intelligence. All of life is a drama, and we are all on a stage. We can operate in ignorance or we can operate in enlightened awareness. What do you choose? What do you choose to be on the stage- ignorant or enlightened? We can become anything we want to be. All the possibilities exist for us.
That is the external view and those are the possibilities. And what we are actually in now is that community. Whether it is global or local, we are in that community of souls of varying qualities. And here we have the opportunity to treat with it with wisdom, with Higher Awareness.

That is the invitation. And that is the invitation I see every day in my world.

Closing Remarks

Have the presence of a physical world around you in the joy of a Higher Self, in higher awareness as you think of a new day. “Today, I seek to live in Higher Self awareness as I interact with my world, understanding the nature of my world, appreciating the nature of my world. I seek to be an instrument of peace, love and harmony. I seek to be a blessing to my world. I give thanks for all the blessings I have received. I pray to engage in the perfect dance as a dancer in the world stage. As I engage in the dance in the collective drama, I pray to make all the perfect moves being guided by my Higher Self.” (Excerpt from meditation)

My wish today is that you will assimilate this lesson as you interact with your world, being very careful with those who are ignorant, being very discreet or wise with those who fluctuate, and being able to appreciate the nourishment that comes from those who are more evolved.

May you continue to seek and keep their company that you may be nourished.

May we all be blessed.

Day 22: Life As A Drama

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