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Day 23: The Principle of Grace

Welcome to Day 23 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. I have been speaking about our being imprisoned in our self created cage, with the door being unlocked and the potential being there to be free. In wanting to come into a space of higher awareness - and I have been inspiring you, or seeking to inspire you to come into a space of higher awareness and to view your world from there - this is a shift in consciousness.

In the process of creation, we have become involved in limitation. The potential is there for higher consciousness but in coming into a limited human form, a physical form, we have come into limitation. In the same way that the Universe created us, holding us in this limitation, it has also built into the system, liberation, the ability to break free from this limitation, that is also there in the system. We call it “Grace”; that whenever we seek to be free, the Universe is going to comply, it is going to listen to our call and shower us with Grace.

Breaking free from limited awareness

This grace bestowing power in the Universe, to lift us from ignorance into freedom, is called the “Guru Principle,” or Guru Tattwa. At this point in my talks, I want to bring in this subject, because we need to make a shift. We need to move from the limited awareness that holds us, when we feel enclosed in this prison and we feel that we cannot break free. It is difficult to break free. No matter what we try, it is difficult to break free. Here we need to understand that a helping hand is there in the Universe. The Universe reaches out to us but we need to be able to see this hand reaching out to us, because many times we cannot interpret it.

What is this Guru Principle? Of course in the Guru Gita, that we have been singing, one of the verses says that the letter “Gu” stands for darkness and the letter “Ru” stands for the light, or that which removes darkness. So the Guru Principle is that principle that removes darkness, the darkness of ignorance.

Support comes to the seeker

How does this principle operate in the Universe? From the moment you start seeking, this principle starts its operation. When we hear of “Guru” we tend to think of a person, someone who can help us out of the darkness, a person like ourselves. We are accustomed in our Universe or in our world, to people like ourselves helping us – our parents, our teachers, our friends - so we think of a person coming to help us. I thought the same way. But now I realise that the moment I started seeking, a principle in the Universe started supporting me, started guiding me in so many ways that I did not realise. Even though I was waiting for a human person, a principle was already engaged.

Can we open our minds to see that this Guru Principle in the Universe is a principle that is above person or personality; a principle that can engage the whole world and all expressions of divinity into this act of helping to liberate us from ignorance? Can we see that when we begin to seek, that the Universe sends information to us in all kinds of ways, but sometimes we do not see it, information to help us on the next step. Do we always need a person to be in front of us to tell us? Can a book guide us? Can a situation awaken something in us? Can a group of people inspire us? Can an object awaken something in us?

When we begin to see the many ways in which we can become awakened to our true being or to our Higher Self, we begin to see that in the Universe, there is the Guru Principle, not just a person. It may manifest in and through a person, when the person is manifesting Higher Self qualities. It may manifest in several persons of different states of evolved consciousness. Can we see in all those instances where we are supported on this journey to enlightenment that a principle in the Universe is reaching out to us and move away from the idea of one person? Can we see several persons; can we see several evolved persons helping us on the way?

Guru: realising the power inside

Initially I thought that I needed to see a human being, but when I went to India, a centre, a spiritual centre, awakened my spirituality, not a single person - the energy of a spiritual centre, the energy of a discipline, the commitment of the people. Then ultimately, when I met the person who inspired this, I thought; “Well now here is the person I am going to meet who is going to give me that ultimate push.” But when I met the person, I could not relate to the human form, because for years I had been experiencing a power inside of me, and I related to that power as “Guru”.

It was only when I was able to move away my focus from the physical person, and focus on the power inside of me, whilst listening to the person, could I feel what the real Guru is; it is the power inside of me. That person outside is making me realise that what is in him, is also in me, because when I heard him speak, I could feel that something in me was resonating. The more I closed my eyes and listened to him, the stronger this feeling came inside of me, that what is speaking in him, that power that I am seeing, and admiring, is also inside of me. The more I listened to his words, the more I felt my own power started to open up. Then I really understood that what the Universe was trying to tell me, that he represents what is in me, and I need to focus on what is in me and not get caught up in what is outside. That is how I made a shift from the idea of personal Guru to the idea of Guru within me and Guru in the Universe. Because the more I felt it within me, the more I could see how the whole Universe is supporting me in terms of my spiritual growth and evolution.

During these 40 Days that I have spoken about, a family came around me and every member of the family was important in terms of co-creating that space for me. Everything that it did, each one was important to me. I saw how the Universe was co-creating a space, that this Guru Principle was working through everyone to guide me. Even when I looked out my window when no one knew and I saw what was happening, I marvelled at this principle operating through everybody in such a perfect way.

During those days, I began to see this power inside of me. The words of Gurus came alive as I went inside. It brought about deeper realisations within my own being of my own power. So the whole idea of Guru for me has changed. I moved away from the idea of a physical Guru to the idea of Guru within me and Guru within the Universe. That moved away the idea that I have a single Guru. Of course there were Gurus along the way who supported me, who have helped me, some in the flesh, in the body, some beyond the body. I feel the grace of these Masters and then I know that all these Masters are operating in one principle. I should not be caught up in their personalities but I should look at that one principle in all of them and appreciate all of them alike; whether it is the Guru who helped in the first step or whether it is the Guru who helped in the last step, because the first step is also important. Every step along the way, each Guru is important.

Recognising the Universal Guru

Can we expand our minds to see how the whole Universe can become a Guru to us? How the Universe can use even a negative situation and a limited person to teach us, where the limited person is not the Guru, but the instrument of a Higher Power? We may attract such a response from the Guru - from the Cosmic Guru or the Universal Guru - when we need it.

We should consider every master or every teacher along the way as a gift and not get caught up in the idea that one person is the Guru and this is the best Guru, because ultimately, we need to find the Guru inside. That is why we speak about the “Push Pull Principle”; that Gurus outside, they lead us within and their goal is to help us to find the inner Guru. And in finding the inner Guru, we will begin to experience more and more the Cosmic Guru and that the whole Universe is operating as a Guru. Can you open your minds to see that? This is the view that I have.

It is important in the journey to higher consciousness to seek that support from the Universe. That can only happen when we have a strong desire for release. We are not going to be released from this self imposed prison or self created prison unless we have a strong desire to come out of it. To the extent to which the desire is strong, so also the response of the Universe would be: the stronger the desire, the stronger the response; the weaker the desire, the weaker the response. And when your desires are mixed, the responses from the Universe are mixed. Consider this; we get only what we deserve and where we are now is what we deserve.

To summarise, there is a liberating principle in the Universe, the grace bestowing principle, that can lead us from ignorance to enlightenment. The principle can operate in the entire Universe through all living beings in the Universe and it can express itself in the most beautiful ways in those who have purified their egos and as a result, are instruments of the Divine in the best expressions.

I hope that we can appreciate this grace that comes in the form of the Guru Principle. It is the Grace that we need in seeking freedom.

Have a blessed day.

Day 23: Principle Of Grace

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Shobha said...

Namaskar Guruji,
I think I now understand why the Guru Gita and other scriptures refer to the Guru Principle as Shiva which is also the Universal Conciousness because it is everywhere and can manifest in many forms. Hindus also refer to Shiva as the first Guru that is the Power of Grace. It is said if you pray to Shiva whole heartedly, your wish will be granted especially on the night of Shiva Ratri when 'night becomes day' Gu Ru - you stay awake all night as if it was day.