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Day 24: You Are the Guru

Yesterday I spoke about the Guru Principle, Guru Tattwa. I tried to move your perspective into a more universal way of seeing that the Guru is everywhere, manifesting beautifully within pure human beings, those who have purified their egos. But also manifesting in the entire Universe, sometimes even using the ignorant to help us, by drawing the ignorant towards us, that we may learn, that we may grow. So the whole world becomes Guru. The Universal Consciousness itself has the quality of Guru, has Guru Tattwa. Guru is everywhere.

Outer Guru: help to awaken inner Guru

What is the purpose of this Guru in the Universe, in people? What is the purpose of the Guru? This is the subject today. Of course one may say it is for liberation, that we be liberated. But what is the process of liberation? What does liberation involve? It involves the inner Guru becoming awake. It is not that we are to become dependent continuously on outer Gurus, on the Universe to support our journey, on physical Gurus to lead us. When will we lead ourselves? When will we become responsible for our own behaviour, for our own lower self behaviour? When will we become responsible? Until we become responsible, we will forever need those on the outside.

What is the Universe trying to tell us? What is the message of the Universe in having the Guru Consciousness outside of us? It is to help us to wake up to our own Guru. The purpose of the outer Guru is to wake up the inner Guru. Your question should be to yourself, “How awakened is my inner Guru? How much am I guided by my own inner Guru?” That is the pertinent question in transformation.

Make sure you have the right understanding

The Beings of Light who come into our world are not here so that they can create, or co-create with us a world of enlightenment. They are here to guide us, to inspire us, to light our light, that we may all responsibly co-create this world of Light. If we keep on lower self behaviour, if we keep on staying in the darkness, if we keep on holding onto lower self, all the Gurus can be here and the world will still have darkness.

Who is responsible for change? Is it the Gurus that are sent into our world? It is us, working together with these Masters of the Light, to transform our own lives. They are there to model. Sometimes we destroy them - when they come - with our darkness. But the wakeup call here is that our inner Guru needs to come alive. This tells us how to work with the outer Gurus that we are blessed to have. We need to listen to them carefully, because sometimes we think we understand them, but our own ego interprets in our way. So it is always important to clear it up with the Guru and to make sure that you have the right understanding, because you can go away with the wrong message when you think you know. It is always important to test it with the Guru, “Do I understand this correctly?” Because the Guru is in a clear field, a field of Light, and the disciple is in this field of ignorance, darkness.

Look at the results

When you practice what the Guru tells you to do, or advises you to do, then you look at your experiences. Are they in line with what he is saying? Are they experiences because they verify what you are doing? You do not just practice open ended, you look at the results. What kind of results are there? How is my home? How is my family? How am I treating with the people around me? That is where the results are. That is where you know if you are really practicing the teachings. How are my thoughts every day? How is my speech? That is how you know if you are practicing the teachings. How do I relate to my world? That is how you know.

You need to also look at the results and to see if they are consistent with what the Guru is saying. He says, “When you do this, this is what will happen. When you begin to create light within your own space, the people around you will be inspired,” he says. “And be patient” he said, “Be understanding, be tolerant and you will see, change will come gradually.” Is that happening when you put the teachings into practice? Or are you putting the teachings into practice, not giving attention to what is happening around you? “Oh, I am practicing them.” So what is the impact?

We are all Gurus

The idea is to become like the Guru. There is a verse in the Guru Gita, a line that says, “Sa eva ca guruh sakshat.” It says, “The devoted disciple himself becomes the Guru.” So what is the goal? That we too manifest Guru Consciousness. This is what the Guru wants. When we manifest Guru Consciousness, we will actually feel in oneness with the Guru. Wow! We feel that we have become the Guru. Do you know what a joy it is for me to listen to disciples who are in Guru Consciousness? I do not need to say anything; I do not need to do anything. When they are in the space and they are manifesting Guru Consciousness, my whole being opens up and I feel so huge, just by their experience. When they speak from Guru Consciousness, when they act from Guru Consciousness, I feel my own being expanding. Suddenly, they have become me and I am speaking through them and they are speaking in me. It becomes such an experience of unity. There is no need for me to say anything, there it is being said. There the Guru is saying it. It is one Guru. It is one Principle. There, the Principle is saying it. My whole being feels free, it feels empowered. It feels full.

Anybody who manifests the Guru Consciousness brings power to all the Gurus. That is how Light will light up our world. The Guru is like a light, a light of Higher Consciousness. When our lights light up, the brightness is huge. So we need ultimately to move from the idea that we are just disciples. The truth is we are all Gurus. We are all Gurus and we need to wake up in that consciousness.

Manifesting Guru Consciousness

My 40 Days in 1978 was a transformation. I never thought for a moment that I could ever have any kind of Guru Consciousness. I was very pleased with disciple consciousness. Then the first week of the 40 days, this power inside of me was trying to coax me very gently into coming into Guru Awareness. And I am saying to myself, “Me?” It took me an entire week to understand what this power was doing, where it was carrying me. Then it protected me by saying, “Do not look at anybody, do not mix with anybody.” It protected my transformation inside because I did not know what to do. Gradually, after an entire week, then I saw what it was doing. “So this is what it is!” Then I embraced the fact that I could have the Guru Consciousness. It took me an entire week before I could embrace that. But when I did, the rest of the 40 days was just magnificent.

I embraced the new consciousness, I thought I was worthy of it. Then I respected all the Gurus, and I wanted all the support, I wanted to feel this more and more. And through the 40 Days, every day was magnificent; the unfolding of an inner Guru; taking responsibility for the Light; using the knowledge from everywhere and trying to manifest this Higher Consciousness. At the end of the 40 Days, I was not Guru, I was not disciple, I was a part of everything. I could assume any role. I am always a disciple. I could feel the Guru Consciousness in me coming when I need to lead. Beautiful! I am beyond. I can assume the role of disciple, I can assume the role of Guru, I can assume any role. That is where the real Guru Consciousness is.

Taking responsibility for the Light

These Beings of Light who come into our world, they are precious beings. The Shiva Sutras says in one of its sutras,”Gururupaya”; that the Guru is the means to the Higher Consciousness. The one who has realised the Self is the means to the Higher Consciousness. So we need to use these precious beings to become aware of our own power and freedom and to take the responsibility for that journey and not leave it in the hands of others. “Sa eva ca guruh sakshat.” “The devoted disciple himself becomes Guru.”

This world will only change when we begin to embrace Guru Consciousness, when we begin to take responsibility for the Light. We all are Lights, we all are Gurus. So begin to understand the true message of the Guru. It is not forever to have you in dependence; it is to wake you up to your own independence. What is beautiful about that is then you have the best relationship with the Guru. Then you realise who Guru is and you feel so much in oneness. The love, the bonding, the understanding, the camaraderie; it becomes so beautiful. The Guru becomes your best friend and you become the best friend of the Guru because you carry the same consciousness. You become brothers or sisters in the Light, working for the welfare of humanity.

Do not be afraid of your Guru Consciousness; embrace it like I did. Be responsible and let the Light shine in and through you.

May you be blessed by all the Gurus and may your own Guru come alive. Do not hold it back.

I hope that you have been inspired to embrace your own goodness and to be a responsible agent for change in our world, for creating positive change. Together we can co-create a world of peace, love and harmony. Let us do it together.

Have a blessed day.

Day 24: You Are The Guru

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