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Day 25: Understanding Guru Consciousness

Yesterday I spoke to you on the subject ‘We are all Gurus’. Sometimes this can be misunderstood. Some may say, “How can we be Gurus? That is a space beyond us? There are so many limitations within us, how can we be Gurus?” What I actually meant was that we are all potentially Gurus. Whether we accept that now or not, we are!

Guru Potential is within All

The capacity to be Guru is within us. It is a consciousness that is inside of us. It is an ability that is inside of us. When I say that we are all Gurus, it means that the Guru potential is within all of us. That is the first thing that we need to understand and to embrace. “Yes, there is a Guru within me.” Otherwise, if you keep the thought, “I am not Guru, I can never be Guru,” as you think so you become. Your consciousness becomes limited. To open yourself to the idea that there is a Guru inside, is the first step in embracing this. What does this Guru Consciousness really mean that I can begin to accept this consciousness as part of me?

Leaders and Followers

In our world there are leaders and there are followers. Have you noticed, there are people who love to follow and there are people who love to lead? If we have only followers in the world, can you imagine what will happen? We need to have leaders. And if we have only leaders in the world, can you imagine what will happen? If they are true leaders we will have the best followers. Think for a moment; a good leader is a good follower, but it is not always that a follower can be a leader.

There is a leader inside of us, and there is also a follower inside of us. When we begin to experience that leadership inside of us, that Self leadership, we are beginning to experience Guru Consciousness. It is only then that we can take charge of our own process, otherwise we will be dependent on another person. We will be a follower. And when you are a follower only that is a difficult place to be, because if there is no leader around, you are confused, “What do I do? Where do I go?” It is as if you have no compass inside.

Tapping into Leadership: the Process

An important step on life’s journey is learning to accept leadership. To believe that there is a leader inside, to search for this leader inside, and begin to experience and manifest this leader inside. Guru Consciousness is that consciousness of self-leadership, and not only self leadership - which means being able to know where we are going – but also self-management. We need to be able to manage a process as well; not just to lead the process but to manage the process. The Guru Consciousness is self-leadership and it is also self-management.

Therefore, on the spiritual journey as well as the journey of ordinary material or secular life, we need to learn how to get in touch with that Leader, and how to tap into that leadership. That is what Guru Consciousness is. We spoke of the word “Guru”, “Gu” standing for darkness and “Ru” for the light. When that light comes inside, we begin to become more aware of: who we are; the tools we have; and the ability that we have inside to lead. The Guru Consciousness comes alive. It may not be perfect in the beginning but we begin to develop the ability to lead. Like a child learning to walk, the walk may not be perfect in the beginning. It may stumble at first, leading sometimes, following sometimes, until the child begins to walk and can lead itself.
Guru Consciousness is also a process that will lead into the fullness of Guru Consciousness where leadership becomes natural. And in a good leadership process, the process of following is also there. Good leaders also follow: they follow principles, they follow laws, they follow a process and they have the ability to lead, to inspire, to guide.

The Search for Wisdom

In my own life and on my own journey what I wanted most as a young person was to be able to manage myself. I never liked a wayward mind, a scattered mind. So one of my desires as a very young man, was, “How do I control my mind? How do I manage my mind? How do I manage emotions? How do I manage the drives of my lower self? How do I manage it all? And that drove me into the search for wisdom. So I know the feeling of helplessness and where we need to follow; where we need a leader.

When my spiritual experiences came, however, and I began to experience other parts of me, other dimensions to my Being, this wonderful quality also came in; the ability to lead myself, the ability to manage myself. When I began to see my Being as being more than my mind, and my mind was operating in me, and emotions were operating in me, my awareness changed and the knowledge also came that I can manage this process. I can look at my mind and say, “I don’t want to think this.” And I can look at another possibility of thinking and I can embrace this and leave that out. I learned how to manage my mind. I understood that I had a choice. I can embrace what I want to think. Of course, you can imagine how wonderful that could be, when you can push away thoughts you do not need and embrace thoughts that you need.

It was the same with emotions. I could see what emotions were doing to my entire Being: disturbing my mind, putting stresses in my body. I also learned how to see emotions differently as existing in me. I had then to manage them. So this Guru Principle was awakened in me. Of course, it was not fully, as there were certain thoughts or emotions I could not manage and then I needed help. I had to look for those Masters who mastered those in order to help me. I was a follower, but though I could lead myself, I also needed to follow.

Humility in Leadership

What happened as I began to lead myself? People were drawn towards me saying, “How do you do this? Can you help me? I love what I see in you.” Automatically, I became a leader outside as well. And what I did not know I said, “I can’t help you in this. I do not know about it; I am still learning this.” And people would still be interested saying, “When you learn, teach me more.”
I naturally became a leader realizing that I did not have the fullness of leadership. That created a certain kind of humility within me that I loved. When I did not know, I said “I do not know”. And then I searched, even whilst leading, for the greater capacity to master myself and to be able to lead. And that is what the 40 Days of 1978 was, when I reflect upon it. It gave me that fullness of leadership.

What does the “fullness of leadership” mean? It means that I have become the best follower there is. I know that I do not know anything. It is the Universe that knows everything. So I become the best servant of the Universe. I learn how to align myself to the Universe. When I listen to you, I don’t know anything; the Universe is what guides me. It brings the thoughts and it brings the information. But I know how to connect and in that connection I feel infinite! I don’t know anything, but what is in me knows everything. He who knows that he knows not, knows and is wise. He who thinks he knows, knows not and is ignorant.

The truly wise never claim that they are anything. The true leaders never claim that they are leaders, they say the Universe is. They say, “I am just a humble instrument of that” because they know that they can never bring the Universe into the finite. True leaders are really humble when you meet them. They have this amazing capacity to intuit wisdom but never claim it is their own. That is what Guru Consciousness is. It is aligning yourself to the Universe and allowing the Universe to lead you and to lead others in the process, not claiming that you are anything.

Aligned to the Universe

When I go to groups I say, “I can’t give you anything that you do not already have. I have come as a friend to remind you.” People call me Master, they call me Guru, but what am I? I am a humble servant of the Universe, I know nothing but the Universe knows everything. How can I claim to know when these thoughts arise in my mind to guide? When these energies within me come to inspire, how can I claim it to be my own? That is what Guru Consciousness is.

It is being in that space where you feel connected to everything. All information is yours to intuit, to express, to share and that is what I do every day. I share the vastness of my inner space, and my individuality is in humility always. I see you as my Universe, I see you as my teachers, I see you as my guides, I learn how to follow the Universe everywhere. That is the vision.
Can you accept that? Can you embrace that? Can you see the leader in you? Can you see how important that leader needs to be? Can you really see Guru Consciousness in another, rather than as an impossible place to be?

We are all Gurus, if you really understand. I hope you will appreciate this message.

Closing Remarks

Whatever you have learned in this world, whatever you know, know that it comes from that place of all knowledge. Know that that space is vast, infinite and you can never fathom that space completely. That space is larger than all of us.

When you are called upon to lead and you feel the power to lead, lead from that place of all possibilities. Seek to bring your Higher Self into the experience, using all the knowledge that you have, but staying humble and aware that knowledge is Infinite, as the Universe is. This is what true leadership is. This is what the Guru Consciousness is.

Have a blessed day everyone. Namaskar.

Day 25: Understanding Guru Consciousness

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