Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 28: The Shaktipat Principle

Welcome to Day 28 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Yesterday I spoke about the “Shaktipat Impulse” and I spoke about reading from Swami Vivekananda, how important it is to get this impulse from another soul. That inspired me greatly. I wanted an impulse from another soul. I did not know what this meant. Later on I understood that this meant “Shaktipat”: the descent of Shakti, the descent of spiritual energy from the Master to the student. What is very interesting about this is that when my own energies were awakened from this impulse, “my” energies - of course I knew it was coming from the Source of all energies, that impulse - I saw the Guru as an instrument. The energy flowed through the Guru, [and] impacted disciples or students whose own energies were awakened. As they aligned themselves to the power that was flowing through him, that Supreme Power was flowing through even the disciples, the students.

Aligning to the Greater Power

The space seemed to be pervaded by the energy of the Supreme. That is what I got to understand eventually. It was not a person; it was the energy of the Supreme flowing through all. It was a co-creation; one power, all instruments. I was taught that so strongly by life, because I was not able to meet the physical Guru - no matter how much I tried - during that first visit to India. I even tried to go where he was in the United States, but it did not work.

Throughout the many months that I stayed in India, that inner power grew in me. Like I said, on finally meeting the Guru, I thought, “I know a power inside but I do not know this man.” I had to focus on that power to really understand what was happening inside of this man. Then I understood that it was not a man; that man is an instrument of a Greater Power. I began to lose the visibility of the man and saw the power; same power in me, same power in him. One power. Of course I had great respect for this man because his footsteps were very powerful footsteps. A perfect instrument is an unusual being, because we are all caught up in the illusion. Those are powerful footsteps to walk in. I had great admiration for such a being who could be such a perfect instrument, who could be so much in surrender in every moment, who could allow this huge energy to flow in and through him, to touch so many people, to awaken so many people.

In returning to my country, something marvellous happened. As I began to practice what I learnt in India, I found that something was happening in the space around me. Of course I was no Guru, but something was happening in the space around me. People became influenced by what I was doing. All I was doing was aligning myself to that Great Power through the inspiration of this powerful instrument that we call Guru, with great respect for the human Guru, but even greater respect for the power that flowed in and through him. Then I realised that when I came into contact with people around me, they were being influenced by something inside of me, especially when they were receptive. “But I am no Guru. I have no power of Shaktipat, so what is this?”

Power to influence those around us

I found that I too was becoming an instrument to influence the other. I had no great power of Guru but I was becoming an instrument to help the other. And they were experiencing all kinds of energies as well, of awakening. In fact my whole family became influenced. In the workplace where I was teaching in a secondary school, students became influenced. I was seeing the effect. Then I understood that shaktipat is a principle, not only an impulse. It is a principle. Great Masters show it very powerfully. They can move the mass or the masses with this energy, by being able to awaken such incredible power in people. But even us, little students, we had some kind of power as well to influence those around us. Not in this magnificent and in this huge way as the powerful Gurus, but with the same principle: our look; our touch; our word; our thought. We could impact the space. That for me felt powerful. When I saw this, I saw that shaktipat was a principle. It was a principle that belonged to all of us who carried some kind of spiritual energy and who were instruments of a Greater Power. That put greater responsibility in my hands. I needed to be more careful with this energy that I carried that flowed through my eyes, my voice, my touch, my thoughts.

Then I realised the power of groups. When we got together and we started to practice spiritual principles together, we create a kind of field, a great kind of energy, that brings that same kind of Guru power there. I learned that disciples or students who are aligned to that Supreme Guru, through the instrument of Masters, can create power in a group, incredible power, without the physical presence of the Master. They can become instruments or channels of that Supreme Power, by aligning themselves to that Power. If I remembered the Guru for example, and I got into that state of energy, then I too became an instrument of that power flowing through the Gurus and flowing through me.

How are you channelling your power?

Are you aware of the power you have as an awakened soul to influence those around you? If we are to create a world of light, of love, of peace, of spirituality, are you aware of your power and how you are channelling it? When it is awakened within you, do you feel a sense of responsibility for manifesting the purest energies through you and channelling even more as you grow in consciousness? If you feel responsible for the co-creation of a new world and a world of peace, love and harmony, are you doing something about it? Are you trying to get to the purest energies within you and channelling that to your world? Or when your spiritual energies become awakened, do you go back to your lower nature sometimes? When you fluctuate between Higher and lower self, do you go back to your lower nature with this kind of little power that you have of shaktipat, of the Shaktipat Principle, and bring that power into low energies that disturb the space? We need to be careful about that because as we become spiritually awakened, we carry power.

Have you noticed how your words influence another person, especially when your consciousness is more open, and you are more spiritually aware? Do you notice how you impact another person? Do you notice what your look does to another person? Do you notice what your words do to others? Do you notice what your touch, the human touch carrying spiritual energy, does to others? Do you know what your thought in a space does or your wish for someone; do you know what it does? It can lift or it can damage.

Responsibility when spiritually awakened

When you are spiritually awakened, when you can feel energies flowing through you, there is a need to be responsible. That is the responsibility that I accept. Before I became stable in this state, I had to protect myself very much and that is why I kept only good company. During my years of spiritual practice, I ensured that I kept the best company. I did not feel any guilt about that; that I did not want to associate with those who I feel that they were taking something away from me. I did not feel any guilt because I thought it was more important that I grow in this consciousness. If I am to be of any blessing to my world, I must grow in this consciousness. I felt it was divine knowledge in understanding this and divine responsibility to follow through with my actions. You can see the impact of that. Every day I hold that responsibility. Now it is stable, I do not have to protect myself. It is there, I have no choice. I do not need a choice. I want to be fully in service to humanity and I have only one passion, a world of light, a world of love, a world of harmony. That is how I serve you every day. You are my Universe, you are my God, you are my purpose, and I serve you.

Selflessness: the means to create a better world

I do not think that I do anything. I am simply an instrument of that which is Greater. That is all that this individual ego wants; only to be the purest instrument of the Highest Power. I want nothing else. That is my greatest joy; that is my liberation; that is my freedom; to want nothing but to give everything. That is what is going to bring a better world, “Selflessness.” Are you selfless in your actions? Everybody, every person that you meet and interact with is a part of your self; it is your self in the other. It is your source in the other. Looking through the eyes of another is your own being deep inside.

In understanding the Guru, I became the Guru. In honouring the Guru, I became the Guru. I can feel I did not become another human being. I did not take up another human being’s personality, but I became in oneness with that power that flows through the Master, working through my own personality. That is how powerful we all can be. That is our destiny and that is how we are going to create a world of peace, love and harmony - by taking responsibility, by being instruments of peace, love and harmony. That is how we are going to do it; not in any selfish way, but in a selfless way.

Let us honour this power that we have, coming from that wonderful principle of being able to create impulses that can touch our world, impulses that come from our spirit to touch our world. Let us honour the power of look, the power of speech, the power of touch, and the power of thought. Let us honour it and let us work together to create a world of peace, love and harmony.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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