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Day 29: Meeting the Challenge

Welcome to Day 29 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. The last two days we have been speaking about Shaktipat Impulse and Principle. I am speaking from direct experience of shaktipat. I want to bring to you interesting experiences that I observed.

Reaching out to others

During my journey through India, after being in a certain ashram, at one of the other ashrams in India I met an artist whose drawings I was very impressed with. He did very beautiful ink drawings and he was in an ashram, so I was impressed. I therefore spoke to him about this wonderful ashram that I had been to, and its energy. He became so inspired that he wanted to visit it. Then on my journey in a train I met another person and I saw that she was quite restless, complaining about everything. So I thought that I will invite her to this place that I thought was so peaceful.

We are impacted at different levels

When I returned to the ashram they both came, but it was very interesting to see what their experiences were. After a few days the artist obviously felt something, but he wanted to know what kind of evil power was there. He saw it as some kind of controlling power over him and after a few days he left. The lady who was complaining on the train about various people and other things, she too spent a couple days but there too she complained about everything. She criticized everything and so left as well. Those were similar experiences of the same space that I had been deeply touched by.

What does it mean? It means that when we come into a space of strong energy, we are impacted based on who we are; what predominates our minds. When that impact comes we may be inclined to interpret the whole experience in a totally different way. I found it to be very peaceful, powerful and awakening, but these two people had different and contrasting experiences to mine.

When we come into a space of higher energy, our experiences may vary depending on where we are. So it is very important that we observe how we interpret the high energy space. At times it may bring out the worst within us, and at other times it may bring out the best within us. When it brings out the worst within us, we may begin to complain about the space, not being able to appreciate that something good is happening.

Challenges begin the cleansing process

These are also experiences that come from the Shaktipat energy. Obviously, they were interpreting energies. As I mentioned before, we are impacted at different levels when we come into a space of high spiritual energy. What predominates our being in terms of thoughts, attitudes, intentions, emotions, they arise and then we think of how we feel when we come into such a space. When we are challenged it is important to observe. This is what we call the Cleansing Process. When we find that we are challenged with the darker side of us or a lower side of us, in a very beautiful environment that should be lifting us, it is actually beginning a process of cleansing.

Of course, I had my issues at this ashram as well. I found people to be quite selfish and full of ego, but I learned very quickly not to judge. I assumed a different kind of posture. I said to myself, if the Guru had people in these places then there must be a reason for it. So I interpreted them as being divinely placed. I decided that I needed to deal with myself and my ego, so I submitted to everything they said. I never had an issue in the whole ashram. I just saw them as instruments of the Guru. Whether they had an ego or not was not important to me. I just did what I needed to do. My main focus was on the energy that I felt, and getting more of it. But, of course, my experiences were very positive apart from these challenges that I saw as part of my transformation, and I accepted them.

Need for Guidance

When the shaktipat experience comes, it may bring out emotions in us, both positive and negative. It may bring out thoughts from within us, positive or negative. It may bring feelings within the body, positive or negative, painful feelings sometimes and very beautiful energies sometimes. It is therefore important that you seek guidance to deal with this. And that is what I offer - the ability to deal with these experiences when they happen, and to interpret them differently.

How ready and open are you?

It is extremely important to be ready as a student. If you are interested in spirituality, it is important to make yourself ready and open. What does readiness mean? – That you must really desire the spiritual awakening because you cannot have two feet in different worlds. If you are still caught up in low emotions, you will be drawn there and challenged whilst you are trying to go on the other side. The more detached you are from the lower self, the more you can embrace the Higher Self This is what we read in the Guru Gita. You read two words in the Guru Gita every day that you sing, they are vivek and vairagya. Vairagya means dispassion towards the world. Vairagya is detachment and dispassion. Vivek means discrimination, being able to see how you are being pulled.

Therefore, you make yourself more ready when you look at the world using discrimination, and seeing where low desires take you, and beginning to contemplate where higher desires can take you. I followed the way of the higher desire. I knew immediately where lower desires would go and I detached myself from them early in the game. So if you still hold on to the low desires while you try to go to the high, you are certainly going to be challenged. That is what happens in the space.

Follow the Light

Are you a true seeker? When challenged, can you really meet it with wisdom, with vivek? Can you really understand the world, that you can detach from that which you do not need? Are you a true seeker? Are you ready to be liberated? Are you ready for the Moksha that you are praying for? When you are challenged, could you try to understand the challenge in a deeper way and really work towards it? If you are dragged into the lower world, that is where you are going to be. That is why day after day, I try to impress upon you: observe the world, try to understand, use your discrimination, see where the lower self is pulling you, see where the Higher Self is attracting you. Follow the Light, not the darkness.

However, sometimes we can become so addicted to the darkness that we do not even know that we are so addicted to it. We want to stay in the dark, we prefer to be a victim. It is never the best place to be when we begin to embrace victim consciousness. Sometimes we cannot see it, but it is a miserable existence.

The way of the Light is the way of freedom. The most exciting thing is that the more you go into the Light, the more you can appreciate the darkness for its blessing, and the more you can deal with it. Do you see how much I appreciate the darkness? I see it as part of my world and I never judge it, no matter how it appears in people because I know the light is just behind, so much more powerful.

Become spiritually aware

We therefore need to become more spiritually awake and aware. Places of high energy help us to go into this awareness. We need to be strong especially when challenged with the lower self and embrace the challenge. Seek the wisdom; seek the support of these spaces the whole journey through that transition period, and let it lift you into the Light.

My greatest joy has been knowing that these places exist. And when I saw the free Being - the Guru, I was so touched because there are not many in the world. And to see such humility, such strength, such presence is awesome! That is how it was for me. I completely bowed to it and I did not want to let it go. In fact, I never let it go. It took me to freedom. So where are your feet planted on this journey? And when you come into a space of higher energy, how do you operate?

Next: Consciousness journey

This journey to freedom is not a journey just of energy, because we have been speaking about energy. Energy experiences are there to lift us into a new consciousness. What is more important is not just the observation of energy, but the Consciousness that emerges. It is the consciousness that we need to keep the attention on, not the energy. So whether you have energy experiences or not, that is not important, it is looking at where the Consciousness is placed.

This is a journey of consciousness where energy plays the game; where the shakti creates and re-absorbs. It is the Consciousness that is everlasting, changeless. You need to know where your Consciousness is placed in this journey of energy, this Consciousness.

This is what the next talks will embrace – the Consciousness Journey and the Energy Expressions. We have different qualities of energy that we manifest and we have different levels of consciousness that allow these manifestations.

I am looking forward to sharing this part of the journey with you.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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