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Day 30: Play in Consciousness

Welcome to Day 30 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. I promised you today that I was going to speak about the Consciousness Journey. I am doing this with deliberate intention. Some of us have great difficulties in understanding energies and understandably so, it is not so easy. I want to honour that, respect that, and I want to show you another way. Energy is still there but the focus is different.

Consciousness: the essence of existence

Many times I say in my meditation that meditation is a journey in consciousness, a journey of expanding self awareness and I focus on the meditation, as I begin, in setting up the consciousness space. We are beings of consciousness. Fundamentally, essentially, we are beings of consciousness. Consciousness is the essence of existence. It is the place from where everything emerges and to where everything merges back. Out of this consciousness space that we refer to as the Source, comes energy. Energy is an expression of the consciousness field. It is what creates the play of the Universe; energy. In the Yogic teaching, we can use Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is the consciousness space, the Source. Shakti is what creates the play of existence. It is what creates the quantum field, the field of energy. Everything that is created in the field is done by energies; energies gross and subtle. The body is just condensed energy, we call it gross energy.

Making this personal, you are essentially consciousness and in you, everything exists. In you, everything happens. You would have seen a little while ago, that I am chanting very loudly. To the ordinary eye, someone may say, “Wow, he is so caught up in this singing.” I am not caught up at all. There is a huge consciousness space in my being, immense silence, and from there I am looking at the entire play of energies. The voice is coming out with energy and I can bring many qualities into that voice, just by intention and what comes out of my Source Being. I have been gifted with a body that can transform the energies of that Source into different qualities and I can do so just by intention. That is fascinating, that I can bring different qualities of energy into the space, simply by intention. But my consciousness space looks at everything; it is the director, it is the observer, it is the container, and it is beyond, it has no end. This is where our focus should be; that space. Everything we do, we should be aware that it is happening in our consciousness space.

The human existence is in our consciousness space, but we do not realise that because we are so caught up with the gross existence. The consciousness space has been limited to our gross being. We are so caught up in gross existence. This is gross energy {pointing to body}, and we are so caught up in it - the physical quality of this energy, condensed energy - that we become this, and we have lost our awareness of other energies in the space. We have lost awareness that we are not this, but we are that in which this exists. See how strong the illusion is? We are so caught up in the body consciousness, that we are not even aware that this is existing in my consciousness; this is an experience in my consciousness.

Everything comes out of that consciousness space and the only way that we can really begin to appreciate that is by observing; learning to observe more and more of the things that exist within us. That is why observing is a good quality; observing without being caught in the limitation. That is what Masters teach us; how to observe without being caught, without labelling, so that we can see more. The moment you label, you are caught. Life is an invitation to open up the consciousness space to see more. Those who are the Masters, their consciousness space is so huge, they can see everything in the space, so much more.

Consciousness: the field in which energies play

Let us talk about the human experience in the consciousness space. In this human experience, there are different qualities of energy expressions and it is worth the practice to become aware of it. The energy is the servant; to create, to sustain and to dissolve. It is the servant. The consciousness is the field in which the energies play. The human experience is a play in consciousness and it is a play of consciousness.

Let us take a look at the human experience. Let us look at the different energies that exist in the space.
  1. First there is the gross energy, physical, might. “I can lift this {lifting the cushion}. I can tear it apart.” Physical might. “I can feel the substance of this.” The scientists will say now it is real, because I can feel it. I can smell it, I can taste it, I can touch it, and so it is real. That is their reality. This physicality, this gross experience, is one of the energy experiences we have. That is why we like to build the muscles and the strength of the bones, because we feel that we are becoming stronger. “We” are becoming stronger. That is one of the fields we play in and we compete with; who can lift more and the champions become those who lift the most. Those who are physically stronger become mighty in the space. They have power. They lead the pack. That is one kind of consciousness; gross, physical consciousness. Every energy expression gives us a certain identity. “I am a strong person, mighty. I can roar! Powerful.” It gives us a consciousness; gross consciousness. That is why when we see people get caught up in that; we say they are very gross.
  2. Another energy in the space, a very powerful energy, is the sexual consciousness, the mating consciousness. This can also grab us in its hold, where we want to express that energy in the field and enjoy the pleasures of that journey. We are caught in another consciousness, another energy field. We become the mate, with mating instincts.
  3. There is another energy experience that begins to control these lower two, with a new kind of fire, a new kind of radiance, a vitality, a life force. We begin to see that there are some that come into the pack with a different kind of energy and they use a different kind of strength, a different kind of fire, except the might. You see how martial artists, they use this very powerfully; a kind of life force, a vitality that is much more powerful. They can take huge people and floor them. You see people with a different kind of might; vitality.
  4. Then there is the emotional energy. Emotions come into a space; compassion, kindness, hate, anger, and fear. We see another kind of energy expression and we become an emotional person. We have an emotional identity, an emotional consciousness, very powerful because it is passion and the opposite of that, depression.
  5. Then there is another quality of energy in the space, that of the speaker. I can use speech, I am a speaker, I can inspire. Even those who are mighty and strong can bow to my speech. I can bring different qualities into the speech. I become the Speaker with a kind of energy that comes in speech.
  6. Then I have a mental being. I can use the power of thought, intellect, imagery, and I become the mental person, the thinker, the learned person. That is another quality of energy that I can experience.
  7. Then I can go beyond that, into a space that unites all of these, and is beyond; a unitary consciousness, a unity consciousness. That is a different kind of feeling. 
These are typical energies in the human experience and in the space.

Open up the field to see more

What is important is to observe yourself in these various experiences and try to identify energies. We are so caught up in the gross that we do not look at the fine energies in the space; fine is what we call subtle. We do not see it because we are so caught up in the gross experience. In every exchange in our world, all these exist. All these energies exist and they exist in a consciousness space. The more we embrace the consciousness space and observe, we are going to see these. But if we become locked up in a particular frame of energy, we will miss the ones outside. The tendency to become locked in a particular field, we need to avoid. We need to open up the field to see more. That is what I have done. That is what I have been blessed to experience; an open field, where I can see all the energies playing in my being, and I can use them in a masterful way. That is the play; a play of consciousness and energy in an open field. It invites us to become masters of this.

This is going to begin a series of talks but the idea is the consciousness is where everything happens. We are consciousness beings and we need to focus on that. The energy experiences are there but they are for us to engage in the play, the play of life.

I would like you today to observe, just observe energies and try to see if you can distinguish between the different qualities I have spoken about, and see how it features in your world. Just observe. That is your assignment from this talk; just observe.

Embrace your journey

This is your journey. This is not just a talk; it is your journey. It is helping you to identify your journey. It is not a talk; it is our story. Embrace it!

Have a blessed day everyone.

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