Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 31: Contemplation - Diamond

For contemplation of the message of this day the following Diamond may be helpful. For further explanation of the principle of a Diamond, please read the Contemplation Aid section from the top menu.

New today: Reflections on the Diamond

Energy sports/plays in Consciousness Space. Our goal: manage energies in ‘the Space’.

We are consciousness beings. Consciousness able to expand and contract. It contracts into limitation in body consciousness and expands when we see that energy is more than just physical energy.

If we see different (energy) qualities in our space we can manage them better particularly those lower energies (but we do not deny or despise them)

Mental energy is field we need to give most attention to as it is the most powerful (Mind over Matter!), its most powerful tool is intellect (discrimination, reason, visualisation).

What kind of energies do negative/positive thoughts bring? Powerful visualisations carry energy – they can be empowering or disempowering.

Observer is also in that field and governs other fields (thoughts, emotions, vitality, sexuality and body)

In mental field we need to focus on (i) continuous positive thoughts, (ii) a lot of possibilities and (iii) how we use our intellect. We can use intellect also to destroy and influence our world negatively and/or we can use it to build and co-create a harmonious world. How do we use it? It is the tool that can lead us to freedom or it can keep us in bondage. Among the energies the Mental Field is the most powerful.

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