Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 31: Power of the Mental Field

Welcome to Day 31 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Yesterday, I introduced the idea of energy in play in the consciousness field. Of course when I use the word “play”, I mean in the most powerful sense, this means “sporting”. It means, “Exercising with control and delight.” It means, “Joy of expression.” When I say, “Energy sports in the consciousness field,” that is what I mean. In fact, that is the goal; to manage the energies in the space in such a powerful and joyous or delightful way. That is the goal.

Did you try the assignment of yesterday, to really observe energies at work? I tried to stay away from the traditional labels so that you could begin to see from a new space. Although I used certain labels, they are known labels; they are what you are accustomed to.

Let us come back to that play of energy in the consciousness field. We are consciousness beings so we need to look at this story as being our story; not a story outside of us, our story. Our consciousness is able to expand as I have said before, and able to contract. When we contract, we become small; we are caught up in limited consciousness. For example, body consciousness is limited consciousness, if we think we are body only. When we expand our awareness or when our awareness expands to see more than just physical being, then this is the expansion of consciousness that I am speaking about. Our consciousness is able to expand to see more.

Seeing the different qualities of energy

Do you see the different qualities of energies in your space? Do you really see them? Because in seeing them, in knowing them, you will be able to manage them in a better way. Yesterday, I spoke about gross energy, when we are caught in the physical consciousness. I spoke about sexual energy which features very prominently in our lives and world. I spoke about an energy beyond that, a vital fiery energy, that allows us to manage these (for want of a better word) lower energies. When we become more aware, we do not consider them as lower energies that we want to despise or deny, but we learn to use them most powerfully. Then I spoke about emotional energy, and the energy of speech, and the energy of thought, and the space that contained all the energies, that can observe.

If you were to listen to the scientists of our world, they will say that the consciousness we are experiencing is a matter of brain chemistry; a chemical process. That is why we are conscious. They will explain all the energies as having their roots there, in the chemistry of the body. That is one point of view. When we begin to experience higher awareness, we begin to notice that these energies that we feel are not just gross energies as experienced by the senses, physical senses. These energies have another quality, a non physical quality, an energetic quality that is not physical. We need to shift our point of view to see that. We need to move away from the gross awareness to see that. We are so trapped in the gross awareness; human thinking, human body and human desires that we cannot see another point of view.

Perceiving energies that are non physical

Those who are more aware, they inspire us to look at life differently. Not only inspire us, they are able to impact us with energies, non physical energies that I spoke about before – the Shaktipat Principle, the Shaktipat Impulse – that we too can begin to experience a heightening of our awareness, an expansion, and be able to perceive energies that are non physical. Physical body leads us into that physical awareness of energy. Sexual consciousness leads us into that physical because that is involved in the mating process of the bodies. This fiery vitality that I speak about, it has another dimension to it; it brings another quality into the experience. Emotions bring another quality from another space into the experience. Speech is able to combine those qualities as well and express them. The mind also brings a non physical quality into expression. We say that these qualities come from the spiritual space, non physical, the spiritual space. The word spiritual comes in as being a non physical word that we experience when the awareness expands.

It is true what scientists say, that the experience of energy has a physical dimension. All the experiences of energy in the human body, they have a physical dimension to them and we relate to that. We can feel the experience of these energies in our bodies, but we need to be able to see more, experience more than just the experience in our bodies. Our bodies are the place where we experience these energies.

You have a locator within you

Being a seeker, what I want to say to you today, is that the most powerful energy in the space, the one that you need to give your attention to most, is the mental energy. You would hear the term, “Mind over matter.” It is possible for mind to govern matter. The most powerful energies in the space come from the mental dimension, the mental field of energy. Do you see how we associate energy with certain parts of us? For example: thinking- the brain. Mind- the brain. Speech- the voice. Emotions- the heart; heart based person, emotional person, heart person. Strength and vitality- the gut, the belly. Of course sexuality, you know where that belongs to- the genital area. And the gross- the entire physical. In a sense, we know areas that these energies come from in the physical. In the experience of energies and when you are observing energies, you know where to look for them, you have a locator within you, and you know where to find them.

Mental field

Intellect: tool of discrimination

Let us talk about the most powerful energies in the space, the mental energy, the mental quality. The most powerful tool we have been blessed with in that field to generate energy is the intellect; the intellect, the tool of discrimination. Remember I spoke about Vivek; the tool of discrimination, the intellect. It is called Buddhi, in the Indian wisdom. It is the tool we use to reason and you know how important reason is. If you lost your reason, you know what would happen. If you did not have the ability to reason, you would be like a vegetable.

Observing the experience of different thoughts

And thought, thoughts are sometimes considered to be things because they are so powerful. Of course I have said to you before, “As we think, so we become.” When you bring thoughts to your mind, they bring a certain kind of energy to you and you well know the energy of different thoughts. Negative thoughts for example, what kind of energy do you feel? Angry thoughts, hateful thoughts, spiteful thoughts, loving thoughts, compassionate thoughts, kind thoughts, charitable thoughts; have you ever tried to observe the experience of the different thoughts that play in your mind? When they come do you see what kind of reaction it has in the whole body; to choose the ones that you really want in the space and to be able to manage the thought energy.

Powerful ability to create images

What is also powerful in that mental space is the ability to visualise, not only think, but to create images, powerful images in your mind. These images also carry energy. We can have destructive images within our being, like monsters in our being; the fear, the guilt, the uncertainty, the confusion, the things we worry about. We carry these images within us that disempower us. We also carry very powerful images within us. Do you see what the mental field has? It has the Observer in that field, the one who observes the mind, and the one who observes the process.

That is the most important field, the mental field, in terms of energy. And it helps you to govern the other fields. It brings out the best in your emotional energy when you use the mental energy in the best way. It helps you to manage your vitality, the fiery power. It helps you to manage the sexuality and it helps you to manage the body. The mental field is the one that you need as a seeker to focus on well and to see the power that it has to generate energy, positive thinking, continuous positive thinking. There are a lot of possibilities in that area.

How are you using the intellect?

We need to give attention to this intellect. We can use it to destroy our bodies, to destroy things around us or we can use it to build, so strong is this mental power. We can use it to influence our world negatively or we can use it to co-create a world of peace, love and harmony. This is the most powerful tool in the human experience. How are you using that tool? How are you using the whole mental field that you have? How are you using it? You need to ask yourself this question. This is the tool to lead you to freedom and this is the tool that can hold you in bondage. How are you using that tool?

I will leave you with that question today. Amongst the energies, the mental energy is the most powerful. It carries the most powerful tool, the intellect. This is what helped me on the way to freedom, the powerful use of the intellect.

Though my message of today may be simple in that you may have heard this before, I would like you to think of how important it is to really understand what I have said today and more than that, how to put it into practice.

Let us be a light to our world; our world needs it.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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