Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 32: The Emotional Challenge

Welcome to Day 32 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Yesterday, I spoke about mental energy and the power of the mental field. And of course, this is a happening in your consciousness being. Don’t ever lose that. Thoughts arise in your being and you drive them as you wish, using the reasoning power of the intellect. Don’t forget that; it is all happening in your consciousness. Thoughts arise; thoughts subside. You engage in thinking consciously in that space.

Keenly aware of the energy field

It is always good when you could keep the observer active, and not get so caught up that you lose the awareness of what is happening in a process. For example, I am speaking with you but I am aware of everything that is happening in this space. I am aware of my eyes looking; I am aware of my hands moving; I am aware of my voice; and I am aware of the content of what I am saying to you; I am aware of my body grounding. I am aware. So even whilst I am speaking I am aware of all of these things. And I am aware that in a clear mental field I am producing thoughts based on my intentions. I can feel the energy of my positive thinking. That is the Mental Field.

Mental and emotional identities

In this Consciousness field there is also emotional energy in potential. So we have the ability to generate emotional energy. That is where we get passion from. As you can imagine, emotional energy is of different qualities. You see lower emotional energies like in anger, fear, hate, lust, envy, greed. They tend to hold us in bondage; in slavery to the senses. Of course, in the mental field there are also lower energy thoughts, and coupled with lower emotions they drive us more into the darkness.

There are also uplifting emotions in the field: kindness, compassion, love, hope, faith, trust - all positive feelings. So we have the emotional identity: “I am a passionate person.” And we have the mental identity: “I am a learned or knowledgeable person. I use my reason.” So in our consciousness being using the ego, we engage in observing, in thinking and reasoning; and we engage in emotions. We engage in all of these. We have the power to engage and we have the power to disengage. We can draw everything into a neutral space and disengage. That is the power we have in the space.

Consciousness field of duality

Just to say to you that in this space there are different qualities of energies. However, so far I have dealt only with mental and emotion energies. We have spoken about other energies: gross physical energy, sexual energy, energy of vitality, energy of speech. All these energies happen in a consciousness space. We can experience them in a consciousness space. We can experience the darkness and we can experience the light. In this consciousness field we have darkness and we have light. It is a field of duality.

Darkness holds us in evil thinking, negative thinking, thinking that is destructive to life, to peace, to harmony. And there is thinking that can take us into the light, and not the darkness: kindness, charity, compassion, love. So we have this dual field. We can call one righteous or good, and we can call the other unrighteous or negative. It is important to understand that in the consciousness field, we have darkness and we have light. And this goes across all the energies. Our energies can be caught up in a dark field or a light field. The purpose of all these meetings is to help us to stay in the light field, to come more in the field so that we can use emotions and intellect, and all the energies in a field of light.

Field of the Guru is a field of light

When I spoke of the word “Guru” and of “Guru Principle” I spoke of the “Gu” standing for darkness, and I spoke of the “Ru” standing for light. The field of the Guru is a field where light predominates over darkness; where there is mastery over the lower. That is the Field of the Guru. This is where the Guru Principle pervades. When you come into this field, it is a field of light, where light is in mastery over the darkness. That is what you feel. When you meditate in this field, you sing in this field, your conversations are in this field, there is a strong feeling of light that dominates darkness. This is the Field of the Guru Principle. In the consciousness is the field of light. It is the field of goodness. Goodness takes us more into the light. The field of the light is the field of goodness, while the field of darkness is a field of evil, as contrasted with goodness.

These are the qualities that exist in the space and you would see that even in thinking of the Gunas – the qualities of nature - we see Tamas is the dark quality, the quality that holds us in darkness. Sattva is the quality of light. You see how in nature within our own being there are the qualities of darkness and light.
As we look at energy, the journey needs to be a journey into the light. We need to come into the light, that is why we are having all these conversations so that we can begin to embrace the light. We can begin to generate in our being emotional energies of the light.

Power of emotional energy

Let us talk about the power of emotional energy. Emotional energy is incredibly powerful. It brings passion; it gives us a drive. This emotional energy can be channeled in darkness or light, because we have the power to bring the energy from the Source and channel it in dark energies like anger, hate, lust, greed. We can be passionate about it. Passion is strong emotion, or we can be passionate about the light and wonderful qualities of goodness.

When we are in darkness or ignorance we can be driven by emotions that are low, that are in the dark and we can lose control. We can lose reason; we can lose our mind being taken up in it. So we have to be very careful about how we channel our energies. Even though they are wonderful energies in the space that we can choose, we can also choose dark energies. We therefore need to be very careful in using the discriminating faculty to help us in channeling emotions. That is what we call Emotional Intelligence: the ability to be aware of the emotions in our space, to be conscious, to be the observer, and to see what it is doing to us and the environment around us.

The power of discrimination

Begin to use discrimination to choose wisely other emotions in the space, because if you get carried away by dark emotions you can create disharmony in a space. Do you see how important this discriminating faculty is? And when it is coupled with passion and emotion, the combination is extremely powerful as you can see in the human experience. Those who are passionate about goodness, about freedom, about love and compassion, they bring light into our world. And, those who are passionate about evil contribute to destroying life.

The power of discrimination is therefore extremely important. It allows us to bring the best in the emotional field; to hold the best in the emotional field. It allows direction to guide emotions into the most powerful experiences. That is what I do. I use emotion as a tool to drive light into my field, and I hold discrimination very powerful so I can protect that light that I project into my world. Therefore, when I come to any field and I feel challenged by the darkness of that field, I generate so much light into that field and I protect the light, I protect the emotion. I generate it and I protect it. And I am always aware that I am the one in whom all this is happening.

The goodness inside is what we call “Spiritual”. This comes in a different dimension; it is a non-physical dimension but it brings qualities of uplift, of goodness. It helps us to manifest Spirit. So all of this is happening in our consciousness, and it is important for us not to get carried away by the darkness but to stay in a field of light. When you embrace the company of people who live in darkness, it is going to hold you in that space. It is therefore important to choose good company. Good company is a gift from life itself that helps you to come into a greater space of awareness.

Powerful Forces of the Light

Emotional energies at there best are healing. They bring healing into our space, that is why we engage in them. They bring softness, a gentleness and they promote unity in a space, coming together. It is extremely important to be able to use the energy of emotion in a space to contribute more to healing our world, or bringing more light into our world. Love is a light when it is selfless, and not channeled in greed and lust. Love becomes a powerful light.

Then there is the light of understanding and wisdom which comes from the mental field. Understanding and wisdom are also a light. We need these two forces of the light: the powerful healing emotions that we can generate in our being, and the powerful thoughts that come through understanding and wisdom. We need those in the space; and they both belong to us. It is important that we learn how to use these in our field.

We are Consciousness Beings

Always remember that we are beyond these. We are the Consciousness that can use all of these energies. We are Consciousness Beings with the power to generate energies. We are the Consciousness Beings; we are able to observe the drama from a huge space and we can use the power of will to generate energies in the consciousness space. We are Beings of Consciousness, and Consciousness is far more than you can ever begin to realize, or describe or explain. It is beyond!

Have a blessed day everyone.

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