Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 33: Contemplation - Diamond

(For explanation of the principle of a Diamond, please read the Contemplation Aid section from the top menu).


The voice is a very important tool and very precious. Can we imagine life without the voice, without these talks. Through the voice we can express all types of energies when we are aware. Are we aware? The voice can be used to induce sadness, to share in friendship, to be loving, to bring joy, to uplift and bring light into a space. It can also be used to abuse which can lead to emotional scars that trap and lead to bondage. Voice can carry negative attention, destroy and take away light. Therefore, we need to be responsible for how we use our voice and for our speech. Do we use it for loving and healing others or do we use it to trample on others and not respect their rights. You can use it to love and to deceive.

The more aware you become the more aware you become of your voice, its tone, its power, its qualities. As you become more aware you list more to your voice (and your thoughts and emotions). We can move from being self conscious (in all meanings of the term) to being highly self conscious. When we are responsible and manage the energies of the voice we can use it powerfully to lift people and the world. Every voice is a Divine voice. It is the Universe speaking and that includes when an ‘ignorant’ person speaks – it may be the very thing we need to hear. So, even when people complain we can accept and surrender and after awhile we will see the play of dualities when someone comes and is positive towards us. Be responsible and manage the voice. Be self aware today!

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