Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 33: The Power of the Voice

Welcome to Day 33 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Today the subject is "The Power of Speech”. I have been on the subject of energy in the consciousness: observing energy; managing energy; and, seeing the meaning and purpose of this journey of expanding the consciousness through energy relationships in our world, using the mind, using the emotional field. Today, we speak about the voice. It is a very powerful communication tool that we possess. I see it as a gift, a precious gift. Just imagine if we did not have the voice what life would be like. I would not be able to do this with you. See how important the voice is? Through this voice, we can express all kinds of energies when we are aware of it. This voice can make people sad. This voice can be abusive. This voice can share friendship. It can be loving. It can bring joy. It can bring sharing. This voice can uplift, it can enlighten, it can bring light into the space.

Be aware of how we use the voice in expression

We are able to express different energies even without knowing what we are doing. When we try to get someone’s attention, when we try to be favourable with them, are you aware of how loving your voice becomes? When you want to push someone away, are you aware of what kind of energies you are projecting in doing that? When you want to show someone your authority, are you aware of how you use the voice very subtly to do that? When you want to bring healing to someone, are you aware of how you use the voice? When you want to enlighten others, are you aware of how you use the voice? The voice can do so many things. Also, it can contribute to leaving very powerful emotional scars in people when we become abusive. They remember that voice and its abuse and it stays within them as an emotional trap, as bondage, as suffering, as pain. Are you aware when we subtly do this to others?

If you are aware of the power of the voice, what do you think will happen? You will become more responsible for the influence, knowing that a powerful voice, a voice of light, can lift our world, and a voice of darkness, a voice of negative energy, a voice with hidden agendas or negative intentions can destroy, can take away light. It is extremely important to understand the power of the voice and to be aware of how we use the voice in expression, being so powerful.

Begin to listen to your voice

It comes back to the tool of self awareness. When you become completely identified with achieving your ends using the voice, you are not aware of how it is being used. You are not aware of how subtly you are bringing energies into it, seeking your own end, your own desire, your own gratification and sometimes trampling on others or not respecting the right of others. Sometimes we do it so subtly. With the voice you can also deceive. You can show the symptoms of love without really meaning it deep inside and that is when the voice becomes a very dangerous tool, a tool of deception.

Unless you are aware of your voice and what it is carrying, you might be doing a lot of these things, that if you really reflect upon, you may not like, even to be done to you by another. What is the saying? “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.” Do you remember that golden saying? Look at what the word of others does to you; look. When people are abusive towards you, when people are loving towards you, people are enlightening towards you, bringing more understanding, people are compassionate towards you in their words, look at what the speech of others, the voice of others does to you; look. I am sure you can still remember abusive experiences of childhood, or even in the workplace, or people taking advantage of you, of manipulating you, or going after their own ends. It is extremely important to be aware.

As you develop qualities of the light, as you touch more of your Higher Self, you begin to see how powerful the voice is. When you are so caught up in lower self, you are not aware, you do not see it, you are full of ignorance, you are caught up in what you are doing. You are going after your own ends and you can justify it very nicely; “This is what I want, this is what I need to get.” As you become more aware, self aware, you begin to listen to your voice, something that you did not hear before.

Self consciousness can be a good thing

One of the things as a young man that was very strong within me was self awareness. I would see my thoughts inside of me; I would hear my voice and this sounded strange. People would say, “Do not be so self conscious.” I saw it as a bad thing to be able to see my thoughts and see my voice or hear my voice. I needed to be extrovert, not self conscious; self consciousness was a bad thing. But I could not give it up, it just was there; very conscious of my thoughts, feelings and voice and what I am saying.

When spiritual awakening came, I began to see it even more so, but not as a negative thing, not as a thing that I had to rise above, but something that I needed to grow, because in becoming more spiritually aware, I became more conscious of my thoughts and my voice and my emotions. Now I learned how to move them, how to shift them, how to put energy in them and that was exciting. Spiritual consciousness opened me up to be highly self conscious, joyfully, powerfully. That is how I am. I am aware of all my thoughts, my emotions, my actions, my voice, the qualities of my voice. I have the responsibility, the wonderful responsibility, to use my voice powerfully in every situation, like I am doing now; and to be very responsible for all the qualities that I am bringing to my voice, so that I can lift people and lift my world.

I found as well that my speaking and my singing changed as I grew more aware and more light came within me. I could feel more power in my voice, like I do now. I can intensify that power, I can tone down that power, I can bring all kinds of exciting energies into the voice, for healing in my world, for enlightening others in the world, bringing more understanding. I could do so many things with my voice. It has become a wonderful tool. I saw the gradual changes in my voice; how I speak now, what I perceive now, is not the same as how I felt so many years ago on the journey. Now there is so much more, there is a fullness and there is a management of it.

Every voice is a voice of the Universe

What is beautiful is that in this awareness, that is possible for all of us, is to be able to recognise that every voice is a divine voice. Every voice from every human being is the Universe speaking. That is my awareness. Sometimes when I need to hear a voice, it might be the simplest person in the space who might even be ignorant to everybody’s thinking. But that person might come up with something that is so beautiful; that is the voice that I needed to hear in that moment. I see how everybody’s voice is a voice of the Universe. Of course when you listen to the voice of the more conscious people, the more evolved, it draws you, it lifts you and it brings healing, it brings light; when you listen to the voice of the more conscious.

Sometimes I may get a lot of complaining voices. My whole day might be filled with complaining voices like when it rains, it pours, that kind of feeling. I am watching my day; a complaint here, a complaint there, another complaint there, almost like an abusive voice: “Did you not hear this one; did you not see this; are you not aware of this; look at what is happening in the space; this one is doing this this way and that one is doing it this way and that there and this there.” I say, “Oh my God!” Then I say, “Ah, this is my Universe; I have to bear all of this, so okay.” So I surrender, I listen to everybody: “Yes, okay; I will do this; I will do that.” Inside of there, I am thinking, “Is this what my day is going to be like?” Then out of the blue, someone comes with a healing voice to tell me a lot of wonderful things, and I say, “Thank you, somebody has lifted me,” by saying “Do you know what you mean to me? Do you know how you have been lifting me?” They begin to tell me such nice things about gratitude and about wishing me well and it is like a balm; it heals.

I see how on one hand, my world can give me all kinds of energies and on another hand, it will hold me. It is my world. It is my world; it is a world that I believe in; it is a world that I trust. No matter what comes before me, I accept. It is my world. Every voice is a voice of my world. Sometimes I need to hear all those complaints because if I do not hear them, who will hear them? When they go to another, they may be abused. I willingly listen because then they have a chance to vent and if I am quiet, they may have a chance to self reflect. So I listen; I listen to my world. I have learnt the power of the voice.

Some say that for spirituality we need to be more quiet, to manage the voice. Some people take the vow of silence so they would not use the voice in a negative way. I say, it is not about being silent; it is about powerful use of the voice, it is managing the voice, not to stop the voice but to manage the voice. That is what true spirituality is. It is being responsible and managing the power of the voice. Of course, there can be much said about this, much more. But this is just to lift your awareness of the power of the voice. It is a very powerful energy in our space.

Be self aware today, give attention to your voice and be responsible.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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