Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 34: Contemplation - Diamond

(For explanation of the principle of a Diamond, please read the Contemplation Aid section from the top menu).


In belly there is a storage area of vital energy (Prana, Chi, Ki). We can tap into this with the breath (abdominal breathing) and through being conscious of it. This is very good for lifting the body’s vitality. The dantien/manipura is a place for transforming our spiritual energy into vital energy. Paying attention to this place and breathing brings a balance to spiritual life and boosts our immune systems and self confidence. This allows you to offer so much more to the world and to emotional and mental stability.

The body is something we carry around in our Spiritual Being. As we grow in self awareness of our Spiritual Being, we view the physical body differently – we begin to see it as a a gross suit that we wear in our spiritual being. Before this awareness we think we are having a spiritual experience in a physical body. We need to be consciously aware all the time of our vitality, our cells, our organs, our bones, our muscles and see that we are worthy of them and that they are gifts of life and nature. We need to honour them. The body depends on us to keep it healthy, fit and vital.

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