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Day 34: Vital Power in the Human Experience

Welcome to Day 34 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. The subject of today is on vitality, Vital Power in the Human Experience.

Viewing the body from a different perspective

As we grow in spiritual consciousness, as we grow in spiritual awareness, as we grow in awareness in our spiritual being, we view the physical body differently. It is very different from being held in the bondage of body consciousness. In spiritual awareness - in awareness that we are Spiritual Being or Light Being, or Being of subtle energy, we identify with our body differently. It becomes our body. It becomes a gross suit that we wear in our spiritual body. I am taking time to emphasize this, because on the spiritual path when we are held in gross consciousness, we begin to think of ourselves as a physical body. And the tendency is to think that we are having a spiritual experience in the physical body.

It is very difficult in the human experience to make the shift into spiritual consciousness, to the extent that you begin to feel that your body is something that you carry in your being. If you do not give attention to this, (that is why I say it to you so often), then you keep in the box of body consciousness. If you do not think of another possibility of viewing your body, you are going to be held in the body consciousness. I am therefore inviting you to look at your body differently. Observe your body objectively in the human experience.

Keenly aware of the gross body

As my spiritual consciousness opened up, I experienced my body differently. I was beginning to experience a gross part of me. In washing the body, in using the body, I began to feel that this is my gross body, and I continued to feel that. I do not define myself as a physical body; I carry a physical body. I live in a physical body. And what is the value of that awareness? That I am very consciousness of my physical well-being. The heart, to me, is not a forgotten organ, nor is the liver or the brain. They are not forgotten organs in my experience. They are very precious organs in the human body that I carry, and I am aware of them. I am aware of their condition of health, and I stimulate them as I need to in my human experience.

I am aware of my body cells; I am aware of the warmth they generate. I am aware of my body system and how it fights to keep me healthy. I am aware of that. And I am aware of it not only when I give attention to it; I am aware of it in every conscious moment! I am aware of my body; I carry my body. It is as if you are driving a car and you know that you are in a car; you don’t forget that you are in a car. You are aware that you are using a vehicle and you are aware that you need to look at the gasoline meter, or the water temperature or the engine RPM. You are aware of how the tyres are, and the alignment of the vehicle. You are aware.

Are you aware of the strength of your bones? The strength of your muscles? Are you aware of the health of your heart? When people walk up the steps here (at the Centre), immediately they are out of breath. Are they ever conscious that their heart is unhealthy in this condition? They think they are just out of breath but their heart is giving a message.

Expressions of the body’s vitality

Are we conscious of the level of our vitality in the body? What is vitality? It is that which gives us the extra boost of energy: a spring in the step, strength in the voice, radiance in the body, passion to use the body in the human experience, and feeling a burst of energy in anything you do. Are you aware of your body’s vitality? And I am saying “body’s vitality” because it is the vitality of the body. It is what gives the body the zest to live and act in the world. Are you aware of your body’s vitality? It is a vehicle that you use. Are you aware of its vitality? Are you aware of your radiance, of the health of your body, of your strength? Are you aware of it?

Our health is our responsibility

I see so many people in spiritual consciousness and they are as though they are floating in the clouds. They are not grounded at all. And when they do not take care of their bodies: putting the right fluids, the right food, giving it the right exercise, rest and correct breathing, their bodies wither away. Their bodies lose vitality and they are not aware of it. They are sleeping on themselves everywhere. They cannot finish their task properly. They are not aware of the body’s condition. The body depends on us, as spiritual beings, to keep it healthy, fit and radiant; to keep it bright and vital. Where are you in this?

How do you consider yourself? Worthy of having a human body or dishonouring your body by not taking care of it? If someone gives you a gift, what will you do with it? Will you put it aside and not use it? Or would you use it well so that the person would be pleased that they have given you this wonderful gift. Nature has given us this gift, how are you honouring it? How do you use it? It is because of my body’s vitality that I can speak to you this way, that I can carry a radiance. I am on the 34th Day of this retreat and look at my vitality. Look at it! What is the secret to that? It is being able to tap into the vital energy of our spiritual Being and feed it to the body. Feed it to the body!

Secret to body’s vitality

We do not see this knowledge in the Western world, in terms of tapping into our spiritual power to feed our bodies vitality. However, we see it in Eastern thinking, that in the abdominal area we carry a storage area of vital energy. Hindus call it Prana, Chinese call it Chi, Japanese call it Qi. There is a secret there in the gut area – the navel area. There is a secret there and we can tap into this by use of the breath, and by being conscious of this area.

Have you learned how to breathe properly? Do you use your lungs effectively? Lower abdominal breathing is extremely good for lifting the body’s vitality. Learning how to breathe out properly and learning how to breathe in properly (demonstrated), learning how to store the energy and how to tap into the energy, all help to lift vitality. Here it is available from our spiritual being, from the Source of Infinite Power. Here is available a place for transforming that fine energy of spirit into a vital energy that makes the body strong, radiant, expressive, giving it a zest to live.

When you do not pay attention to this, and when you do not feed the body in the proper way, then you do not get that extra boost to your self-confidence that comes from the body’s vitality. When you feed the body in the proper way: with the consciousness of this abdominal area, with the use of the breath, and with the power of spiritual awakening, you will be amazed at the power you can carry. Even your voice becomes different when it is supported by the energy of this place.

Tap into your energy storage; balance your life

As you become more spiritually aware, this is a power you can tap into, you can explore by giving consciousness to this area. I do that in every conscious moment. I am aware of the storage of the energy in this area. This is like an area of energy storage. The Chinese call it the Dantien area – the area of storage. The yogis call it the Manipura area - the area of brightness.

We need to tap into this. It brings a balance to our spirituality. It opens up new dimensions of well-being. It boosts the immune system as we tap into this area. It boosts self-confidence when we have the body so full of vitality. What are you doing about it? Are you aware of your body’s vitality? Do you take care of it? Are you conscious of that pulse of energy? Are you conscious of the extra boost you can give yourself? This requires a discipline, not to do breathing exercise one day and then you do not do it for a month.

It is a consciousness that you need to carry in your every moment, of your storage of energy that relates to vitality. I am conscious of it in every moment. It is like a meter that you have that tells your vital power. You need to be conscious of this area and how it brings balance in the human experience, and radiance. It is the power we carry; it is a gift that we have.

Points to remember and practice

The experience of the human body is different in Higher Spiritual Awareness. When I meet people I see it immediately – the consciousness of their body and their vitality. Would you give attention to it? Would you give attention to that power that you carry in the belly area? Would you keep a consciousness of that today? Would you use the breath effectively? Would you explore it? It allows you to offer so much more to your world. It helps the mind to be more stable in the human experience, and also emotionally stable. Keeping the body vital is important.

Excerpt from Meditation

Today, I begin my day in this vital consciousness of my body. I love my body. I seek to be aware of its vitality in every conscious moment and to feed my body from the Infinite Spirit, using the breath, using intention and attention, caring and loving my body. My body is my vehicle in my world. It carries the Light of my Being. In and through it I can serve my world. Today I resolve to keep my body vital that I may be a good servant to my world. May I continue to be worthy of the grace of my Infinite Spirit.

Have a powerful day everyone. The Body is a gift; life is a gift. Be as radiant today as you can. Be conscious of your body. Be conscious of its energy and your responsibility to keep the body vital and healthy.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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