Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 36: Seek the Light

Welcome to Day 36 of our 40 Days Retreat 2010. Today the topic is Light. Seek the Light; Be a Light. Light is a quality of the Spirit. It is the highest quality. Life is a journey from darkness to light. In all our conversations, that has been an essential topic: To live in the Light; to understand the Light, to be drawn to the Light; to stay in the Light; to seek the Light. This has been the essence of all our conversations. Enlightenment is about light.

From darkness to light; Where are you?

I have spoken about being trapped in a human body, with the light becoming hidden as a result. Absence of light is darkness. How do you feel in darkness? It is not a desirable place to be. We are all held there in the unenlightened state. When I say “unenlightened” I mean lack of spiritual awareness, lack of knowledge, and lack of experience of your essential Light.

Where are you in this process, in darkness or in light? Where are you? And are you promoting the darkness or are you promoting light? Take a sober view of you. Are you promoting the forces of darkness or are you promoting the forces of light? Take a sober view. I know you celebrate speaking about light; I know you love to have discussions about light, but how effective are those conversations? Are they holding you in the Light? Are they inspiring you to manifest the Light? Or unconsciously, are you holding on to darkness? You have become accustomed to darkness. Have you seen darkness as being undesirable? It is important to analyze this, to understand this.

Seek the real Light

Self-reflection is extremely important on the journey. And the power of discrimination allows us to have this. I can reflect on what I am saying to you. That allows me to say to you what I think is necessary in this moment. Physical or mortal life in the body traps us in the dungeons of darkness of human existence. Captured by Nature and its instincts and drives, you think that you are happy as you go after pleasures and power. You think you are happy but you are captured by Nature. You think that the little experiences you have are the experiences of Light, but that is a kind of artificial light that is around you, stimulated by nerves and your brain and the experiences of the senses. It is a sort of artificial light that makes you seem happy for some time, but after a while you realize it is an artificial light.

We need to seek the real Light. There is a fire in your Soul; there is infinite Light within your Soul. And in this infinite Light you live in darkness stimulated by some artificial lighting that comes and goes.

This is not a talk about something out there. This is not a talk about people around you. This is a talk about you, about me, about us. This is a talk about us; a talk for self-reflection. There is a fire in our Soul that can bring the Light we need to liberate ourselves and to light up our world. There is a Light in your Soul. It is important to seek out that Light if you really want to move out of the darkness.

Test: Answer the following Questions

How happy are you? How contented are you? How wise are you? Are you so wise that you can deal with any of life’s situations? Are you so wise? Or do you feel confused sometimes, in darkness sometimes? Are you so happy that you are never lonely and sad? That you have no fear? And can you do justice to this creation that you have by lighting it up with the fire of your Inner Being? Or do you live in the darkness of low vitality, in the darkness of loneliness and fear? Do you live in the darkness of ignorance? Are you happy with that? Are you so happy with that, that you go about contentedly? You take a little teaching and you are happy with that, and think that you have all of the Light?

Different Qualities of Light

The Light of Wisdom

This is a wake-up call. This journey only ends when you become the Light. And there are different qualities of Light in your Soul that you can tap into - the Light that is necessary for us and for our world. The most powerful Light within you is the Light of wisdom, the Light of discrimination, the Light of understanding. That is the most powerful Light in the world. If you do not have that, you are confused, you have no compass, you have no direction. You do not know where you are going. You cannot understand what is happening around you. You cannot make decisions.

The most important light is the Light of wisdom. It lights up your mental field; you understand life. Ignorance is the root cause of all stress, all fear, all conflict, and only the Light of wisdom can remove that. Your strongest prayer should be: “Light up my mind; light up my intellect.” Is this your prayer? Do you seek every day to understand more of yourself and your world? Do you seek the Light of wisdom? Do you? Answer that question.

That is the way you can become a light to your world. If you do not have the Light of understanding within you, if you do not have the Light of wisdom, what are you offering to your world? Are you being a blessing to your world or a burden? Are you stressing your world out or are you bringing healing to your world? So the Light of wisdom is the most important. That is what we try to inspire in this space: the Light of wisdom, seeing in a different way, understanding yourself differently.

The Light of Love

Then there is the powerful Light that brings comfort and healing in any space, soothing Light. It is the Light of love, the Light of compassion. Do you have that Light? Do you feel that Light? It is available to you in fullness. Do you seek it? It is in your Soul. It is in your emotional field. It is available 24/7. Do you seek it? Do you want it? It is the healing Light of our world; it is the healing balm. It removes fear, it promotes peace and harmony. It brings people together. That is what love does.

The Light of Vitality

The other powerful quality of Light is the one that fires up the body, restores its vitality, gives us a zest to live, renews your strength. Are you interested in being vital? Are you interested in having all your actions being vital, or in burn-out? Your vitality is available from your Soul, from your Infinite Being 24/7. Are you satisfied with where you are? Are you being a blessing to the world? Or are you a burden to the world in all your actions, in your thoughts? Are you stressing out your world and yourself as a result?

Seek the Light; Spread the Light

This Light is necessary. When do you want this Light? Next week? Next year? When do you want to live in this Light? I could not live without it. I could not live another day in my world without it. I could not. More than anything, I wanted the Light. Grace came; tremendous Grace came; the Grace of Shaktipat; the Grace of that impulse of energy that ignited my flame. The moment I saw the Light I wanted more and more. And I not only sought the Light but I wanted to share it. I could not contain it; I had to give. In everything that I did, I poured Light.

What is your story? The world needs Light today. It does not need us to stay in darkness. The world needs no more burden. The burdens of the world need to be lifted, where are you? Where are you? Are you bringing Light into your home? Are you bringing Light into your workplace? Are you bringing Light into your community? Are you bringing Light into your world? Are you bringing Light? Wake up! Wake up! The fire is inside of you. Give it attention.

Closing Remarks

When I thought of speaking about the glories of the Light to you, I was not inspired. But when I speak to tell you about the darkness and how it enslaves us, and how to wake up, I am more inspired. I am more inspired to tell you about the power of darkness and the need to seek the Light, uncompromisingly. That is what inspired this talk today.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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Anonymous said...

In the last paragraph you talk about the power of darkness and the need to seek the light uncompromisingly. I sincerely think I am doing all I can, I sincerely think I am uncompromisingly seeking. Then I fall into the darkness and I see that yes, I can do more, I must do more, I work harder because I can no longer tolerate darkness and I am more inspired and I see how suddenly I am pushed to demand more light, more love, more consciousness. The darkness is my friend, the darkness is love.

I love what you are saying in these talks I love the drive.