Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 7: Questions and Comments

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Henk said...

I love this message. It says that I have direct power to manifest my highest Self with EVERY opportunity of meeting someone. The chances to practice are numerous. It makes it very practical. It makes it more tangible what my connection with the Cosmic Being is. The last days I focused on feeling this connection on the inside and today (and coming days) I will use this feeling in the interaction with other people. Even if I know a certain person for years, they still can yield a different meaning or message every day.

I have a drive now to practice every moment to show light, to show compassion and to stay peaceful, conflict or no conflict. I have and I feel the power to stay focused.

Thank you for the inspiration. I feel inspired. I also understand the joy you feel in uplifting others and the world around you, the fascination of the play. I’m enjoying the play more and more. Thank you.