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Day 7: Cosmic Consciousness

Welcome to Day 6 of our 40 Day Retreat 2010. Yesterday I spoke about the relationship that we have with the Inner Being, the Cosmic Being and the Transcendental Being and I spoke about being a doorway to the Infinite, that we are a doorway to the Infinite.

Today I want to continue with that relationship, but I want to look at it from an external point of view and also multi-dimensional point of view. What it means to have a relationship with our Cosmic Being from a multi-dimensional point of view. This brings about a lot of excitement for me.

I spoke yesterday about going deep inside in an individual sense and going so deep within that we can get into a state of ultimate freedom, beyond what is collectively happening. So we can have an individual evolution and we have a collective evolution. Let us go a little deeper into that. As we go deeper inside our own being, as we touch deeper levels of our being, we begin to experience a cosmic relationship with our Inner Self, our Higher Self inside. We begin to feel more energies, more awareness than just individual. Take a moment to reflect upon this.

Beyond The Individual

As you go deeper inside, your awareness begins to change and I am speaking about when we are able to touch the inner space. Sometimes I refer to that as Grace; when the inner space opens up to our intention of going within. As the inner space opens up, we begin to go beyond the individuality, beyond the separateness of a body consciousness. We begin to touch deeper levels of being. We begin to touch deeper levels of love, of compassion. Our thoughts begin to become different. We begin to think more positively and we begin to think more inclusively. We begin to think more expansively.

As we go deeper inside, we begin to experience going beyond the individual and that is when we begin to come into the cosmic experience. When you go deeper inside, you cannot but experience this expansion in awareness of energy. So at an individual level, in going inside, we begin to expand our being, so much so that we can come into that cosmic conscious state. We feel so expansive in our being that we find no end in that inner space. But what I want to speak about is what happens in our outer awareness, how do we view the world? We begin to view the world differently.

Why Change Your View

When the inner awareness expands, when it grows, when the consciousness within evolves, our awareness in the outer world changes and our behaviour in the outer world also changes. So in a way, if you look along these lines, you will be able to observe the changes in yourself, not only by how you feel inside but how you behave in the outer world, how you connect in the outer world. That is an important thing because sometimes we look within but we do not look at the effect we have in the outer world. So reflect upon this.

When you begin to look in the outer world from a more evolved state of consciousness, you begin to see a Cosmic Being manifesting in and through all forms of life. You begin to see those whom you had thought were strangers no longer as strangers and you begin to treat with life differently. You begin to understand your world differently and you begin to understand why things happen as they happen. Then you begin to see how responsible we all are for where we are. Suddenly you begin to cast no blame on some Greater Power and you begin to cast no blame on those around you because you begin to understand how we co-create together conflict and how we co-create harmony. That greater awareness is so important. That is the idea of cosmic consciousness, coming into a greater state of awareness.

Where does this awareness take you? Right into your personal relationships. What do you see? My Cosmic Ego, my Higher Self, looking at me and relating to me through my universe, through every individual that I relate to and with. Amazing, is it not? Your vision changes. Suddenly God is not some mysterious being out in the Universe, but God becomes immediate and present, in and through every person that you see.

I Want to Serve My Cosmic Ego

When there is inner transformation, when there is inner evolution, it manifests how we treat our world, in our consciousness of the world. That is why it is so important to go deeper inside and experience a higher level of consciousness, because then we impact our world differently. And if the Cosmic or the Cosmos did not have an ego, then how would we have an individual relationship with it? How would we have an individual relationship with the Higher Self that brings Grace into our space? How would we have a relationship, an individual relationship with everyone, seeing each one as an instrument of the Cosmic Ego?

When I relate to my world, I relate to my world in that awareness, that each person is my Cosmic Ego reaching out to me, though it is a small vessel or a small instrument, it is my Cosmic Ego through this person. Then each person becomes important. Then every individual’s story becomes important and how I treat with that becomes important, because I want to serve my Cosmic Ego. I love my Cosmic Ego. Of course it gives me all kinds of experiences, because sometimes it manifests through very limited consciousness. But I accept it as my Cosmic Ego manifesting through a very limited consciousness. I accept that my Cosmic Ego is giving me the opportunity to demonstrate what a higher consciousness is. I do not fight with the limited consciousness, I demonstrate what higher consciousness is. I demonstrate compassion, charity, kindness, thoughtfulness, tolerance, understanding. That is what I demonstrate. I manifest my Higher Self, not my lower self, because I have a choice. I manifest my Higher Self to those of lower consciousness so that I can lift them by my presence.

Essence of Harmonious Co-existence

That is the joy of a Cosmic Being. In our personal relationship with it, it allows us to express infinite qualities through a limited form. It allows me to experience a relationship where I can see how limited it can express itself in a form and how I can demonstrate its highest power through my being and presence. That is the joy of the Cosmic Ego, manifesting within me and my universe. Those are the possibilities of relationships in the cosmic awareness. Now do you see why it is so important to understand our Cosmic Ego, to manifest it and to be in an external relationship with it in the outer world? This is the essence of harmonious co-existence, this awareness.

Now our Universe is so gracious, it gives ultimate freedom to us. Even if I begin to experience this expansiveness in my Inner Being, it also gives me the choice not to show it to the world but to keep it within my own self. And it gives me the opportunity to break the cycle of existence by going into the Transcendental, the Undifferentiated Consciousness. It allows any individual who has evolved to a very high state of consciousness to not get involved in the cosmic play but to exit. That is the greatness of the inner being that we have, it affords all possibilities and it honours every choice. Amazing is it not? Amazing.

The joy is not in just thinking about this, but the joy is in experiencing this and in manifesting it. I am so pleased that I have made a choice not to exit the cycle but to be in the cycle, to be in the play, to meet the challenges of the play, joyfully, connected to that inner space. No matter how painful the play becomes, I get a great joy in manifesting the highest within me, to bring the balance, to bring the light and to contribute to harmonious co-existence.

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Day 7: Cosmic Consciousness

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