Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 8: Personal Freedom is Primary

Welcome to Day 8 of our 40 Day Meditation Retreat 2010. Yesterday, we spoke about the Joy of Cosmic Consciousness. We said that it is possible in this human experience to lift our consciousness to experience a Cosmic Consciousness, a unity consciousness with the essence of life. And having that consciousness and being able to recognize that the entire world or Universe is a manifestation of that same power inside of us. We all exist in that same essence, in that same Cosmic Being.

Do Not Lose Your Focus

Today, I want to focus on what I believe is extremely important to consider, and that is we are here for our purpose. We are in this earthly experience for us. Our primary aim should be our development and our growth. Sometimes we get so distracted by the many stories around us. We become so interested in what is happening on the external that we lose the awareness of what is going on within us. How we even interpret or relate to the outside is telling us a lot about ourselves, but we do not see that. We become blind to ourselves because we are so caught up in the stories of the world.

I know, as human beings, we love a story. We love becoming caught up in stories, that is why there are so many story books that are best sellers. Writers make a lot of money in creating all kinds of stories. Now with the development of technology we have the videos and many other things. We therefore become so distracted from our own journey, so much so, we get caught up in what is happening outside and we become very judgmental about things outside of us. And we lose focus of our purpose.

The Question: Why am I here?

Why are we here on this earth plane? I believe that we spend many lifetimes on this earth plane as a soul, not just this one. Why are we here? Why are you here? Why am I here? I know why I am here. I made that journey of Self-discovery and now I am centered in the awareness of my purpose. What is your purpose in the world? Is it to help people? Is it to become caught up in their stories? Or is it first to help you? Many times if you ask a person, “How are you?” They tell you a lot about what other people are doing to them; that are unsettling them: “Oh, I am not happy because this one is here today; that one is doing this, and I do not have this.” We speak a lot about lack - what we do not have. We blame everyone around us for what our condition of life is: “It is this one who got me here.” Do you recognize that? The tendency to lay blame on others is so natural in the human experience.

Begin to Self-Reflect

The truth, however, is that every experience on this earthly plane is really meant for us to learn and to grow. Every experience! And we are responsible for every relationship that we entered into, whether we are aware of it or not. It is more important to self-reflect and to see what is happening with me in every experience? What is every experience in my world exposing of my inner being? What is it saying to me because my purpose on this earth plane is to learn and to grow?

We need to be brutally honest with ourselves. We need to take responsibility for what we are creating. What is my impact in the world? What is my responsibility for my presence? How is it impacting the world? What are my thoughts doing to the world? What are my actions and energies doing to the world? What is it saying about me? And where am I in terms of my own progress to freedom, if I am a seeker of freedom, if I am a seeker of truth or if I am a seeker of liberation? Where am I? Where am I on this journey to freedom? What is holding me back? That is where we need to be brutally honest.

World as a Mirror

In every experience with our world we will begin to see what is holding us back. Thank God we have this world because it is like a mirror; it tells us about ourselves. If we did not have this, then we would not be able to see parts of ourselves that exist. Would you not agree that relationships with our outer world bring out the best within us and the worst within us? Which is more important to be concerned with, the best that it is bringing out of us or the worst? Reflect upon this and tell me. What is the more important one? The good it is bringing out of us is what we already have. The negative it is bringing out of us is what we must not have. It is more important to look at that and to be thankful and grateful for every experience that makes you know more about yourself. Otherwise, how are you going to fulfill your life’s purpose?

Some of us blame the Creator, the Cosmic Power, that It has given us so much responsibility. It has given us so much power; the power of choice, the power of thought, the power of emotion, the power projection and intention, the power to act, and the power of knowledge. It has given us so much power and then we blame It. We blame that Power. Look at what you have brought around me! When am I going to say, “What have I brought around me?” Until and unless we make some degree of self-introspection, we are not going to progress. Therefore, if we want any kind of growth in our lives and development of consciousness, we need to self-reflect to the extent that we must see what is within me. “What is within me that is holding me back? What do I need to do to grow?”

World as a Testing Ground

We need to be thankful to the world because when we begin to see our weaknesses from its mirror, it also gives us the opportunity to change those. We have a testing ground; we have a field that we can begin to practice the things that we learn. If we did not have this field, how will we put these things into practice? How will we train ourselves? How will we learn and grow? We need to be thankful for this field.

Every time someone makes a critical comment to me I look for its value. I move away the personality and look for the value. I see it as my Universe telling me something. Every time I meet with a challenge, I want to know, what is it teaching me to help me to grow stronger? That is how I deal with my world. What does it have for me? And I focus on my life purpose - what am I here for? I am here for my freedom.

Seek Personal Freedom First - God Takes Care of the Rest

The Universe is taking care of everything, so I do not have to be so concerned about taking care of everything around me. Of course, I have responsibilities and I honour those. But I do not go beyond, getting so distracted with what is happening around me. Some people become so caught up with how much suffering there is in the world that they begin to lose their peace of mind. Then they become helpless, they cannot even do anything about it. But when you see this, you should begin to think about your own state and how to avoid getting into that state. And think how you can help after you have lifted yourself. These are the things you should be concerned with.

We came here for our purpose. When we begin to honour our purpose we will really be serving the world in the best possible way. When we begin to follow our own purpose – what we came here for - then everything else falls into place in a nice way. That is why we are told to seek God first; seek the truth first or seek that freedom first and everything will come. It is telling us to honour our personal freedom first and everything will fall into place. You need not worry about the Universe. It is full of abundance, full of intelligence and support. You are not here to save this Universe; you are here to save yourself. And when you begin to save yourself, you will be helping the Universe in the best possible way. When you have saved yourself, you become the greatest help to the Universe by doing this.

Use Every Opportunity

Think about the opportunity you have in being in this Universe. Think about the opportunity you have to learn more about you, to see what is holding you back, to learn more about the tools that you have. And take responsibility for using those tools to forge the path to personal freedom. Do not let anything distract you because personal freedom is more important. Hindus call it Moksha, and of all the goals of life, it says this is the primary goal.

The Hindus Speak of Four Goals in Life

Dharma - Righteousness

Artha - Wealth

Kama - Pleasure

Moksha - Liberation, the most important

By seeking the highest goal and doing so righteously, giving place for pleasure and wealth, we will serve our true purpose for being here.

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Day 8: Personal Freedom Is Primary

6 Comments/Questions:

Uma said...

This is a very powerful message for me, especially on this day, Good Friday, when devout Christians are focused on the great self-sacrifice Jesus made of his own body. In seeking to role model ourselves after Him and beings like Him, many of us practice selfless service but sometimes to the degree of some kind of martyrdom in our lives, forgetting our true purpose.

Your talk today is a powerful reminder to keep things in balance, and I also connect it to the powerful words of Sri Aurobindo who said that it isn't about becoming more virtuous, it's about becoming more conscious! From the point of view of your teachings, I take that to mean - acting more in alignment with my Cosmic Ego.

After all if the Universe can allow many people to suffer in this world (911, Tsunamis, AIDs...), who am I to judge what needs to be fixed when everything is working as it should be. The suffering of others allows me to practice compassion but if, as you say, get caught up in it, then it is I who need the compassion of others!

Anonymous said...

Today's message brings many answers and reminders for me. I particularly like the part where Guruji talks about relationships and how they bring out the best and worst in us. I find this is the gateway to learning about myself. It teaches me to use all the tools I've been given and when I say all....I mean all..otherwise I get the same lesson over and over again. I feel trapped sometimes because I can't seem to understand a particular lesson and it goes on for sometime but I always meditate and pray to find the understanding. Loosing focus is so easy when we are in a collective consciousness with a blessed family of our own. The reason being, that we are often pulled by our heart attachment and compassion for others. This I believe to be by biggest struggle. I'm waiting patiently for the understanding of being pulled into so many situations each day due to being a part of a family I love darly. If there is an answer to this..then please enlighten me..
With gratitude

Anonymous said...

Thank you Guruji for making your talks and your wisdom so accessible and in so many ways. I find that your messages are so profound and resonnet with me. I am not enlightened as yet, so I should have questions to ask you, but what can I ask? Your words are like meditation.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

This day, from the moment i woke up till i got home from work, i was thinking about the same subject as you Guruji talked about. And then i got home and listen to the talk, amazing!
I do get lost in the life story's of others and forget a lot of times to work on and live my own story. I am a health counselor and this makes it also easy for me to lose my own goal. On the other hand, every one i see mirrors me in some way.
And sometimes I really am surprises about things i say because it is coming from the intuition i think. often think i should listen to myself more.

I feel more connected and trustful to the world as being my mirror.
I can feel so much love for others, why is it more difficult to love myself? I hope some answer will come in the talks.
Thank you Guruji for your inspiration.

Flora Eriksen said...

Today I had the most amazing experience in meditation. Before when I have meditated I tried to get the feeling of a universe outside of me. Just like the enlightened feeling was outside in another world or up in heaven. But to day I felt that the universe is just a 4 dimension that I am already in, that it is just around me. Like a new dimension in my life that is already there, but that I have not felt before. Hope you understand what I mean, it gives me a hole different perspective of my world and of the universal power that surrounds me and fill my space in daily life at al time. My awareness is completely different after to day -wow
Thanks Guru.

Yvonne (Uma) said...
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