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Day 9: Honour Your Power

Welcome to Day 10 of our 40 Day Meditation Retreat 2010. Today, we speak about honouring that power that we carry. When we see things within us that we need to change, when we take an honest look within and we see that we are not where we want to be and we want to aspire for change, sometimes we feel helpless in making that change, because we have forgotten about the power we have to create change. We have enormous power within us, more power than you can imagine because the power of the Universe is behind you. The same power that created all of this is behind you, but we tend to forget this. We are not aware of this.

Society Conditions Us to be Limited

Even our society does not help us sometimes on this journey because it conditions us to think in a certain way, in a limited way. Even when we think of the concept of “God”, how we are programmed to think in a certain way. If I were to ask you for example who God is or ask an individual, “Who is God,” do you know what the response would be? “This book said this.” “This famous person said this.” How many will say “I say this, this is what I say”? Just to show how conditioned we are by what other people think and what we are fed and then we operate in limited thinking. But do we really know who God is?

Even in terms of who we are, society has us to believe that we are somebody, an ego: “I live at so and so place; I have been educated in this particular way; I carry these degrees; or I am a famous person; or because I have not been educated, I am an uneducated person, I am an unintelligent person.” Society has us believe in these ways, so we are conditioned, we are programmed to believe in these things. But is this who we are? Is this what God is, what we are programmed to believe?

Are We Followers or Original Thinkers

We are a great society of followers. We love to follow. How many of us are really creative in our thinking, to come out of the box, and to really explore who we really are, who God is, and what society is? Those we call ‘Original Thinkers’ and when we see them, we are inspired. They are the Gandhi - who would oppose what the society is thinking - or the Mandela. Or so many people who may not even be famous, who go against the norm or the conditioned way of thinking and they are able to make breakthroughs. Do you know how many people have lost their jobs at universities because they believe in a certain principle that we have not yet discovered? Even if you look at the trend in medicine, how difficult it has been for traditional medicine to open up to alternative forms of medicine. But now they have to. They need to.

Do you see how we are conditioned to believe in a certain way? How we are programmed in a way without even knowing it? What the media feeds to us? What our parents tell us and no fault of theirs, that is what they have been told. But when are we going to break the cycle? When are we going to think originally? When are we going to explore in a very creative way who we really are and look at every possibility of thinking? When are we going to do it? This is what I am trying to create in these days, inspiring you to see in so many different ways. I am not asking you to choose what I am telling you; I am asking you to open your mind to see all possibilities and then you choose. It is your power.

Know Who You Are

There is a story that I often tell of the lion that grew up among sheep. I do not want to tell you the story now, it is not necessary to tell you the story. But the lion having known no other but sheep began thinking that it was a sheep. It bleated like a sheep, even ate grass like the sheep. But it was a lion, living in sheep consciousness and for all purposes, it was a sheep. It believed it was a sheep. Only when another lion challenged it to look at itself honestly by going into a pond and having a good look, then it was able to see something different, it was able to come out of the box and then it began to roar when it saw a possibility beyond bleating. It began to roar.

Question the Status Quo

We need to question what we are fed every day, what we are conditioned to believe. We need to really test it and we need to look for other possibilities. That is what I am trying to bring to you, other possibilities of thinking. When you feel that you have no power to change your life or to change destiny, is that really true? Is it really true? Are there other possibilities? We are not helpless beings. If someone can do it, we can. If any human being can do something, we can. We have been vested with so much power that we are not aware of it. And sometimes we are programmed to be followers because if we all become leaders and we are out of control, what will happen? Sometimes it is more convenient to ensure that people are followers so they do not break the status quo of whoever the leaders are.

But our society is becoming more and more enlightened. We can no longer be fooled. Ignorant leaders or blind leaders cannot really lead us anymore. We need to wake up to who we are. We need to honour the power that we carry. As the Universe is powerful, so are we. If we are sparks of a fire, we can carry light and we carry heat. We carry power. And if you dig deeply down inside of you, you can tap into that power.

Dare to be Different

That is what I have tapped into. And you know that I have gone against tradition. I retired from my job at 39, my secular job, and I started a non-profit organisation. Even in terms of job, we are told we need to retire at 60 or 65 and then we feel useless. But in terms of the human lifespan, when we are told that we can live up to 120 or 130 years, then how old are we when we retire at 60 and 65 and we feel no longer useful to the society? We have so many years. Then do we die so early because we are programmed to? Or can we think in terms of 120 and come out of the box?

We do carry the power to change and the power of the Universe is in us. We can change the condition of our health. We can change the condition of our thoughts. We can change the condition of our emotions, we can manage emotions, and we can manage thoughts. And we have the power to dream, so powerfully, to create such powerful images in our beings, such powerful visions that when aligned with the Universal will, we can make them materialise in a powerful way. That is the power we carry.

The Choice is Yours

How do you want to live? As a programmed being or as a free being? Able to really sport in this life; to enjoy the game of life; understanding its rules and following them, not like a sheep - not in a conditioned way, not like the lion who followed the sheep - but in the way of freedom. Because when you can, that is when you are going to learn how to participate in co-creating a harmonious world. When you can begin to understand your power, tap into your power and use it in the best possible way, use it by honouring it.

We need to really reflect upon who we are and to see how we have been conditioned to think and how we have been conditioned to be followers and really begin to think in an original way. Begin to work, to go inside deeper and to create your own beliefs and to create your own ideas. It is okay to repeat the idea of another if you understand it and if you own it but not just to accept it because the person is great and begin to believe in it because the person is said to be great. You need to own the idea, you need to discover what the idea means, you need to rediscover. As the person discovered it, you need to discover it. I do not want you to accept my ideas, I want you to test them, see if they are really true and then own them. That is how we need to test any knowledge that comes to us. That is what freedom is about. That is what self-empowerment is about.

The Power is in Your Hands

The power of the Universe is within you. The power to change your life is within you. The power to change your world is within you. Wake up to it, wake up to it. Begin to roar, the roar of power. Like the lion did when it understood it was no longer a sheep.

Reflect upon this. I would like you to really reflect upon this and we continue our conversations.

Day 9: Honour Your Power

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Henk said...

I liked the message very much so. After reading the transcript I had the same feeling before a football match, roaring to go. Full of energy.

What I especially learnt was to test an idea. I hear the messages you bring and they resonate and I implement them automatically. But todays message brought the awareness to implement them after testing ideas in an aware state instead of implementing them automatically.

And what I have experienced in the past and would like to share is that when I feel disempowered (the body being tired or stressed for instance or after a remark someone gave) I can almost instantly empower myself again in THIS moment. A powerful tool I use then is the breath. I would use to think "I feel tired and disempowered" and I would let myself go with that negative thinking and feeling. But now I instantly jump-start myself again by focusing on the breath in that moment and expand and look at my disempowerement and feel empowered again.

And I liked the view to be grateful when a fall comes. It's a nice opportunity to stand up again and be grateful of the test. Like getting up again in a duel in a football match an run after the opponent again for the next duel.

Thank you.

Namaskar, Henk

Yvonne (Uma) said...

Tarot of Life "Open Mindedness":