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Day 37: Honouring Relationships

Welcome to Day 37 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Today’s topic: Honouring Relationships in the Human Experience.

Difference between me and my body

First of all, our spiritual being, having entered a human body, we have a first relationship; the relationship of possessing a human body. It is difficult to understand this if you do not think of yourself or do not realise yourself as a spiritual being, because you think you are the human being. Of course you know that is a certain degree of ignorance, “I am a human being.” As you become more aware of a spiritual being inside of you – I have spoken of that as a rebirth – as you become more aware of the spiritual being, there is a new identity in you, a spiritual identity; “I am a spiritual being. I can feel there is a difference between me and my body.” That is an important distinction to know, to understand, to realise. That is the real beginning of the spiritual journey; when you can feel yourself or realise yourself as a spiritual being in the human experience. To really begin to understand this, you need to think of it as a possibility and you need to be around those who have the experience of it; that is how you can catch it. That is what we call the Shaktipat Impulse.

It is phenomenal when you begin to think of yourself living in a body or you understand that, “I am a spiritual being in this body”; it is like a certain degree of freedom. It is possible for you, if only you look at it. Some of you already know or experience spiritual qualities in you, but you do not identify with it as coming from a spiritual being - you do not give it the attention enough, you do not create the awareness enough to see that it is coming from a spiritual being - because you are so caught up in the human experience. This is an extremely important relationship because the human body is a gift in the human experience, to relate to the world, to develop relationships with the world.

Relationship with physical body

When we come in the human birth, we have a body to relate to, whether we understand it or not, and then we have a world to relate to. When you begin to understand your body and your relationship with it, you can keep it healthy. When you have a vehicle, is it not important to take care of your vehicle, so that you can use it for your travel? Is it not important? Do you see this [body] as a vehicle for your travel in the earthly experience? Life is a journey. If you do, you will take care of this [body], though sometimes I see some of you do not really take care of this. You think of the journey as being important, but you do not think that your relationship with your physical body is so important, so you can eat what you want, pleasure the senses; you are making your journey. Soon enough the body will challenge you, it will react to the abuse that you perhaps are giving to it without even knowing. The eating of junk food for example is abuse. Lack of exercise is abuse. Not resting well is abuse. Over working is abuse. Pleasuring the senses in indulgence that becomes addictions is abuse. Soon enough, your body is no longer travel worthy, it begins to give you problems on the way and you consume your time in the problems rather than the reason for you being here. So the relationship with the body is an important one.

The body’s state of well being shows your relationship with it. When you begin to develop the right relationship with the body, you will keep it well, you learn how to keep it fit and ultimately, as you grow more in spiritual awareness, you will know how to shed it, how to leave it when the time comes. That is another learning we need, another wisdom. How when the body begins to deteriorate and it has to shut down, that we can know how to do that process, how to engage in that process of body shutting down. Because suddenly when the body is ready to shut down on us, we do not know how to deal with it. Have you ever considered that? That when the time comes for your body to shut down, that you need the wisdom to deal with that? That is important in this relationship.

Relating to the world

Apart from that, we have the whole world around us in which we relate. Every relationship is meaningful and purposeful; meaningful in the sense that it is part of your world. Every relationship is related to something inside of you. Why did you attract it in the first place? There is a reason. Why do we in particular attract certain things and not other things? There is meaning in that. You can walk on a street, a busy street, and there are so many people on that street, but you notice only a few people, because they have some kind of relationship with some of your experiences and when you leave there, you remember only those. Of all the hundreds of people you would have seen, they were of no consequence but the few you remembered because they are related to you, or some experience inside of you. You carry them inside of you; you remember.

Everything that we have around us in relationships is what we have attracted, whether you believe it or not, this is what you have attracted or what we have attracted; the good, the bad and the indifferent. Those that engage us in very positive processes and those who engage us in very negative or conflicting situations; we are in relationship with them. Not only the external ones, but we carry memories of a lot of relationships. We also carry relationships in our being, in our causal being, where we store all information of our soul. These relationships are also inside of us, we carry them.

Purpose of relationships: conscious evolution

Every relationship in your space needs attention because they have a purpose: some relationships are there to support you, to reward you; some relationships are there to challenge you, to test you. They are all there to support your growth. We human beings have come in this experience not to stay in the pits of pain and misery and bondage; that is not why we came here. We came here for freedom. We are in this human experience for freedom, to evolve.

Whether we know it or not, we are evolving. What is important is whether it is conscious evolution or unconscious evolution. Are you engaged in conscious evolution or are you engaged in unconscious evolution? Unconscious means the world kicks you every way or lifts you sometimes. We say, “This is my life, everything just happens. I cannot control it.” We do not see any other possibility. All these things are going to kick us, lift us, push us, pull us in the evolution process. That is how we evolve; by the world, prodding on us. Conscious evolution means understanding what is around us and co-creating with the Universe the path to freedom. That is working intelligently, wisely, that is conscious evolution; defining your path for freedom and growth and making conscious steps, rather than being kicked and pushed and pulled by life. What are you engaged in?

Look at these relationships around you and look for the meaning in them, and the purpose in them; they are all meant for us to grow in the relationship. Of course the tools to use in the growth process are there for you if only you give attention to them. Grace is in the process, guidance is built into the Universe. The moment you seek help, it comes. That is why we say the Guru Principle is a grace bestowing principle; the moment we call for that help, it appears. The purpose of all relationships, whether they challenge us or they reward us or support us, is to grow in the process. When you begin to engage in the conscious process of growth, you will find that when you see the lessons and you learn the lessons, the Universe begins to move you to more and more desirable places and life becomes easier. When you are engaged in the conscious process of evolution and you begin to improve - based on your efforts and based on your earning of grace, attracting grace, you begin to grow - then things change around you.

Purposeful co-creation in relationships

In ignorance we think that everything around us is separate, but as we grow in spiritual identity, we will see that we are all engaged in a game, in a play, of one self and that everybody is part of me. As you begin to open up in the spiritual consciousness, you will see it is all a play of one self, not many selves. There are no real strangers in the Universe. When the consciousness is opened up, everyone is part of my own being and the engagement becomes different, there is a lot of compassion, understanding, sharing, empathy. That is how we co-create a new world, in the awareness that there is one self.

A lot can be said about relationships and how to work with the challenges that are there in relationships. If you do not use the opportunities before you, to improve in relationships or to learn from them or to grow from them, they will continue to haunt you; they will continue to stay with you, beyond lifetimes they will stay with you. The enemies you create, the conflicts you create, you carry them and you draw back the situations another time. It is so important to understand this. I honour all the relationships in my space, with my body, with my Higher Self; with every human being I honour the relationship. Everybody who stays in my space is worthy of my space and I honour my relationship to them. I use those relationships purposefully in co-creation, to bring more light to my world, more harmony to my world, more peace to my world.

The talk today is about honouring relationships in our world. I hope you would take the few principles that I have outlined for you to help you to engage in the relationship process with the world and of course, relationship to our environment, to all the other expressions of life; it is also important, to honour those relationships as well. This is a very rich subject but I gave you a few thoughts for contemplation.

The most powerful relationship in the space is that with the Higher Self. It supports us in all the other experiences. It is the space of grace, continuous grace. May you honour all relationships today, seeing how important they are on your journey.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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