Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 38: Contemplation - Diamond

(For explanation of the principle of a Diamond, please read the Contemplation Aid section from the top menu).


Our relationship with our body and nature is important on the spiritual journey. It is our vehicle to freedom and if we lose our body prematurely we cut short our opportunities. We can have the ultimate experience in the body unlike all other species in nature. As we care for our bodies we learn also to take care of nature and our world. Also when we know how to live, we know how to ‘die’! We need to enjoy the human experience, keep fit, respect/enjoy the aging process and then shed the body through wear and tear (vs degeneration).

When we pollute nature we pollute our bodies. The greater appreciation we have of our bodies, the great appreciation we will have of nature. We have lost contact with our bodies, with nature and we need to restore our relationship with them.

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