Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 38: Honouring Nature

Welcome to Day 38 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. Today we continue the subject of Relationships. The topic today: Honouring our Relationship with Nature.

Ultimate relationship with body and by extension, nature

The human experience is an experience with nature. We take that for granted and in that ignorance, we work against our own physical bodies and the world around us. Nature is to be respected. Nature is to be honoured. For me, in the human experience, it is possible to have the ultimate relationship with your body and by extension, nature; the ultimate relationship. The human body is fascinating and the human experience is fascinating. It is a product of the human senses; the world around you exists because of this. You are able to see this dimension – which is also called Bhurloka, the earthly dimension – you are able to experience this simply because of this suit that we wear. I have been saying that it is important to be aware of our spiritual being. On the spiritual journey, that is extremely important. Spiritual rebirth, which means acquiring a spiritual identity or realising a spiritual identity, is important on the journey. That begins the spiritual journey, the true spiritual journey.

Understand your body, understand your world

It is important on this journey to give attention to the relationship with your body first. Understanding your body will help you to understand your world a little more. My first question to you is do you really understand your body? Do you understand how your stomach works? Do you understand how your heart works? Do you understand how your bones work? Do you know what a body cell is like? Do you know how many cells you have? Do you know how the body works as a system, protecting you? Do you know? How much do you really know about your body? You carry this body.

We learn a certain amount of human biology at school. Was it an academic subject or was it something you were curious about and wanted to learn and devoured the books? Has the human body ever been something important for you to explore? Do you understand how hormones work? I am saying all of this because it is important to understand your body; it must become fascinating to you. Being awakened spiritually began to give me this fascination for my body, especially as my spiritual growth became greater. As I progressed more on the spiritual path, I became even more fascinated with the human experience. This is important. The reason why this body is here is that the soul can get a deeper experience of itself. The human experience is part of life’s journey, and the soul trapped in the body is really seeking its freedom. It is important in the human body to make that journey to freedom.

If you look at all the species of life, you will see that only us, we human beings, we carry this complex nervous system of brain and nervous system through the body, a network of nerves and plexuses that we carry, that enables us to have the experience of our spiritual being. This body enables that. That is why the human body is given such great importance by all the wise people. Take care of your body. Take care of your brain and nervous system. It is important. Take care of your health. That is why in the system of yoga, there is Hatha Yoga, which is about keeping the body fit.

Learn how to live, learn how to die

Not only that, when you begin to appreciate your spirituality, then you learn how to live with an aging body. How many of you are comfortable living with an aging body? When you identify with your spiritual being, then it is a great joy to look at the aging process, and to keep the body fit at every age, which is a possibility. Our bodies do not have to die out of degeneration. The body has the possibility of aging simply by wear and tear, normal processes and finally, without degeneration, taking its last breath, heart giving its last beat. No stress: the person went to bed, just felt like resting, and they left. No heart shutting down because of some problem, or any organs shutting down. That is simply shutting down out of wear and tear.

The other aspect to life in this body is being able to leave the body when the time comes. I know it is a challenge for our society. We do not ever like to think of dying or dealing with the subject of death. We do not like it, period. But it is also an exciting subject to the spiritually aware. I am not afraid of death; in fact, for me it is going to be a joyous experience. I have seen students of mine leaving the world like this. I have seen how they approach death fearlessly. That is when we have the ultimate relationship with the body: we enjoy the human experience; we keep it fit; we enjoy keeping it fit; we are aware of it; we enjoy the aging process; we respect the aging process and we learn how to leave the body. I always say, “When you learn how to live, you learn how to die.” To learn how to live is to become more and more spiritually aware and more free in your Inner Being. When you are able to do that, you are able to leave the body as well. Learning how to live is also learning how to leave the body and how to transition.

Relationship with the living world

When you have greater appreciation for your body, you have greater appreciation for all the life forms around you. One of the very deep experiences I have had coming out of the 40 Days of 1978, was that when I came out in daylight for the first time – because I would usually come out at night, not during the day, when everybody was asleep I would be out for a little walk. But, when I first came down during the day after the 40 Days, and I saw the potted plants around me, it was an enlightening experience. I saw life in a form expressing itself and that was magnificent. My whole relationship with the living world, of plants and trees, changed, and of seeds; they carry life, they express life, lower life forms that are expressing life. There are those who work with plants in this awareness, producing wonderful crops, in co-operation with the guides or the angels who are in charge of plants. Just as we have guides, plants have guides, trees have guides. It is amazing, the experience of the plant world.

In the same way we have spiritual energies, subtle energies, animals have it too. At the Centre here, we have two birds as pets and it is a joy to be able to feel their individual energies. With one of the birds, I would put my hand on its head and I would be feeling its energies and I would be sending my energies to the bird and the bird would be absolutely quiet, so we can meditate together. It may not be understanding the experience as I am, but it is certainly being influenced by the energy and the bird and I, we are in complete harmony. I love the bird, just to put my hand on the head of the bird is a wonderful experience.

I have learnt how to relate to animals in a different way. I had the childhood fear of snakes but that went away. Of course in this state, my spirit is fearless, so I was eager to transform that fear because it is instinctive, it was there as a child. We have a person who is into wildlife here, and I was able with that person to be able to transform that childhood fear into a joy of really understanding the serpent and bonding with it. That became a wonderful experience as well.

Energies and relationships with nature

Nature has great potential, even planets in the sky, they are sending out vibrations to us that influence our being and it is important to be able to see the influence. When you work with astrologers, you see how different periods, that you are influenced by different energies and it is fascinating how nature itself is so full of energies and relationships. At this stage in our society, we have not been respecting our earth and the balance of nature that is required for keeping the health of our natural system, the ecosystem. Because we have lost that respect, we are spewing all kinds of pollutants, gases, into the atmosphere, that destroys the quality of the atmosphere and now the place gets hotter. We have forgotten the importance of trees; they are like the lungs of the earth. We have no respect for life; species are becoming more and more extinct and we are not seeing the importance of every species on the earth. All these creatures came into being for a purpose. Plant life is there, even with medicines.

We have lost our contact with nature and it is an important relationship to restore. The health of our body also depends on the health of our ecosystem. When we pollute the water, we are polluting our bodies; when we pollute the air, we are polluting our bodies. We use pesticides in foods too much, we over do it; it comes back to our bodies. We need to maintain that relationship with nature. Of course more than anything else, it is important to have that ultimate relationship with our body that I spoke about. It is magnificent when you can understand your own human body and the important relationship that this has with nature.

These are thoughts for you to explore. I am highly conscious of my world and the forces of nature and the beauty of the relationship that we can have and the possibilities. I thought it should be an important subject during these days.

Sometimes the subject of the physical world is not the most exciting one, but I think it is the most necessary one, because the journey towards the light can be shortened, regrettably, when the body shuts down prematurely. Taking care of your body, having the best relationship with it and honouring nature that supports your body - is extremely important.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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