Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 39: Human Relationships

Welcome to Day 39 of our 40 Day Meditation Retreat 2010. We have been speaking about that important subject of Relationships. We have spoken about relationship with our body as a spiritual being. We have spoken of relating to the world from that awareness of our own physical body and its connectedness to the Biological world.

A Field for Spiritual Growth

Today, our subject is Human Relationships. I spoke a little about that before, but today I want to speak a little more about it. It provides by far the richest field for spiritual growth. And human relationships can be the most challenging. As a soul coming into the human experience, we have come: to forge a path back to spiritual freedom; to come back into awareness of a Higher Self; to know that there is a Higher Self within us, and a Higher Self that contains all around us. The Higher Self has certain qualities that we begin to experience within us as we grow, and as a consequence we express that also in our outer world.

Needless to say that the human experience can bring out the worst within us in our lower self, and bring out the best within us in our Higher Self. And fellow human beings trigger both. Of course, the worst within us – hate, greed, lust, envy and attachment lead us to bondage. We become more and more caught up in the world and in its misery and pain, and of course, a little pleasure.

Qualities of the Higher Self help us to open up the consciousness space to experience more Light within our own Being. They also help us to recognize the potential for Light in our world and to express more Light in our world. So when we begin to experience our spiritual identity and we begin to desire spiritual growth, the challenge for us on our goal should be to express higher qualities in the human experience.

Pulled between Two Worlds

What are some of these higher qualities: forgiveness, compassion, humility, charity, understanding. These are all higher qualities that we need to express to bring about spiritual growth. Of course, we are caught between two worlds or two selves, as it were – a Higher Self that pulls us into the Light: the Light of wisdom, the Light of love, understanding, compassion, and freedom, and a lower self that pulls us into darkness – darkness of ignorance, attachment, and bondage.

Where do you stand? Of course, we stand in a transition zone, don’t we? Pulled by forces that tempt us to go lower and in ignorance and pulled by forces that attract us to go higher, we get caught up. Where are you pulled? Where do you allow yourself to be pulled? Because the tendency is to blame the world: “Oh, the world is pulling me and I cannot do anything, I am so helpless.” Why don’t we say that about the higher one: “Oh, I am so helpless, I am being pulled into more love and compassion and more understanding, and I am so helpless.” That is a good pull, is it not? That is a pull to freedom, where you are pulled.

As a seeker in that transition, where are you pulled? Pulled by the lower into the lower leads us into a world of darkness, conflict, greed, hate, lust, jealousy. Pulled by the Higher we are lead into a world of Light, of happiness, charity, togetherness. Do you see where you are pulled every day? Are you temped by the lower self and its drives? Do you give in to it? Do you blame your world and say it is what pulls you? Or do you take responsibility for where you are and for the choices you make? And when you are not clear about your choice, do you look for guidance, wisdom, and help? Help is always there in our Universe.

We have the Power of Choice

The more we embrace the Higher Self behaviour as emulated by the more evolved Souls, we will be drawn into the Light. Our Spiritual Consciousness will open up more and more. We will have deeper spiritual experiences and we will be more of a blessing to our world. We will be more of an instrument of the Higher Self. We need to remember that we have the power of choice in every situation.

Life provides situations every day right before you, to help you to learn and grow in spiritual consciousness in the Light. Every situation that you encounter every day is custom made just for you, to test you that you may bring out your Higher qualities. Do you pass these tests every day? Do you see them as opportunities to really practice what you are learning? Or do you get drawn into failing them again, and having to encounter them again and again? The Universe is the Ultimate Teacher; when you do not pass the tests, it brings it back to you again and again, trying to remind you. It is a wonderful Universe. It keeps on reminding you, helping and supporting you until you learn, until you grow. When will you learn? When will you grow?

For your Self-reflection


These talks are for those who are serious about spiritual growth. Take a look into yourself. How many people you are yet to forgive? How many? How full is your bag of unforgiveness? When are you going to begin to let go? The truth is, all those whom you think are your enemies are really part of your own self, but you do not know it. We all exist in the same Source and they are really your friends. They may seem to be enemies but they are showing you your weaknesses. However, you do not see it. You think they are weak and you blame them. But you do not see that you are the weak one, because you become angry, bitter, hateful, spiteful, jealous, disturbed. When will you forgive? Forgiveness is a quality of the Higher Self. When you forgive there is healing.


What brings out your anger? How many of these qualities do you have within you, of patterns that you have embraced and have kept within your soul? Patterns that come back out and show your anger? Do you see them when you become like a demon in your world?

Forgiveness and Understanding

When are you going to clean that up through compassion and understanding, and tolerance? People in our world are growing at different rates. We need to be understanding. We need to help and support. If we are more wise, then we will not think that people are doing so much wrong that we need to criticize them and take their power away. We need to support them through dialogue, and modeling the better behaviour. That is how we bring change into our world. When you make a mistake, what do you expect of another? Not forgiveness and understanding?


What about charity? Usually, when we are asked to give, we give of the little, of the things we do not need. What about giving of the more that you have, and the things you really value? Why can’t you see the world as part of your being and every opportunity to give as a blessing? Why don’t we embrace charity?

Evolved Souls are Benchmarks on the Journey

Why don’t we embrace compassion to our world, understanding the different levels of consciousness in our world? If you want examples, do not look at those who are challenged in the world to be your example, thinking: this one is not doing it, so I cannot do it, or nobody is doing it right. Instead, look at the evolved souls, look at those souls who display unconditional love, understanding, forgiveness, peacefulness in every situation. Look at those Souls. They are your benchmarks as a seeker on the journey. They have been my benchmarks, not the ones around me.

On this journey, in every lifetime, we have come to learn specific qualities of our Higher Self. We have come to learn to deal with anger, with hate, jealousy, forgiveness, lust, greed. We have come to learn how to deal with those situations and so we are naturally going to be tempted by our world. Let us use those opportunities for growth, and let us try to observe ourselves on how we respond or react to our world. Let us observe ourselves. It begins with observation. Through change, transformation begins with self-observation and being honest enough to admit to our weaknesses, and being aware enough and humble enough to seek help.

This is our beautiful Universe. It challenges us. It can bring out the worst in us as a revelation, and it showers Grace when we seek it, giving us the support to lift ourselves. We have the most beautiful Universe you can think about.

Reflect upon this: why you are here; the temptations of our world, and the opportunities to grow in Spiritual Consciousness.

Closing Remarks

I sincerely hope that you can appreciate that life is a journey from darkness to Light. I hope that you use every opportunity of every day, every situation and every interaction to grow in the Light and not be caught in the darkness. The choice is yours, especially when you become more aware.

Have a blessed day every one.

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