Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 40: Contemplation - Diamond

(For explanation of the principle of a Diamond, please read the Contemplation Aid section from the top menu).


We have the ultimate choice – to choose the way of Spirit or the way of the Senses. When we are stable in our Spiritual Being then the world of the senses will be joyful. In the meantime we can oscillate between peace and suffering. We can forget that we are all One. We can forget about co-existence and imagine separation. We can forget that the Universe – the Supreme Teacher – the Guru Principle guides and protects us in imagining that the world is the source of our sorrow. In the latter case we criticise and blame – we hold the world and another or others responsible.

In the way of Spirit we reclaim our responsibility and choice in our DESIRE for growth and our COMMITMENT through DISCIPLINE. We give up criticism and look with in for the lessons we need to pay attention to knowing that Grace will support us in our quest. We try to be the change we desire to see and remember that we are here for our own reasons – our personal journey to freedom. We are not here primarily to help the world and when we think we are we can end up blaming others and the world when it does not change according to our wishes. Our journey is to focus on Truth and Wisdom, Peace, Love and Harmony, remembering that we are guided and protected and to choose to have our world bring out the best in us. It begins and ends with us!

What a wonderful forty days! Thank you to our beloved Guruji and to all those who co-created these days with him, technically, transcribing, uploading and maintaining the blog site and in moderating. A big big thanks also to all those at the ashram and on the net who daily participated in the Sacred Conversations with their wonderful questions. You all helped to show the power of these messages as they can impact in our daily lives.

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