Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 40: It Begins and Ends with Us

Welcome to Day 40 of our 40 Days Meditation Retreat 2010. The topic today: It begins with us and it ends with us. This whole world is about us, not about anyone else or anything else. We are here because we wanted to be here. We are here for our own reasons. We need to think about this carefully, because in our interactions with our world, we think that we are here to help others, we are here because of others. We are here primarily because of us; others are there to support our journey. They help in our journey, our personal journey to freedom. It is all about our personal journey to freedom. We need to get this right, because if we do not get this right, we will always think that all that is happening to us is because of the world, and we blame any and everybody around us. If we want to co-create a better world around us, it begins with us, not with those around us. It begins with us. Do you remember the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi? “You must be the change that you want to see in the world.”

The senses give the illusion of separation

Let us look at this in a very simple way. The senses of your human body allow you to see and experience this world. The human senses allow you to see and experience this dimension. If your eyes were not working, what would happen? You would not see anything around you. If your eyes were not working and you did not have feelings – you could not sense anything with touch – what would happen? The world that you see around you, the colours, the forms, is a product of your senses. Your eyes can be fully good but if the brain is not picking up the signal and not interpreting it, then you would not see anything. The brain is also responsible for seeing, not just the eye.

Where is everything happening? Where is this world taking place? Inside of you; inside of your brain and nervous system, this whole world is taking place. You are really inside of me. You are inside of me. My senses give me this idea that you are sitting there, but a part of me that is not physical gives me the idea that you are with me. When you get into a deeper state of meditation, the forms around you disappear and you feel as though you are filling the whole room. The whole space is filled by you because in truth, we are all existing in the same Source, but the senses make us think that we are separate. This is an illusion of separation – if you can only understand how the brain works, how your senses work – all of this around us is a product of the senses and how it operates. It is worth the study. When you are having an experience with another person, your senses make you think that the person is out there, but your deeper consciousness and awareness make you realise that, “I am feeling that person inside of me. I am having an experience of love or peace and I can actually feel that we are one.” But my senses say, “You are there and I am here.” In the Source we are all existing and there we are one, but the senses give us the idea that we are separate.

This world that I see is in me. This world exists because of me. It is because I have this [body], that I can experience this [world]. Interesting, is it not? When you think the world is outside of you, even science is telling us the world is inside of us. Spirituality is telling us the same; that the world is existing in us, in our being. We are caught up in the illusion of separation, that we are entirely separate. As you grow in consciousness, you begin to realise this more and more. You begin to realise that the senses are creating this illusion, but our Inner Being is saying that we are in unity. And especially if we are all experiencing the spiritual space, we can feel that energy so powerfully. In the co-creation of a new world, we need a shift in consciousness; we need to come into a higher state of awareness where we can actually realise that unity beyond the senses.

See where the blocks are

On this journey to spiritual freedom and to the co-creation of a more harmonious world, we need to look at us, and see where the blocks are in us. I have said to you before that the world is only a trigger to bring out our own hidden weaknesses. You need to look at your world and see what it is doing to you. What is it bringing out of you: the best in you or the worst in you? You need to focus on you first. No change is going to happen in your world or environment unless you do change. Love is not going to happen around you unless you become love. How will it happen otherwise? In any relationship, if you do not manifest true love, how are you going to get it from another? It begins with us. We need to take responsibility.

One of the things I have learnt early in my life is that this world is here to support me in my growth. I gave up all criticising of anybody except myself. I want to be humble towards my world; I want to be understanding towards my world; I want to be accepting towards my world and I want to learn from my world; everybody is my teacher. The Supreme Teacher is using everyone to teach me. I changed my attitude. What hang ups are you carrying about your world, about all those who are affecting your growth? In truth no one can [affect your growth] except you. When you choose to allow the world to pull you down, who is to blame? Just you. If you are wise enough, you had better take stock; look at yourself and say, “It is me, I need to change me. I need to choose better, it is me.” It is all about me.

Pre-requisites for change on the spiritual journey

If you want to create change on the spiritual journey, if you want to grow, a few things are necessary. One is the desire for growth; I have said before that you cannot have your feet in both worlds. The material world that draws you with its glitter but no substance, and the spiritual world that beckons you to a place of deeper understanding and truth and wisdom. You cannot have your feet in both worlds and expect to get the best. The joy is when you go to the spiritual; all comes to you in the best possible way. Why not let go of this one? Why not let go of the one that is pulling you into its drama and involving you in the greed and lust and hate, and allow yourself to be pulled to the highest space where there is peace, love and harmony? When you become stable in that higher space, then the lower space becomes a real joy. When you are unstable in the higher space, you become pulled and pushed every which way when one of your feet is still in the material world.

It is important to have that degree of detachment from your world and attachment to something higher so you can be pulled; to attach to a hand that can pull you out of this world. That is where grace comes and that is where the Guru Principle comes in. The Guru Principle is that principle of grace in the Universe that offers you a hand that pulls you into the world of light. Guru; Ru is the principle of light, Gu is the darkness. Guru is not a man or woman; Guru is a principle that is operating in the Universe. It can work through man or woman or situation.

That desire must be there for something higher and not to be split or diluted by your attachment to the lower world, otherwise you will never make the real gains in spirituality. When your desire is firm, there needs to be a commitment, “This is what I want.” There needs to be a firm commitment to your path. How does commitment express itself? In self discipline. With a firm commitment comes responsibility; you want to take responsibility; you want to take charge of your growth.

Come, let us be light workers

As you begin to develop more and more and become more and more stable, your Universe begins to use you as an instrument of light. It protects you, it guides you and it makes you its own. Where do you want to be; in the insecurity of the material world in the darkness, or in the security of that higher power that will hold you in its being and use you as a light worker? Where do we want to be? This is where I have chosen to be, to be in the light and to work with the light and for the Light.

When you begin to have a passion for the light and a passion for service to humanity, life is telling you or beckoning you, “Come, let us be light workers.” We are the ones who will really co-create a better world. This is our calling. Those of us who are called to the light, those of us who have a passion for the light, we are here to protect our world. We are here as protectors and helpers; to help those struggling in the darkness. That is what we are here for. That is the work of the Blue Star. That is the work of all spiritual organisations that are working with the light and helping the light. That is how we are going to co-create a better world. But it begins with us and it ends with us.

We need to take responsibility, we need to be committed. You see it in my own life; I am 100%, 200%, 1,000% committed. Can I inspire you? Can I inspire you to help in the co-creation of a brighter and better world? That has been the goal of these 40 Days: to be able to inspire you; to create change within you; and to serve in creating a better world.

This is the final talk of the 40 Days morning talks. I hope that you would use these messages to enter your own light and to become an instrument of the light as we co-create a new world.

Closing remarks

Thank you everyone for joining us through these days and for making these days your own. This is a journey. Where we are is not the destination. It is a journey. We are working towards creating a more enlightened world; a world of greater peace, love and harmony. It begins with us and it ends with us.

We can make the difference. Let us hold that vision before us and make that commitment to change.

Have a blessed day every one.

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