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Introduction to The 40 Days
Subject Headings of the 40 Days 2010 Observance

Introduction to the 40 Days

Sri Vasudeva’s final transformation in consciousness occurred over a miraculous forty day period from March 25th to May 5th in 1978. (Read his story).  During the late 1990’s he began to give forty-day meditation retreats on these dates to recreate this forty-day journey as much as possible for the benefit of sincere seekers – hence the dawn of the “40 Days Observance” (or “The 40 Days” as it is now affectionately called).

Co-Creating a Field for Self-Transformation

During every 40 Days Observance, the story of his remarkable journey is retold from beginning to end and the same spiritual discipline is kept as it was during 1978 so that the space becomes charged with very powerful and positive energy. This allows for the possibility of tremendous life changing experiences, transformative transcendental experiences – shifts in energy and consciousness. In 2001 he said:

“It is important to note that as spiritual beings we have the power to transmit spiritual energy or Shakti. This flows through powerfully from us from the heart and brow chakras energizing our thoughts, speech, look and touch. We can project feelings of love and peace into the atmosphere and this in turn awakens the same in others. This powerful collective energy impacts on everything around. The entire atmosphere becomes charged with a beautiful and Divine Energy, which stays there even when we leave.”

Sri Vasudeva teaches that anyone anywhere can learn how to co-create a Divine energy field that supports and maintains pure and positive energy, allowing for inner growth for self and community to continue and develop.

A Commitment to World Transformation

Since 2002, recordings of these events have been made available. Since 2008, internet technology has been used to stream these recordings live – allowing the entire world an opportunity to participate in the experience of the 40 Days in a highly interactive way. The greater purpose of the 40 Days is to teach ways of living in an enlightened society but first and foremost, to allow the receptive aspirant to experience for themselves actual glimpses of enlightenment and to attain permanent shifts in consciousness. In Sri Vasudeva’s organization, Blue Star, we believe in the motto:

Transform Yourself, Transform Your World.

Sri Vasudeva’s teachings are universal, multi-faith and rooted in his firsthand experience of the Divine Energy, Kundalini, which exists in all beings. Truly his wisdom is the wisdom within all of us and, as he says, he is here to remind us of what we have forgotten. Sri Vasudeva’s own awakenings came about as a direct experience of the Kundalini Energy. During his final self-transformation, he was given the gift of Energy Transference (called in Sanskrit, Shaktipat) which allows his presence to awaken the Kundalini naturally, safely and spontaneously to anyone who sincerely desires it. The essence of the 40 Days Observance has always been grounded in the ancient teachings of Kundalini Energy as verified by his own personal experience and every year new secrets of enlightened awareness are being revealed. Today we are living in an age of enlightenment and the acceptance is there to receive the truth and share it with all - not only in words but in actual experience.

Until 2010, these teachings have focused mainly on individual self-transformation. Now, in this exciting new series “Co-Creating a New World: A Multidimensional Approach to Coexistence,” Sri Vasudeva turns our gaze to the transformation of the collective.

Interesting Facts

40 is considered a sacred number in many religions.  See Wikipedia link.

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Subject Headings ofthe 40 Days 2010 Observance

Introductory Talks:

Introduction to the 40 Days 2010 (03/24/10)
Opening of 40 Days 2010 Program (03/ 25/10)
Eve Of 40 Days 2010 (03/25/10)

Ways We View Our World:

We Begin With A Question (03/26/10, Day 1)
We Carry the World Within (03/27/10, Day 2)

Consciousness and Ego – The Relationship:

A Consciousness of All Possibilities (03/28/10, Day 3)
The Ego (03/29/10, Day 4)
The Cosmic Ego (03/30/10, Day 5)
I Am A Doorway to The Infinite (03/31/10, Day 6)
Cosmic Consciousness (04/01/10, Day 7)
Personal Freedom Is Primary (04/02/10, Day 8)

Our Co-Creative Power in the Physical World:

Honour Your Power (04/03/10, Day 9)
We Carry the Power Of The Universe (04/04/10, Day 10)
Our Higher and Lower Self (04/05/10, Day 11)
Desire (04/06/10, Day 12)
Co-Creation (04/07/10, Day13)
Finding Purpose in This Lifetime (04/08/10, Day 14)
Freewill and Destiny (04/09/10, Day 15)

Our Inner World and Its Layers:

Co-Creation in the Subtle Universe (04/10/10, Day 16)
Know Thyself (04/11/10, Day 17)
Know Thyself - A Deeper Look (04/12/10, Day 18)
The Rapturous “I” Consciousness (04/13/10, Day 19)

Acting From a Space of Higher Consciousness:

Living In A Higher State Of Awareness (04/14/10, Day 20)
Acting In Higher Awareness (04/15/10, Day 21)
Life As A Drama (04/16/10, Day 22)

Shifing into Higher Consciousness:

Principle Of Grace (04/16/10, Day 23)
You Are The Guru (04/17/10, Day 24)
Understanding Guru Consciousness (04/18/10, Day 25)
Spiritual Initiation (04/20/10, Day 26)
The Shaktipat Impulse (04/21/10, Day 27)
The Shaktipat Principle (04/22/10, Day 28)

Overcoming Challenges on the Journey:

Meeting The Challenge (04/23/10, Day 29)
Play In Consciousness (04/24/10, Day 30)
Power Of The Mental Field (04/25/10, Day 31)
The Emotional Challenge (04/26/10, Day 32)
The Power Of The Voice (04/27/10, Day 33)
Vital Power In The Human Experience (04/28/10, Day 34)
Managing The Lower Self On The Spiritual Journey (04/29/10, Day 35)

Be a Light to Your World:

Seek The Light (04/30/10, Day 36)
Honouring Relationships (05/01/10, Day 37)
Honouring Nature (05/02/10, Day 38)
Human Relationships (05/03/10, Day 39)
It Begins And Ends With Us (05/04/10, Day 40)

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