Ashram Discipline

The idea of an Ashram or Spiritual Center is to create an atmosphere that makes it easier to live in a higher state of consciousness. Sri Vasudeva teaches that it's important to keep our physical and mental spaces as pure as possible, and even in the process of doing this, to honour the sacred process of doing so. Here are some of his teachings...

Keep Surroundings Energized with Spiritual Energy by Sri Vasudeva

I want to share with you my thoughts on how important it is to keep our surroundings charged with a beautiful atmosphere of spiritual energy. It is important to note that as spiritual beings we have the power to transmit spiritual energy or Shakti. This flows through powerfully from us from the heart and brow chakras energizing our thoughts, speech, look and touch. We can project feelings of love and peace into the atmosphere and this in turn awakens the same in others. This powerful collective energy impacts on everything around. The entire atmosphere becomes charged with a beautiful and divine energy, which stays there even when we leave.

If we continue to conduct the same activities generating this beautiful and positive energy regularly in the same environment the energy builds until it becomes very powerful. When this happens anyone who is sensitive to the energy of places can immediately tell the difference on entering. Such is the atmosphere created in churches, monasteries, and meditation halls when the spiritual practices are powerful and members are spiritually awakened, disciplined, and dedicated. Those who are spiritually strong can create this atmosphere in their homes and even workplaces.

This was the kind of atmosphere that surrounded me during the forty days. The Divine Shakti created it in a wonderful way for me. I recognized Her great power as she worked within everyone to create an atmosphere of divine love, peace, discipline, and strong spiritual energy which was extremely important to my spiritual progress at that point. it was marvelous. She protected me like a loving parent and looked after my needs in the perfect way. All I had to do was keep up the practices that were taking me deeper. She was leading me from deep within. She is the perfect Mother.

Even when I first went to my Guru's Ashram in India he was not physically there but I could feel the power of the place. The first day I felt its peace and then after a few days its great and silent power. I realized that his power, through his intense spiritual discipline and presence, energized the atmosphere and this was maintained when he was not there by his spiritually awakened and disciplined disciples. It is really something to experience. It made all the difference in my life at that point.

When I returned to Trinidad from India I wanted my home feel the same way and so I started to keep up a spiritual discipline and encouraged everyone around me by example to do the same. Eventually the living room in our home became a chanting and meditation Hall, bedrooms like little dormitories and our home like an Ashram. It was amazing. This helped me a lot in my spiritual growth.

Eventually when the forty days began everyone around me already knew the discipline and became even stronger in it as I was secluded and they did not know exactly what was happening. This provided the perfect atmosphere for me.

So it important to keep this sort of peaceful and loving atmosphere in our homes and workplaces, which allows the Divine Energy to work within everyone, creating perfect solutions to problems and bringing out the best in everyone. This can be done by keeping periods of sacred silence and keeping peaceful, loving, and positive thoughts consistently. Even when disturbance creeps into such an atmosphere by someone who comes in with an alien energy the Divine Energy works in the perfect way to bring order again. It is beautiful to witness this when we have the eyes to see it.

Create a Better Environment
by Sri Vasudeva

I would like to focus on the power we have to create a better environment around us. Sometimes we complain about what exists around us forgetting that we have the power to create change. The environment around us consists of people, lower life forms such as plants and animals and inanimate objects. We can and do influence these with the energy of our thoughts and feelings.

The inanimate objects in the space around us pick up our energy, so a home, office or place of social activity picks up our qualities. Our love, anger, worry, fear, confusion and peace all influence the objects around us so the space expresses in a subtle way our character or personality. The subtle energy field that pervades the space we reside in or occupy frequently can tell a lot about us. If we become more aware of this we can work consciously towards creating the kind of energy we want to have in the space around us. To do this we have only to manifest the kind of emotional energy we want there and sustain it. If we are not conscious of this power and influence we have we may unknowingly allow all kinds of negative energy to enter and influence our space. Our space should always reflect very positive and uplifting emotions.

We can also influence in a very powerful and positive way the people who frequently come into our space. To do this we have to be attentive to them when interacting, extend very positive energies in doing so, and even when they are gone from our sight continue to direct towards them very positive thoughts and feelings. To keep very positive images of people in our thoughts and to wish them well is a powerful way of helping to uplift them. In this way we can help consciously to create a better environment. We may not realize and hence may not use this power we have to create change.

People may enter into our minds for various reasons and we may think negatively or positively about them. As we do this we are having a subtle effect on them. To direct our thoughts to another is to enter their subtle energy space. Sometimes if you are sensitive you can feel when someone is thinking negatively or positively about you. Each time we hold the image of another in our mind we have the power to influence their space. If we know them well and their image is a strong one within us then this power to influence is even greater. What a great responsibility this places on us! It is important then to be conscious of how we are thinking of others and strive to always extend the best we can give from our mind and heart.

We even affect the lower forms with our subtle energies from mind and heart. Plants and animals can pick up on them and respond accordingly. Plants and animals thrive on our loving energies and reflect such in the space. If you are more mindful and sensitive you will see it.

Let us be more aware of this powerful influence we have on the environment around us. We share this wonderful space together on our precious planet. Let us help create a more peaceful, loving and harmonious environment for us all. Let us show appreciation and gratitude by how we relate to our environment.

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