The 40 Days Observance is a special opportunity for Sri Vasudeva to answer your questions directly.  For your convenience, choose one of four different ways to contact him:

  1. Live during the streamed Sacred Conversations.* We now have the opportunity of voicing your questions live during the Sacred Conversations question and answer period daily at 2:45 Trinidad & Tobago(EST) time. You first need to be accepted as a contact on our skype account. Simply send a request on skype to fortydays2010, which makes the process flow so much better.  Madhavi will call you and at that time we ask that you turn off the sound on your streaming and follow us via skype.**
  2. Email to,
  3. or send anonymously here
  4. Post here in Questions/Comments.
It helps the flow of discussion if you keep your questions relevant to the day's topic.  The process we have in mind is for people to send their questions in beforehand to attention Madhavi and **indicate in their email if you would like to ask your question via skype or if you prefer that Madhavi asks Sri Vasudeva the question.

For more information about his non-profit organization, the Blue Star, please visit: or write to:

*To view videos of Sri Vasudeva and to follow Blue Star programs via live internet streaming, please visit:

Blue Star Ashram,Claxton Bay, Trinidad & Tobago